Harrods Food Hall in London 2018

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Harrods is over rated ...... Go to Fortnum & Mason instead ;-)
Brett Keepin
Me and my son went in harrods on a day trip to,London, there was a bunch of red roses there, a woman asked how much they were, the lady said £1700, and should last u at least five days, I said, five days, I want them to last five years at that price, oh how the other half live 🙄
eat me
I went to the chip shop there...could only afford one chip !
Gary L
A tourist trap with snob appeal. DODI would have fixed everything(lol)
Louise Ricketts
The smell when you walk in there is amazing. It's years since I was there but I seem to remember that you walk through an archway which feels like walking into a great cathedral.
Yum! I will take 1 of everything
Maria das Santos
Harrod's food hall are just wonderful and down to earth and they saved my bacon last Christmas.One of my bosses at the last moment decided to stay in London for Christmas and left it to us a small concierge company,really just a bunch of cleaners and average cooks,to cater his Christmas and new year.Three days before Christmas in a panic,we were able to buy all the meat and Christmas cakes at this magnificent food hall for forty people over ten days.Thanks for all your last minute help this last Christmas 2018.
Ronald Cutting
terrible camera work
Grey Line
£4.50 for a crappy donut! I’d rather pay £1 for five in Asda and enjoy them from the comfort of home. It doesn’t even look like a comfortable relaxing place. Sod the experience I’ll slum it like the rest. Those prices are just ridiculous!
Every New Year’s Day we go to Harrods for shopping and Champagne! Great way to spend the New Year.
patricia treslove
I love the Oyster bar,
If you are going to show food items please show the prices.
Carol Wilkins
Had lobster pasta and Champagne there once, it was divine, well worth a visit, even just to look at the cakes
Frances Van Siclen
The public and how they dress look so out of place in these establishments !
£15 for an Eton Mess!!! £7.50 for a Tiramisu!!!! I'm glad I no longer eat sweet stuff.
Eufemia Buono
Too expensive far out
Cheetylicious meow meow
🎶If I had a million dollars🎶 Barenaked Ladies...should be playing in the background
Malcolm Marshall
Up tea there cost a arm and leg
Aavale' Storm
So, quiet and sophisticated.
I worked in their musical instrument department part time when attending music college in London circa 1970. You should have seen it all then.
Gary The Wiz Edwards
Looks Like it could do with a Good Scrub the Streets of London Outside walls look Manky
shanthi naidu
Money talks need to marry amillionaire
Lazzy Legs
I prefer kwik save
Todd Baxter
I was there way back in 1990 & it was TOTALLY amazing, & not just the food hall but the ENTIRE store! People go there as a tourist attraction & not just buy something but to see it all. I hope I can get back there & to the whole of Britain soon. Had a terrific time & the English people were VERY nice, always referring to me as a "Yank."
Monty Nobel
Tokyo department stores make it seem like Netto.
Tamara Walsh
I am so hungry right now! It's a good thing I don't live in London - I would have bankrupted myself long ago.
Osama Almulki
They have astronomical prices .I mean almost everything.
You get just as good even better in a French supermarket.
jj sc
Look all delicious
Ian Buchan
Many people there but nobody is actually buying anything as its too expensive
keri caye
how I made the biggest error in life......I came back to the US when I didn't have too..I miss Harrods and all
Anthony Hull
Consumerism at its best . All this food is overpriced . When I visited , the food wasn’t much better then M&S
Ferry Anolin
Paul Carolan
Were is the reduced isle ☺
chip block
How it has changed in ten years. There was a dress code enforced and no backpacks! Also no cameras. I wonder if its just another tourist joint?
mustafa hassanein
He is very bigger. I like has
Harsha Weeraratne
Too glamourous !
Matthew Jackson
After a while , you can see the appeal of these food cases filled to the brim with delicacies. It's more that any one person could consume even if they could afford it all. It's not just the food that you want but the appetite and capacity to consume it all in one sitting, but that's not going to happen. It's the desire to obtain the unobtainable that hooks you in, which is the essential heart of seduction.
Ray Turner
I was trained as an assessor. Harrods food counters were below standard, their Shropshire Blue cheese was off. Much of their furniture lacked mortise & tenon joints. Much of what I saw was veneer, including their ill trained staff, though you can't blame the staff.
mustafa hassanein
I love fast foot
RustyAnne Yakel
Well gee , now I have drool all over my chin ..........
Thi Thach Nguyen
I went in there just to looked not to eat or buy anything !😂😂😂
Princess Julia
Escaping Normality
I managed 24 seconds. HORRID!
Just wow! Posh. How come no pork products though???
Bob D
Horrible camerawork. Slow it down. It was mostly unwatchable.
Alan Mundy
Whilst I agree with many commentators that Harrods is overrated (at times), having tasted foods from there, I have never been disappointed and the quality has been excellent. One pays a premium for the location and name. I was a fan of the Selfridges Food Hall of more than 25 years ago (where I had the finest doughnuts I have ever eaten as a regular treat). Fortnum & Mason is certainly to be recommended (though I was extremely disappointed with how Christmas hampers were sent out one year - including prices left on items which were gifts).
geordy james
Terrible camera work
Ayesha Gull
Victor Fu
The place where Ryan Taylor did the bmx challenge.
Lexii davenport
Now I’m starving!!!!!
Sold to be Diers
Who said England never had anything good to eat?
J Hearn
I’d love to go and try that steak. Best not to go there when hungry. It would be worse than going to an M&S Foodhall. When I go there I spend about £100 on what I call goodie food as it’s all so delectable. That means not necessities that one normally buys in a weekly shop.
Patricia Yohn
My last time in London was 1997, with my daughter, she drinks a lot of water and I would not go to Harrods and pay a pound to potty. Before the Euro! Really we don't pay to potty in the USA!
And Go
Awful camerawork,quite unwatchable.
Solange Andrade de Farias
My God... So much food that will go to waste (they will never sell all of that!) and millions dying of hunger! Harrods should open its door and let the poor people eat the food before they go to waste!
In The Beginning Was The Word
They take food stamps?
Paula Johnson
One of my favorite places in London.
Perfect place for the snobbish British.
Jamila Parvez
I was in London but didn't go here ok next time inshaallah