My Way Lyric Video (TFS Perfect Cell Cover) - Team Four Star

Perfect Cell sings Frank Sinatra's "My Way" during his final moments in Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60 Part 3. Original Composition: Claude François and Jacques Revaux English Lyrics: Paul Anka Original Performer: Frank Sinatra Art by @Shoocharu Team Four Star is a group of voice actors, sound designers, musicians entertainers and Anime lovers based out of Texas. Most noted for the series Dragon Ball Z Abridged, TFS loves to make comedy and specifically parody. #TFS60 #DBZA60 #TeamFourStar

RIP Abridged Cell He died as he lived, Perfectly
Kartik Aman Saraf
I’m fairly certain we’ll now have a generation of people who will think the original singer of this song was Mr. Perfect Cell.
Maanit Aman
Future Imperfect Cell: And now, the end is near- *AW GODDAMMIT, SHIIIEEEEEEEEEET!*
Jakomi of the Rose
Buu has a lot to live up to.
Nick Fromuth
Who knew that the best villain in fiction, was a parody of another villain
In memory of Mr Perfect-er Cell. May 15th 2014 - Sept 14th 2018 He was hilarious and we quoted everything he said.
Saiyan Swordsman
...God dammit. *changes Xenoverse instructor to Cell* LEGENDS NEVER DIE!
Lyrics: And now... The end is nea-OH GOD DAMN IT! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!
Zepher Tensho
I'm never sure if the final moments of the song are supposed to make me happy that Gohan won, or sad that Cell is dead.
This was.... ....perfect!
Master Vidxad 58
Back after the epilogue to relive the *PERFECT* form of this song.
"And now, the end is near...OH GOD DAMMIT, SHIEEEEEEEUUuuuugh...!" -Future Cell's final words.
Cherry Dong
How many came here after Imperfect's version
my dad walked in when i was listening to this and said , " what a crappy singer ." so i said to him , " it's a beautiful cicada song." my dad was then kuffuzled at the reference and walked off
So Gohan killed Cell... And the Cell Games were sponsored by Hetap Does that mean that Gohan won the lifetime supply of Hetap?
*(SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS: ENDGAME)* This is what Thanos was thinking when Tony Stark snapped his fingers.
With a Critical Eye
Cell was 100% right, he gave gohan the perfect death. This was absolutely perfect
Intresting fact cell never died he lives on in all of us
Sailor Darty
For what is an android? What has he got? If not himself, then he has not To say the things he truly feels Are not the words of one who kneels! I faced them all, and I stood tall! I did it my way!
Zak Rosenfeld
We need a whole album of Cells songs Mr Sandman P is for Priceless Suddenly My Way And maybe some more
goku black
Who's here after todays abridged episode
Abridged Cell gets a better send-off than canon Luke Skywalker. This cannot stand. We need to raise Luke to the level of Abridged Cell.
Svart fra Sør
This shit has unironically become one of my favorite renditions of the song... And the man's doing an impression WHILE legitimately singing.
Supersonic150 /SS150
Imperfect Cell tried to sing this but he wasnt *PERFECT* enough for this *PERFECT* song
Isaiah Abeyta
RIP Abridged Cell 2014-2018 Will miss you 😢
SonoZawa Productions
I have it in my will that this’ll play at my funeral. Not joking.
Josh Goulart
I honestly prefer this version to Sinatra's. incredible voice Takahata..
Obsedian Krystal
Honestly sad to see him go, he was such a big character in dbza. They defiantly better then OG dbz and played him better too. I hope he gets a role like napa. Were he is alive just in the background....But alive.
Orchestra Of Ruin
Stand Master: Mr Perfecter Cell Stand Name: [My way]
Goodbye perfect cell. We will never see you again cause animators hate your spots and is to hard to animate.
Ok so after the epilogue, I’m gonna need an imperfect Cell version of this.
Agent Woomy
y'know the funny thing is this could work for Alucard and Kaiyaba too
SoA is better than TWD
Me: "the perfect song doesn't exi.." *gets shot by cell*
Terrell Raye
Agustin Ramos
Fun isnt something one considers when a beloved character dies But this... Does put a smile on my face
Donald Esmay
Frank Sinatra would be proud.
Okay, so... We've got Taka, Megami, Lani, Masako, Ben and several others over at TFS that have amazing voices/singing talent and... They haven't released a parody/cover album (or albumS)? Come on you guys, you're sitting on a GIGANTIC goldmine. Like... You can do all the JoJo intros and make a "Great Days" English cover with everyone involved that'll rival the original "JO⭐️UNITED" version! I'd fucking buy that album in a heartbeat!
Mechanized Fruit
Nobody: Literally not a soul: The perfect being: hey my name is cell
Ryan Cozy is
MYYYYYY WAYYYYYyyyyyyyyyy(Fades away) That gets me every time.
*D R A M A T I C* *F I N I S H*
Itachi Uchiha
Plssss put this on Spotify.
Mister K
"He did it his way and it was perfect" -KaggyFilms
Between Cell singing this song and his intro "Perfect" song he is my favorite character by far from all of DBZA, well done
Wawy Latif
why did you leave us? you were indeed *PERFECT*
DBZ Fans: How are you guys going to abridge Nappa? He's so boring! TFS: We're going to make him funny and charismatic DBZ Fan: What about abridging Cell? He's already charismatic. TFS: Then we'll make him sing Frank Sinatra
TFS Cell's voice was so perfect and it's souund almost exactly the same as the FUNimation Cell's dubber voice
The funny thing is I can honestly picture Cell singing this song.
vinicius meneses
Goodbye cell. Rip:2014-2018 PERFECT.
I'm perfect cell and I would like to say... Hello
I'd like to point out that " My Way " is an extremely hard song to do, and I think Taka needs to be appreciated for making a song his own. This is one of the best renditions I've ever seen, and that's something to be proud of.
Faith luvscats
Thank you Perfect Green Bean, very beauty. NO SERIOUSLY, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!
Mr.Miles Chief Engineer
This is so strange.. This cover is easily my favorite version of this song. And it comes from a youtube channel that parodies an anime. Life sure is full of surprises. Amazing work guys, truly outstanding.
Xtreemtrunks 21
His voice is dare I say........ PERFECT!
Raheem Blue
I will live forever Cell
Chris Montgomery
Its so Bittersweet seeing Cell go. He's been the villain of TFS for over 4 years. I remember how excited people were to see how TFS were going to do Cell. Even in his very first debut he was singing Mr. Sandman, Then P is for Perfect, and finally "My Way" The perfect end to a perfect villain.
I want this played at my funeral
pls do Haddaway What is Love with Goku what is love! Chi-chi dont hurt me!
Abridged Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.
Anthony Sims Jr
Did DevilArtemis sang that song? If he did? Good job man.
Exemplar Kyle
Now we just need a cover of Krillin singing "I Just Had Sex" and we'll be golden.
Mister Bubbles
It's a testament to TeamFourStar's skill, making an absolutely despicable villain nonetheless enjoyable to watch, extremely quotable, and ultimately one I was sad to see go. But wow, he went out with class.
Now do one with imperfect cell. Ah hell, do it with all of them. Karaoke style or something.
Matthew Knouff
Cell lives on in all of our hearts R.I.P Cell
Taka is such an amazing voice actor. When you can SING in your character's voice, that shows a lot of talent.
triple eyes
And now the end is near! Oh god dammit!
Probably a good thing Yamcha didn't survive into the future. We didn't need an "imperfecter Cell"
K/DA Ahri
Tbh.. TFS made me love Cell more than I ever did. Keep it up guys.
paweł łukasiewicz
Perfect death for a Perfect villain
Taka, you broke me here. I know it was a group effort, but you really give cell a life of his own, and seeing it end has me in tears every time. I mean, I'm laughing through them, but still. Just wanted to say thanks to you and the rest of TFS for all your hard work. You guys are massively loved, and you deserve every bit of it.
I Don't Really Care
Damn and now Hellsing Ultimate Abridged is over too.
Original Cell: NOOOOO! I CANT DIE! IM PERFECT!!! abridged Cell: I'm Completely Fine with dying this way.
Kenoka i
When you take a L but you decide to go out with a bang
Storm - Dawntion
Now we need the imperfect cell version
Sol Anima Network
This is the most beautiful cicada song I've ever heard.
Matthew Plays
This is in the Youtube mix for Steven Universe I'm not disappointed with this
TuckerDownunder 2893
I can actually image cell singing this in his head as he died. So fitting i love it.
flambo 2420
Sub cell- screams in agonizing pain Dub cell- screams in agonizing pain Abridged cell- sings my way
Jonah Goodrow
Imperfect Cell was a creepy bug Semiperfect Cell was psyched about having lips And Perfect Cell was a showman
If it's not to much trouble for those of you who are going to Kameha Con this year could you ask Dameon Clarke to sing 'My Way' and record him singing it. You know if it's not too much trouble.
Carlos Marcello
Anyone else would pay for a cover album by different voiced characters? I know I would! I would love to hear another cover by Cell..
This is great maybe even..PERFECT Lol 😂 For real who knew cell was such a Perfect singer..I’m sorry
Golden Foxy
Thank you TFS for giving us this perfect bug man with his perfect voice ❤️
Rick Bergolla
I wouldn't mind seeing cell haunt gohan
Act Raiser
If you sync both this and Frank Sinatra singing, u get a PERFECT DUO. Try it out
zak attack music
The one imperfection about perfect cell's life is, that it is over. I cry, cry everytime
Sr. Light
even through death... it has to be perfect.
Takahata101 did a great job tbh, I’ve listened to this version more than Sinatra’s at this point 😂😂
Android 19
we have peaked as a species
Hi Hi
Now we have to do the imperfect cell version
Dr. delroe donut
the perfect song sung by the perfect being, how ironic
Krillen:HE IS 11! Mr. Perfect cell:IM 6! Krillen:Wow!
Larry Jr Mckenzie
Im playin this at my funeral
Bryan Keferl
Surprised Nappa didn't hire him for a record lable in Hollywood.
One word: PERFECT
He lived as he died. His way.
Rips dbz perfect cells 2014-2019
I looked up you take the moon and got this beauty RIP mr perfect cell
that one Thoru
Good anime can make you happy when the bad guy is defeated But only the legends can make you cry