Top Crazy Russian Homemade Inventions 2019 #69

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Heru- deshet
2:27: Failed long distance sniper bow.
The third clip is British and the fourth clip is Moroccan. Clickbait.
Hmm, don't know too many places in russia where you can grow bamboo
The winner is the corn machine.
va ti
There are no russians here, autor vonutchka -dizlikes da-da
Alex Heckendorf
А простую газонакасилку не пробовал? По моему проще 🤔 и удобнее 🤫
Tyhler Novac
The first video corn husking makes me want popcorn
Lyric B. Lyricly Speaking
Thumbnail looked like a sideways bike contraption.
Crossbow invented in 2018 confirmed.
cybr prk
Most of the videos aren't new inventions. Some are obviously not Russian. Ad between almost every clip. Pizdec/10
Alexandr B
Ммм нефига себе в России по украинские балакают, пальмы растут и иностранцы с арбалетами бегают :) автор угарает.
The guy with the crossbow didn't sound very Russian not unless Moscow is now in Essex!
Smug Smugly
Although actual footage of some of these deaths are floating around, this video scores in good taste by not including them.
Common sense Says
Self innovation +self reliance =happiness
gesha zotko
Какой нахуй Russian???😂😂😂
Eduard Dubrovin
Интересно что тут русскими сделано?
Clive Nyathi
that's just too much work for a lawn mower
Андрей Смирнов
Полная хрень. В ролике явно ни одного русского
In Ukraine, all corn knows its fate. Liquor.
Mr. X x
The last one you hab buy in Germania since 1930 s Its Called Einachsschlepper 1 axle Traktor from AGRIA Or Holder and other Producers
Home made lawnmower with 150% extra crap...only a rooskie
Sheraz Malik
Crossbow guy just wasted time of his life
Rick L.
4:45 The orange spinney thingy brings this equipment into full ROSHA compliance.
Paw Paw
The first one was kind of corny.
Dean Munro
The crossbow guy is an Australian that accent is obvious
Harley Me
is good... but mine is made with leaf spring of truck... so it go through everything.. last test it drove a rebar through 12 2x4's
Kot Domashnii
Хорошо что они фильм газонокосильщик снимать не стали
Scott Bott
4:00 Homemade invention?? Pretty sure the crossbow has been around longer than this guy.
That First Thing Look Like A Still Sound Like Popcorn Machine *
Bill Bixby
I've looked at a lot of Russian inventions on youtube over the years and i have a lot of respect for these people because they are very clever and creative.
Horace Pinker
So thats how they make crop circles!
Jānis Skrastiņš
< 43 Like storm to france :D
Tony Jones
thats 10 minutes of my life I wont get back
the walkingtractor and the kibbler machines it's very clever ideas
Застакан Инепъян
Придурок тот,Кто назвал этих людей РУССКИМИ ТОЧНЕЕ ЧЁРТ ПОГАНЫЙ
Anderson Silva
Ai o balde de sabugo vai pro banheiro kkkk
Roman Kaleda
Hahaha, that stupid crossbow was made by an American redneck 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂
Pleasures Yourself
For anyone who reads my comment I wish you a happy and long life
The farming machinery was good but the rest was rubbish.
Robert Vanyo
The last grass cutter machine is the best one.
Ян Пономарев
Касилка каторая гладит траву, арбалет слонобой,и фонтан заеби соседа.Какие нужные изобретения
Oliver Forsch
End of the 19th century :-)
Айбек Айтибаев
Никита Волков
Zakir Anderson
Are you sure that leafsprung compound crossbow is russian made! This guys wearing safety goggles and hand protection.
protector lnqcd
Explanations are missing. Sad. Just funny info. Thanks anyway.
metallic rock
at 8.25....just go buy a john deere
Bro my 2 sticks and fishing line beats your crossbow! I can reload like mad hats versus your crain recoil reel.
Filantrop Filantrop
the first story about corn is Ukrainian and not Russian
# кот учёный
С арбалета вообще ржал! Такой обсер😂
Camila Buenrostro
bella chia
LMFAO at 4:33 one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile, thank you. Can you use a couple of politicians to achieve the same results?
Bill Johnson
Most annoying bell ever
RedNeck Rail Gun @2.36
The 50's Bullets
4:33 my uncle and I made that machine
Духаст Вячеславыч
2:41 противотанковый арбалет... (anti-tank crossbow)
tabiat bekcisi
4:11 why is he wait? füze atan nine videosunun rus versiyonu
오우 로스께 형님 좋아 아주 좋아
Koito rob
Taking a week to mow a field? CRAZY indeed!
4:44 WoW HoW CrAzY AnD 4:33 Is DeFinItElY RuSsIaN
@09:20 Ok, so I have to give props for all the effort that must go into a lot of inventions :-) HOWEVER, I can't say that I would be very happy or satisfied with this work of art ,,,, ha ha ah hah aha lmao,,, nice try though buddy ;-) .
not "crazy" often smart and ingenious !
Bob G
These are just scrap pile versions of real tool, and machines.
Kuntor Kunty
Boris cut grahss, oh motherland!
wave x rider
At 4:33 who hasn't ever seen anyone use a bellows to stoke a fire.???
Richard Jones
Makes you appreciate you 30sqf lawn.....damn
In the same week that I watched a Russian gunsmith produce his small heat treated springs to fit into a German Walther match pistol, I saw a guy cutting the lawn outside the Moscow Olympic shooting ranges. His “lawn mower” was essential an electric drill, Black and Decker hand held style, spinning a cross bar of iron, like a fly mow. Rough and ready? Yep but totally functional...the flex looked very dodgy. Russians are practical folk and my mate’s pistol was sold years later still functioning beautifully.
skyofdust skyofdust
It ain't crazy if it works
Don Mull
We don't need stinking guards on our mower.
Happy John
5:00 But why would you want to do that?... 11:59 PM 3/23/2019
Highlander 123
Gotta give it to em , those are some innovative ideas! 👌
William Griffin
those are corn stalks which he will use as cattle feed perhaps for a herd of cows ?? you've herd of cows ??? and meet the new chief Engineer for Briggs and Stratton ??? working his way up to John Deere ??
Валдимер Путнен
Won a lotto on more money!
My new deer corn feeder , that sound will make me come running from my neighbors
Happy John
NTS: 5.7 million views 57 11:55 PM 3/23/2019
Mark D
People making the best from what they can find. Corn Machine from old washer machine. And lawn mower guy can harvest a lot of livestock feed by just having fun with that three wheeler. Very nice.
2:37 Anti-tank crossbow :p
Richard Beacham
The crossbow.... ummmm, needs a lot of work... but at least it is a working prototype...
Ucan Kizmiaz
reinventing the wheel, part xxxxx
Happy John
7:45 Fail! Felt bad for him! :( ~15 seconds later: never mind! Thought he didn't realize the front blades and wheels wouldn't touch the ground because of the forward torque! 12:02 AM (yep!) 3/23/2019
Lockk_ Gone
4:00 i don't think this geometry is perfect, the crossbow is to huge
Honkler TheClown
All powered by pielemieni and cuka blyat
Victor Garcia
Finally we find out how crop circles are made
10 minutes of a 2 minute video.
Do lots of damage if you hit a 9:40
Roman Jones
КПД косилки =0. Только расход топлива и времени
I like the first one with the Russian guy making Russian toilet paper.
Slick muck
I thought for sure thumbnail was click bait but noooope lol
Also the first russian inventions not stolen from the US or GB!
mauri man
The cross bow is a FAIL ! the bellows is a very good FUNNY !
Thumbnail guy is building dragon killer for the lannister.
Big Francis
It can peel of the pods a corn so quick
Aleksandr Grechanuk
Dog at 1-42 barking definitely in the French.
j s
The one stick is like concentration camp prisoner with special privileges
Sewan & Sawen Creations
That looks like mcforestland by the quintnerkle
Gjergji Bullari
you should be careful what you call "Inventions" just saying