Watsky- Ninjas in Paris

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Fat Retard
The black dude next to watsky is the best part
Jose Sierra
That black guy is legend 
Jayc Lesster
I don't think anyone gets as turnt as the guy next to Watsky
Put your goddamn seatbelts on.
lol imagine driving pass this van and seeing this going on....
Scott Pilgrim
Watsky is under rated. this dude goes hard
Tj Mann
That's also a life changing amount of money for Kanye now...
Magicfire productions
he used "cray cray" in a song and it didn't suck ass..... he is a rap god XD
Dio Rex
Watsky looks like Michael Cera.
jacob pacheco
i love how watsky raps like an awkward white kid, there isnt any of that in the rap game.
i wish someone in the van had a triangle....
Che Slav
Blasting this while driving during summer days was the best.
Leslie Eberle
"I'm pulling in your driveway and I'm rolling front to back I'm shifting forward than reverse my car a bunch As if my Subaru's a wiener getting sexy with your cul-de-sac"my fav
Satan annuit
"set speed 1.5" WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF drugs drugs drugs
Matt Moore
Thats a Life changing amount of money for normal people! HAhahaaaaaaaa
Juan Cerda
Call me crazy, but I like this better than the JayZ/Kanye version
Razz Smith
This is one of those songs you just WISHED were longer!!! 😍 🔥
Lizzy Dunlop
I can't stop seeing him as Edgar Alan Poe.
1:36-1:48 I must have rewound this 10-15 times. It made me laugh so much. I love when he goes from rapper to straight man so quickly. And I mean straight man in the comedy sense, like a comedian whose comedic charm comes from him being serious in an otherwise silly situation.
John Weaver
I bet road trips with watsky are amazing
Shouts outs to the guy going hard on the synth
johna yolo
his tongue is orange probably from cheetos.
Yo Im a Jew to, Just want to let you know you got a good pile of fans over here is Israel
I wish this was on Spotify so bad
Î love this guy with his beyerdynamic headphones in the background :D
Burak Kaan Yasdı
It looks like you had Harlem Shake before making this video lol
Dommage qu'elle soit si courte elle est trop bien x'(
I like headphones cause then things can't go in one ear and out the other.
DD Williams
He's so cute 😍
Lukas D
Love the beat ...
Jax Beckett
Can't wait to see watsky this June! 
Bro how did you get pac to be in this video?
Ruins of Triscinity.
omg i remember rapping this to my parents a few years ago... not knowing what the fuck the lyrics ment... this explains why my parents had to explain to me why this song is so innapropriate xDDDDD
Chinaka Hodge
That black dude look like my dad tho.
Shadow Artemis Nyx
I wish I could just hug him... Watsky has gotten me through so many hard times.
That Ninja go HARD!
I've been listening to watsky forever and just realized I'm not subbed. ..sorry homie
Joshua Moore
The last part... ALOT. Thats a life changing about of money for normal people.
Vin A
guy beside watsky is turnt af LOOL
Sven has been here
The Stegman
The n*gga next to him is wildin' out tho...
Aziz R. N.
What is the model/brand of the sunglasses the guy at beginning has?
I really wish this was longer.
Oliver Gallino
"Po po dont take me way way, cuz if you ever try to lock me up im pleading cray cray" I dont think ive ever laughed as hard as i just did.
Dylan Ingle
so how do I find the chick in the intro
James Bong
"More from Jay-Z" okay YouTube sure
About a year ago all the comments were good, and saying this video is awesome. But now all the comments are saying he bad and the video sucks. What the HELL youtube what the hell
Parody ? O.o
Cooper DeBerry
is the dude in the middle of the van with the earphones watskys little brother?
Nathan McCauley
50 Grand is a Large quantity of money to normal people!! 10/10 keep it real watsky!
Mathew Sacks
Damn is that Fred driving? lmao
Tiny InkMachine
I cant take my eyes off the black guy in this video.. dont know who he is.. but hes got the energy I want at parties!!! Goin Hard!
Sophie H
Hands down my favorite Watsky song
Those shades are extremely oversized...
Territoire conquis par la Meute. Gloire à Sven !
Hydro Pro
If you were a cartoon, i would smack you white and gold x'D
Benjamin Capozzi
The guy next to Watsky is cracking me up xD
Bates Jernigan
Make this longer please! It's so good!
Max ProPayne 3
What is that he's holding? A laptop fan?
Ryan Smetzer
Still the best version of this beat.
i like part at 47 seconds
the guy with the drum machine just got me :,)
nate dee
whats 50 grand to a motha fucka like me?........ Alot. Actually thats a life changing amount of money for regular people.     haha
Y u no put on Spotify my guy. I don't understand
i still really want a full version
Tomo Vercruysse
Dat Leah butt
Landry Romain
He looks like Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) in Suits.
Hahaha XD I love how when Watsky says "A lot, that's a life-changing amount of money for normal people," the guy next to him just nods like, "yep."
Genius John
Watsky, Lil B, Ice JJ Fish, that would be the perfect collaboration
Peter H
People were lucky enough to be driving by this and had no clue of the epicness occcuring
Replay Replay Replay Replay La Meut en force Kappa !!!!!!!
James C
don't go too hard man... calm down watsky..... 
Chase Bussey
watsky deserves more people to notice him
Carlos TheBeast
I wish they would of kept on going this is my favorite song, I workout to this.
La Meuuute <3
Elp Smith
This is so much better than the Spotify version
whats that drum thing called the black guy was playing
Mark Stahl
Man, this guy has some real talent. I'm 36 and I like this guys lyrics.
Alexandr Wore
Никто наверное не заметил,но на заднем сидении сидит Миша Галустян :DDD
My mom came in my room when that guy who's driving started talking... I changed to porns cuz it's easier to explain!
"more from jay-z"
put it to 1,5 % speed. Thank me later
Noah Miller
i love watsky so much XD
Nick L
Accurate representation of when my squad goes for a drive xD
this sounds amaizing at 1.25 speed
This Is Хорошо Offical Chanell
Вот Кто Должен Быть Место Гуфа,Респект Из России! That's Who Should Be A Place In The Guf,Respect From Russia!
Tristan D.
On est là la Meute ?!
Youssef Mezrioui
lock me way way im pleadin cray cray
Gacha Sadybell
He is the best person!
Clayton Geers
For a sec thought that was Seth rogan in the back
glitchee music
The Black Guy On The Drumpad Was Getting Down.
ManBaby Jay Stacks
That black dude next to him has me dieing
GamePanda Hd
Watsky is beatboy
Alistair Wetherall
Chukwudi is the best part of this
Casey Csipke
The dude on the left of Wasky XD