Allie Haze - Behind the scenes of "Relax He's My Step Dad"

Outtake from the behind the scenes material off "Relax He's My Step Dad".

Navneet Verma
I like haze cute face
Man O'Neal
Every time I see these girls acting like normal, non-pornographic human beings with pasts and interests I just can't stop laughing.
Konoyaro Bakayaro
Dat preacher husband, probably fapping to Allie's vids while he's NOT banging second wife.
Ryan Beers
I think she is using the last stage name "haze " to try to get fans of Jenna "haze" to watch her videos !
Jim B
She was 26 in 2013. Lied about her age.
Rooti Muuaio
very good nice i ned