Soft Cell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Music video by Soft Cell performing Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. (C) 1981 Mercury Records Limited

Paul Gallagher
An 80's perfect pop tune.
Diego Diaz
Oh man . Those were the days. What a decade.
David Lee
Songs like this need to be kept and remembered, so much better than half the crap out nowadays...
Damian Peace
I am 50 now and still can recite most words. A classic in my opinion
Dave Ridge
lived it and loved it
Who else misses the 80s ?
Kevin Byrne / Anders van Moog / Techtonik
What a song! Those synths in the chorus plus the chorus itself is a killer
Gym Garage Man
An absolute breathtaking song gives me the shivers so moving...
Bob Harrison
The best song from Soft Cell in my opinion.
Incredible lyrics, moving music. And THAT voice. Timeless masterpiece.
Fenra Chalfont
I love Marc Almond and this song is the best 😁 I'm only twenty so obviously wasn't in the 80's my mum and dad used to like soft cell and I appreciate they showed me who he was 😍 I know great music when I hear it 😁
anurag bardia
This song is the entire 80s in under 6 minutes.
Graeme Ewing
The emotions in this song make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Anger, sarcasm, flippant, sad & reflective .. A work of absolute genius. 🥀
joosie poole
What a classic it takes you right back when being young and life was simple with no pressures. When you grow up you don't know what's coming
I can't believe this was only uploaded two weeks ago!! One of the greatest songs of all time.
Peter Turley
Marc Almond - icon of the 80's, underrated genius, magical and exceptional artist X.
Jori Haanpää
Simply: one of the decade's best songs.
Andrew Good
I watched Marc Almond sing this in Tring 2 years ago. It was a perfect moment. So much meaning in this song for me
One of these songs you'll always remember....
Emiliano Severoni
When he starts singing "take my hands off me", that synth always takes my breath away.
Billy Sadler
So simple and so brilliant, he takes you on a journey of heart break and you feel every word.
Heinrich Heuer
best decade ever!
Steve O Show
This remains such a sensational song - Marc Almond, brilliant showman, vocalist and songwriter, one of the best of the 80s SynthPop era.
Laurence von Winkenburger
Why is this SO good ? It's practically God level.
Brendon McMorrow
An iconic song of the early 80s which never stops giving me goosebumps.
Brian Likings
Voice like silk. Love all his songs. Brilliant showman live.
Richard Maysundo
Master of none
in the 80s people had talent and dared to be was the BEST times are truly pissy
Lorna Douglas
Love it, one of my all time favourites of the 80s loved Soft Cell.
Standing in the door of the Pink Flamingo, crying in the rain It was a kind of so-so love and I'm gonna make sure it never happens again You and I, it had to be the standing joke of the year You were a sleep around, a lost-and-found, and not for me I fear I tried to make it work, you in a cocktail skirt, and me in a suit, well it just wasn't me You're used to wearing less and now your life's a mess, so insecure you see I put up with all the scenes and this is one scene that's going to be played my way Take your hands off me I don't belong to you, you see Take a look at my face for the last time I never knew you, you never knew me Say hello, goodbye Say hello, wave goodbye Under the deep red light, I can see the make-up sliding down Hey little girl, you will always make-up, so take off that unbecoming frown What about me? Well, I'll find someone that's not going cheap in the sales A nice little housewife, who'll give me a steady life and won't keep going off the rails Take your hands off me I don't belong to you, you see Take a look at my face for the last time I never knew you, you never knew me Say hello, goodbye Say hello, wave goodbye We've been involved for quite a while now, and to keep you a secret, has been hell We're strangers meeting for the first time, ok? Just smile and say hello... Say hello, then wave goodbye Say hello, then wave goodbye Say hello, then wave goodbye Say hello, then wave goodbye Say hello, wave goodbye Say hello, then wave goodbye Say hello, say goodbye Goodbye...
It should have been a bigger hit than Tainted Love imo
gaz hughes
mark almond,soft cell absolutely fantastic band,i was in my teens and this song got me my first slow dance, the 80s love them
Ian Smith
Alistair Smith
I'm a dull and hardened music nerd. 80s synth pop isn't really my thing but this is just one of the most glorious songs ever written.
Ian Javes
one of the best pop songs ever written
Katharine Carlisle
Absolutely love this song. Heard Marc Almond sing this live a while ago and oh my the goosebumps. Fabulous song
Gwendoline P.
im 15 years old again 💗
Titanic Jones
I just love Marc Almonds songs , but this has to be one of his best , even though their is quiet a lot, what a voice
Quentin Chaillet
This loneliness moment when you realize you missed that catch with the girl and you going home and thinking about how stupid you are. M of N
Sarah Trivuncic
Probably the song I've heard more times in my life than any other... Why SHWG (and Torch) don't get played on the radio more mystifies me!
incredible. what a lovely piece of music. a masterpiece.
Sherlock Bones
The epitome of 80's pop. Genius.
Martin Peacock
One person is very sad. An anthem song and one for my youth.
jan wilson
Heard this song at preston train station for first time in 84
Glad I experienced walking into a club and this tune playing. Absolutely fantastic.
Thomas Dege
Great synths, I mean epic; but never knew a human had so many teeth.
Missing my childhood , so much!
The chorus gives me goosebumps
Reached no.3 in UK single chart when released in 1982.
Nick Wyatt
He is most extraordinarily pretty. After all these years, Marc still does it for me.
tom o'conner
Based on Pink flamingo Blackpool an iconic gay club but video made as if man and women in a straight club.. grt tune...
Bob UK
fantastic singing by Marc
I don't belong to UUC Still don't belong to them lot to this day. Great record and memories. Cheers, Marc
Luffy Vinc
Dev ... :(
mike rayner videos
Epic 80s 🌷 🎶.. love this song ❤️
pure 80s, brings back happy memories of that time👍
Official Regina George
Marc is so gorgeous and charming! Such a unique guy and wasn't afraid to be himself especially in a time where it was so hard for gay people
Tom C
Well what about me? Ill find someone WHOS NOT GOING CHEAP IN THE SALES KO FROM ALMOND
I never got to experience the 80,s. but of what im told and also what I can see for myself the 80,s were all about GREAT MUSIC, SPONTANIOUS PEOPLE, REAL FREINDS AND TRUE LAUGHTER, THE BEST FASHIONS.PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY TALKED WITH ONE ANOTHER, ICONIC BANDS WHOS MUSIC IS STILL AS POPULAR PLAY TODAY. WONDERFULL TIMES IM SURE. Its a shame that today I have to put up with awfull music,drab fashion. backstabbing glory hunting "friends" - Facebookers, Computer addicts, everybody stuck in androidland, basically surrounded by shit and shitsters. TAKE ME TO THE 80,S. I WANT A REAL LIFE!!!!
The 80's - great music, strange hair and all the lads in the class having earrings!
An amazing but underrated talent. Outstanding music and lyrics of that era, carried into our lives by a beautiful human being. Much love x
The chorus is spine tingling every time. Timeless. 1991 version excellent too and better vocals as young Marc had learned how to hold the notes by then :-)
Nikki Holland
Absolutely awesome song from the 1980’s. Wish I was back there now. Marc had such amazing eyes too.
So beautiful
Why am I here
The keyboard magic starts at 1:18
Prophetic Witness
One of my favourite songs of all time!!
Viviane Guimarães
"Tire suas mãos de mim, eu não pertenço a você"
Stephen Saunders
He understands that it is 'You and I', not 'You and me'. The man should have a knighthood. The best song from 1982 and there was some considerable competition.
Tony Lee
Thanks for this. One of the greatest songs ever.
I was 17 when this was a hit. I'm now 54 Great music triggers something deep inside....and this certainly does and did
Boy Trent
It's actually a very simple track - but beautifully rendered.
Aiknaath Jain
Anyone else brought here by Master of None?
Nick O'Las
Marc Almond and the 80's at their absolute best !!
Mod 66
Great song they were so different and talented and unique.
Don Kiddick
Looks like the son of Edmund Blackadder (series 1) and Liza Minnelli...
Dev should just kissed Francesca that night...
Paul Mitchelson
john leto
One of the great voices, I'm old enough to remember the vicious tabloid attacks on him because of his sexuality. He's kind-of an icon now.
Paul Ashford
Gatcha_ Studios
A classic tune!! That really takes you back!! Brilliant lyrics and a brilliantly underrated song!
Mark almond pretending to be straight, well it was the 1980s
Mark Higgins
The lyrics r so incredibly real about break in up so strong
Marc And David Peas in Pod Incredible pathos just amazing brothers THANK YOU FOR ETERNITY You are incredible beautiful people
minty 178
This was always played at my youth club, when was 14. plays in your head for days. Quite haunting..
sarah holland
I don't belong to you you see
Ian Harty
2018 And still makes me go funny inside!.
tom o'conner
Ahh the Pink flamingo Blackpool.. good memories....
One of the greatest pop choruses of all time. A masterpiece
The instumental version of this, on the B side, remember that, is utterly brilliant even though it brings me to tears every time
Bitsy Brown
I was brought here by Marc's fantastic,powerful,emotive voice...and nothing else!
4green fields eire
heart breaking memories ,beautiful words and music,,our 1980s life ...we all cried then.....
Charles Turnbull
I grew up listening to this ,seems a life time ago
Phil Jarvis
An absolute classic. Soft Cell at their very best.
Beautifull song ! I only knew "tainted love".
Chucky Henley
Just only found out David greys version was a cover of this.....the 80s was a great era 😂
Elaine Gill
The 12inch version intro, to this is fabulous❤🎷🎶
Steve Gordon
The 80's. Music from better times, of that there is no doubt!
Sorry but Masters of None whatever it is, has nothing to do with why I'm listening to this. I just love this song. Marc Almond is so captivating and has such a soulful gorgeous voice!
Charley Says
Coronation Street brought me here... Playing on the Juke Box... You in a cocktail skirt and me in a suit, well it just wasn't me...