VG Myths - Can You Beat The Rockman 8 Ball-Only Challenge?

In today's episode, we try to beat Rockman Soccer. But I couldn't afford to import a copy of that, so we make do with Rockman 8 instead. This run was streamed live! Part 1 of the archives can be found at the Let's Strem sister channel: /> If you'd like to join the funtimes, check in at /> If you'd like to support the channel and make possible shows like VG Myths, Dumb Fun Gaming, A Complete Review, and my general game analysis series, please consider backing on Patreon~ /> *Media Sources* Rockman 8 (Video: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, PC; Audio: Sega Saturn) Mega Man Unlimited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Tom Lyman's Ice Wave chamber trick:

Stardust Nova
It takes some real balls to do this.
Huh megaman soccer 2 looks alot different than I expected.
Pan TV
“ You must recovah all of da evol enegee wu-mega man.”
Train #4
Wait a minute....i just noticed. Why do you keep calling MegaMan by his Japanese name?
I don't know Megaman games that well, so I thought this was going to be a challenge using an 8-Ball weapon from a robot master called "Billiard Man" or something.
Mr OwO
Legit thought this was megaman 8 ball challenge. As in 8-ball with a mega man theme
Joe Scirrotto
Kazooie is sick of not getting the headliner despite her carrying the adventure and refuses to help out of protest. Can you beat Banjo Kazooie without Kazooie?
Kerplatz 01
*Man slays deadly robots with the power of dogs and balls*
Claire B.
Can you beat Persona 5 without killing any Shadows? Bosses are allowed but anything that can be fused into your own Persona must be spared.
Antony Noah
And i couldn't even beat this bloody game with every weapon i could get my hands on
VG myths completes every rockman game: Torture edition
Rockman 1 Rockman 2 Rockman 8 Now that's how you make a game trilogy
Agent 005
Rock ball Mega ball I can't decide which one sounds dirtier. (Also, the person who made the word 'ball' a euphemism for male genitalia deserves a permanent time out.)
Hardest part of making this video Reading the Patrion list
lazerpie 101
Occasionally locked doors with nuclear explosive shaped key holes
Connor McClory
Do you guys know what this means? This means that this challenge, somehow, is easier than Rockman 3 without damage.
Fennekinshow / / Fennemario
“If rush feels like being a mediocre dog” That was funnier that it should have been
Ukulele Skye
Now beat Mega Man 5 only using Charge Kick and Power Stone
Missed the Band Wagon
That Green Devil boss fight made the whole challenge worth it, this was rocking.
Finally! THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY! MEGAMAN VS AQUAMAN!!! w-wait what’s that, you telling me that this ISNT DC’s aquaman... WELP, time to contemplate everything I know about life!
Misty Malkasian
I saw "8 ball" and thought it was about using that fortune telling toy from our childhoods. Lol.
Craig Lord
And I smell a liar because in the season 1 look back you said no more rockman but your playing rockman after you said that
The Iwoomynati
Clown Man should have been dlc. for ARMS.
Do Ghosts ‘N Goblins without taking damage >:)
Emil Ahtiainen
I almost though this was a challenge about a billiard ball, lol Edit: Game champ can you try to beat a Lego game with the minimum amount of studs? 😊
Bastian Jerome
is it possible to beat any of the metroid games without standing (you can only either crouch or be in morph ball)
Nep Neppers
Next vid Can YOU beat Rockman 1-8 WITHOUT dieing and IN ONE SITTING?
*Rockman 8 without taking damage please*
The Plush Mario Bros.
Has anyone ever tried to parody VG Myths? Or is it just me?
JellyBarry 64
GameChamp 3000! Can you beat Fable without upgrading your character? (Or getting better gear?)
Merchant Ziro
Can you beat any of the MegaMan Battle Network games without using Battle Chips. Rules: No battle chips allowed to be used. If playing MMBN4 or MMBN5. You can use optionally Double Soul as it's technically not using the chip in the normal way anyway. NaviCust programs that mimic Battle Chip effects like Barriers at the start of a battle are allowed. Sub Chips like full recovery are also allowed. Anything else like Style Change or the Cross System are also allowed.
Can you fight aqua man with max volume is a real challenge.
Daniel Svendsen
What happened to the non-eight-ball weapon use counter?
Funny man
Mario and Luigi Dream Team Mr perfect run. All Execelents, no damage 100% completion
Q Brain
1st video: rockman 2nd video: rockman 2 3rd video: rOCkmAn 8
Miles Monaco
Well I'm not gonna be able to do this because the rng gods have somthing against me.
Just to see you suffer are you going to play katana zero without freezing time.
I was about to say "Rockman 3 without taking damage" but then I remembered Shadow Man's weakness and the Doc Robot stages.
William Shreckengost
Mega Man Legends, kick-only
cid facetious
You know I used to think I was pretty good at megaman Then the Internet happened
GameChamp: Ball is the worst weapon in the game. Speed-runners: Hol up
Porter Bates
As soon as you run out of balls. That's hilarious!
Phil 21
And thus Megaman never had a Football spinoff title after that. Because the Blue Bomber got scarred by balls.
Keegan Turner
Wait green devil I thought it was the jello devil
Red Miner91
-american who isn't ok with other countries having different names for things- *It's **_MegaMan_*
the game project
this video sucks because there is no footage of rockman soccer
"As soon as you run out of balls" Well, I _was_ expecting a sentence like this to be said at _some_ point in the run... But this is just too early. He hasn't even finished the intro stage yet!
Vincent Montreuil
monster hunter 4 ultimate without taking damage It is much harder than it may sound
Rezeed Murasame
Can you beat Megaman 3 with just the Top Spin? (I managed before and it's fun. I'm just curious if you can)
Don't Mind Me
No one: No one at all: VG myths and that one weird kid: "I wonder if you can pacify megaman? " *close enough*
Moves Like Yeager
Can you beat Rockman Forte? (no challenge, the game itself. Good luck!) If you feel like you want hell (i ask, W H Y) use the GBA version.
Marc T0si
Will you ever do a challenge with rock man 3. just asking
The Orange guy
You need to beat doctor wah wee
Monty's Pun Games
I glanced at the title and thought it said: Can you beat the Rockman 8-ball challenge, Ha Ha!
Luke Bell
PLEASE do shadow the Hedgehog no weapons run. with every ending
Me: I should probably go to bed soon... Gamechamp:
Mada Faka
But what about Rockman B-Ball challenge?
Tabbitha Gordon
Sometimes I worry about your stress levels, but man, your patience must be legendary. Excellent video! :3
Derpboy Zero
Move aside, Thunder Beam. Rock Ball is here. Also 7:26, I am one of idiots baited. gratz on especially Devil; that was harder than I remember.
CooperEdge Gaming
Is it possible to beat world of light only using the first spirit you get?
An Ink Jester that likes Zero from Mega Man X
5:41: The Legend of Rush: Breath of The Dog is my favorite Mega Man game.
Thanks for more of this difficult game series. I'm currently trying my own run of a shiny, scratchless blue bomber in the newest game: Can you beat Rockman 11 without getting hit. If you do a video on this, I recomend doing multiple videos on it, and doing blockman first. Boss weapons help, but his stage doesn't require any weapons other than the rock buster. I'll get back to you when I do it.
NkyOua x
Somebody had been watching snupsters...
Ratatubies XD
Kolby Miller
So, when's rock(mega) man 3 no damage run?
Does Gamechamp call Mavericks as Irregulars too?
I love the character arc Rush goes through. He starts off unreliable and not-so good, but if you persevere and keep having faith, he will return the faith to you and grow into a good boy.
What the What the 911
_Can you beat the mega man legacy collection without taking damage?_
The gamer HQ
Can you beat super metroid missile only challenge. After you get missiles no normal shots.
Can you beat Kingdom Hearts Without Swinging the Keyblade?
Can you complete Classic, Adventure or All-Star mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee as Pichu without taking damage?
Meagan Brady
In the season 1 finale, you said you would never play a rockman game ever again.
Anthony Phillips
I feel bad you had to do math
John Semler
Do moor no hit of megaman or rockman macht ! Plz?
I feel personally pleased by hearing electrical communication at the start.
Jesse, the chocolate pokemon
"...and yoshi your way of rush..." So Mega Man has stooped to the level of mario. I'm heartbroken, Rock. I thought you were better than this.
Cerulean Mr. AL
Dude, you're damn genius! That part with the Green Devil was so good!
the awesome gamer 64
Do rock man 6 power adapter only and jet adapter only challange!
Noah Goldberg
This is why I Play Soccer, Catch, and Practice Them Every Day! :D -Pancake Cookie
Hey wait a minute... Didn't u say in ur season 1 rankings vid that u would never play another rockman game again? Or was it just for that challenge?
Oh, I thought it was The Rock Man “8 Ball” Challenge xd
Kira Melody
Hey, I have an idea for the next VG Myths episode. I know people have already done this, but you should do the Naked Alucard challenge for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The rules are: Any weapons, secondary weapons and armor are absolutely banned. The Spirit Orb and Jewel of Open are allowed, but all other relics are banned unless absolutely necessary. After using relics, turn them off immediately. You may NOT use Luck Mode in any circumstances. You must do poorly in the fight against Dracula at the beginning to weaken your stats further. No healing or stat boost items. Have fun, and good luck.
Awesome Fungus49Playz
32 ÷ 7 = Something with a billion decimals or something, I'm not your calculator. -Gamechamp3000, 2019
"Rockman 8 is not surprisingly the eighth game in the series" With games like Grand Theft Auto 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Assassin's Creed 3, we can never be too sure anymore.
??? - the unknown user
VG myths: can you make my life into a game without suffering on the difficulty: TORTURE X *50*
BlueYoshi Master
Mega Ball: (Exists) Gamechamp3000: :LENSFLARE: I was ready for this.
Mynameisntgenji882773 8
He protecc he attacc but most importantly Every good rush deserves a pat on the bacc
“Yoshi your way out of Rush” ROFL
Leonardo Antonio
Still waiting for MM3 without taking damage.
Random Pigeon Boi
The legend of zRUSH breath of the DOG
Jemma Mcandrew
Isn’t rockman actuall mega man but different
ARandom VideoMaker
WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! You can’t just escape the no damage run like that THERES NO ESCAPE WE WANT CONTENTTT
You shouldn't ld do more newer game like MegaMan 11 perfect or what is the least amount of spirits needed to beat smash ult world of light
Ole Spiegelenberg
Wait isnt this megaman
This video sucks because I don't want to get out of your house. For real though, I've been watching your videos for a long time and I always enjoy watching your content. Especially your VG Myths series, which I've always found quite interesting and maybe even astonishing about what can be achieved in video games. Keep up the good work!
Vitor Martins
Dude....This video sucks... Because it isn't longer!
Ben Plus!
Ok that’s cool and all but Can you beat Rockman X3 without getting any items or firing special weapons?
Joshua Romero
Can you beat Rock man 11 and Rock man 3 without getting hit
zowie castillo
I literally stopped making my breakfast just because I saw megaman 8 video