Ask A Porn Star: "Is Squirt Pee?" with Allie Haze, April O'Neil, Veruca James

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Yazzan Elhajji
"i drunk pee and i drunk squirt, and they taste different" Thnx for the info
This was disgusting. I will never drink pee again.
"You could pee on me if youre cool." Thats what she actually said.
Jimmy Soto Montiel
Squirt is a caffeine-free, citrus-flavored, carbonated soft drink, created in 1938 in Phoenix, Arizona, and distributed in my country by Pepsico. Is like grapefruit flavor if you ask me, and I hope is not pee.
0:42 . you've done what now? Drunk Pee? noice
Nando N
Squirt coming out of the same hole as pee is a pretty bad reason because a guy cums out of the same hole as he pees too.
Allie Haze is perfection
So many names, so little time.
y'all ugly
I don't care if it's pee I'm still drinking it.
"you can pee on me if you are cool" quote of the year fellas
No Bonnie Rotten for this type of subject? Ahhh, man.
Maybe we should ask The Donald?!!!
I went from a road rage video to this???
Aka Young Vibing
Don't forget pee can be clear and odorless too
2:15 i need her name. EDIT: I found her name and it is Kayla-Jane Danger.
The woman at 0:24. Hell yeah to her words, 100% agree!!
Guys if your GF is actually going to discuss this with you or does, she's a KEEPER! (Don't judge me) Peace
Ever since squirting became a porno rage suddenly all the pornstars were capable of squirting. So yeah it's mostly fake or piss.
A French team led by Samuel Salama from Hopital Privé de Parly II recruited seven healthy women—who’ve reported recurrent and massive fluid emission (enough to fill a cup) during sexual stimulation—to undergo “provoked sexual arousal.” The team conducted pelvic ultrasound scans after urination and during sexual excitation just before and after the squirting event. All of the women had empty bladders before sexual excitation, however, urine collected just before squirting showed that the bladder was filling up. Urine sampled after squirting revealed that the bladder had been emptied again, revealing the origin of the squirted liquid.
Its Zedd
This made me really have to pee.
Onur Batı
They should asked to Bonnie Rotten
Jada Krollman
I liked the last girl 😂😂
Chef Boyoassugly
I find April O'Neil so funny
Stankin' Thankin'
yeap, scientific research says it's pee! that doesn't mean it's bad though ;) girls don't be shy and squirt away, most of us love it!
Christina Gina
Rain is too real
Kayla Jane Danger... Hahahaha.... LET'S GO ! ! !
for all the thousands of years women have been on the earth not one of them was squirting until some porn star 20 or so years ago pissed all over the place and the director said, wait, I can sell this!
Ramamurthy Kumara raja
I truly love and respect allies haze ..she is really a terrific stunning beauty..loved her movies..had amazing moments while watching her clips..❤👍
It has been scientifically proven that squirt is infact pee. And to those people saying ''But I peed before I squirted!'' they put squirting women in a cat scan and it showed the bladder filling up quickly before squirting. There is literally no space or sack in a female body that would hold that ammount of ''squirt liquid'' Its pee. Sorry to burst your bubble.
Fê Fernandes
It is not pee. Sometimes, I empty my bladder first and still can squirt and in some other times, I get to pee a lot after I just squirted. It does not have the same color and it does not smell AT ALL. Maybe, sometimes, to shoot movies, some women do pee to pretend to be squirting, for any reason. I had only squirted for pleasure, even alone, I wouldn't have reasons to fake that, and I'm gonna go with the girl that said she can hold the pee, but no the squirt, the feeling is a little similar, but is not the same. And as the girl that said she didn't knew what was happening the first time, neither did I 'cause I had never even heard about it, but somehow I knew it wasn't pee. And to the girl that said it does not happen, I just feel sad, there are a lot of women in the world that had never had an orgasm in their lives, and maybe, there were a time when the rest of the world thought female orgasm was a legend as well, but nowadays is just sad for people to think that if didn't happen to them it does not exist. In fact, we can't even pee when we're cumming, just like men.
Samuel L De Niro
last girl is awesome hahaha
2:15 name? research you know...
Joe Blanco
So if its pee we can all squirt
Aleister Merrick
It's not pee, it's a glandular excretion, but it does go through the bladder to get to the urethra.
Princeofcups Poc
A hundred years ago the medical community insisted that there was to female orgasm. There is such a stigma about studying the female body, even by women researchers, that we have this idiotic debate. And no, one study with an agenda does mean proof one way or the other, unless you are a Republican.
ok goodnight internet.
Glip Abazza
2:50 That voice !!! She sounds like Nicky in Orange is the New Black.
daaaaaaamnn Anikka Albrite is so hot
Zack Haikal
that couch stinks that make sense
I don't think it's the same thing
They are absolutely not the same, but the majority of squirting you see in porn isn't true squirting. Most women don't ejaculate during orgasm. Still, there's a huge demand for that in porn, so some female performers end up having to fake it one way or another.
Scientifically, it's been proven to be pee sooooooooooo, y'know EDITS: If you are going to disagree with me, firstly post a source, a SCIENTIFIC source, not some back alley sex therapist who is offended by the term urine. Secondly, I am actually a biologist (micro) and although my profession in no way crosses over with this 'field', I made my comment confident of my reasoning. Please do not be offended by the fact it is urine, urine is one of the most sterile substances on the planet, you can literally drink it with no ill effects (other than increasing levels of dehydration). Yes I called it pee, it is basically pee, it is not 100% pee (obviously) however it has a urine base. Sterile is being used to refer to foreign contaminents, if you google "is urine sterile" it will say no, please read the entire article to find out why it says no before flying back here like superman.
Kanisha Pelt
I’ll as My Gynecologist 😂😂😂😂
León Rehgallàg
People asking who the girl at 2:14 is, how come you didn't notice her at 0:19?
Porn stars say the darndest things
jesus christ something is very wrong with me by watching this
so informative, thanks uploader.
Tim Wright
Is Allie a natural beauty? Yes!
Carew Martin
A couple of these chicks are gorgeous
Anika Alberite's Review is the best at 1:29
_ tony
That last girl :'D
Squirt is not pee. Squirt is a cleaner and a less dirty liquid. (my mom was a sexologist) Although it can still contain pee.
Katrina Martin
Iam a squarter
To pee or not to pee ? That is the question ! 😁🤣🤣😁
It most certainly is not!
I remember when Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones talked about their gigs, as they were just starting to get famous. He said that, by the end of the gig, there would be pee running down from the balcony and the stairs. As he said, when girls get excited, they pee themselves.
Demetrius Davis
It's not 100% pee it's a mixture
Life's eternal question, answered here.
Robin MXZ
sounds like a lot of animosity towards the squirters in the comment section lol
Romeo Alpha
So the mystery still remains hahahah
Ethan Riley
It actually is. Scientifically and chemically it is
Mike M
it is called orgasmic incontinence for a reason.
Ultimate Prowler
5:20-5:22 i woukd merry any girl that said that to me 😂😂😂
Nothing like a good piss, amirite?
Rehannah ali
Anna Bell Peaks is soo right on point 😍❤❤❤
Justin Jackson
I like how they made the word "pee" in yellow at the beginning of the video. Lol
Totally not a pineapple
1:28 I'm like 99% sure that she's wearing that vibrator necklace thing
Thiago Rodrigues
Reverse Bukkake... oh well let's Google that hmm
thanks for the names
lars kuno Andersen
where is Maddy? she is beautiful
alepiu saja
So its another flavour profile? Just how many flavours are there?🤣
Just ask a biologist or doctor. Give you an Anwser in 10 seconds.
Charles Butler
I thought scientists said there was no G-spot?
Professor Time
Squirting is NOT pee. Pee is yellow and smells like pee. Squirting is clear and has no odor.
Vojta Haan
Why dont only squiters talk about it..
When they say squirt I keep thinking of squids and I do not know why, I guess they are squid people now XD
Raghead Hadji
Kayla Jane and April O'neal
Le O Nardo
Jesus Christ even they can't agree.
Well done Ele Darling -quite right re the Skene's gland
Stu McKoo
Well, that clears it up...
Nope. Not the same thing.
How many pornstars exist in USA ? Amazing !
It is two very different thing, and it doesn't come from the same place :-)
Hello, its pee. I was wondering after all these years that it is pee.
1:21 found the material to beat my meat
mightybfool C
Biggest mystery of mankind.... Bigger than the mystery of the existence of god. We need to put all of our resources into answering this question
Not enough Veruca James.
Sheldon Hall
I think the only thing we can say for sure is we're not sure. I've personally seen a number of women release some stuff they would call squirt and sometimes it's clear, sometimes a bit more yellow and sometimes lightly brownish. At times it trickles and other times it gushes. I've tasted a bit and though it never smells like pee it never tasted sweet to me, always a lil bit salty and that's with different women. I read some articles that said it's basically pee though or comes from the same place and has most of the same composition with some extras. Could it not be a mixture of stuff (like this: Maybe some part urine (maybe even distilled), some part ejaculation fluid, etc and the way that mixes is going to be variable by so many factors. Including how much water you drink, how strong your muscles there are, your control of them, how much other stuff it picks up along the way, age, time of the month, etc etc etc. Not like pee is always one color anyway. Could the parts that are not urine have an effect on taste and smell? I really don't think you can use your nose and tongue and conclude it's absolutely not pee. That's just defensiveness, more research is needed but most experts I've seen conclude it's basically pee.
Maygon Bassett
yes it's pee, g spots don't exist it's all clitoral
why 2:22 doesnnt show name? who is dat?
It aint pee and if the lady eats right can be a bit sweet.
Kappa Holmes
does anyone know the name of the background tune?
Chris Wilson
That chick with the accent was faking.
Sachin Nikam
1:28 Anikka Albrite necklace is actually a Vibrator.
God I love this series.
Alex Stoner
it hasn't been proven or disproved that it is or isn't and thatts what a doctor told me it doesn't look like pee taste or smell like pee it isnt pee
Remember that scientific study that found that squirt was basically pee
Thankfully this was a question that was trannie free.