Top 10 Lawmen in Westerns

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Nathan Drake
Does Watch Mojo understand the term "western"?
Donry Fetor
How is Lawless a western?  It takes place in Virginia....and Rakes is from Chicago.
Ben Roark
I am sorry Val's doc holiday is the best......
Kurt russel played an exceptional Wyatt Earp. Not even an honorable mention?
Ruston Henry
Lawless isn't a western.
Now that you've covered lawmen, what are your picks for the top 10 Outlaws in Westerns?
You guys are slipping a bit, Mojo. Lawless is not a western.
Daniel Stetson
You screwed up with your choice of Burt Lancaster over Kurt Russell in Tombstone. For starters, the script was closer to the truth. After Tombstone, nobody ever needs to play Wyatt Earp again. It's done.
Gregory Matya
Ever seen El Dorado? J.P. Hara
ahh...John Wayne. I pretty much grew up with his films. that's what happens when your dad likes his films, tho. 😉
Plot Twist
Clint Eastwood > John Wayne Grab your winchesters, rascals!
Isaac Cannon
#2 jed cooper #1 wyatt earp tombstone
Lawless wasn't a western. It took place in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
Ron Lovell
Captain Woodrow F. Call and Captain Augustus McCrae, Texas Rangers: Lonesome Dove. I don't care that Lonesome Dove is a Mini-series, these two are f#@king awesome.
joshua Pannell
My favorite Lawman will always be Terrance Hill as Trinity.
Wildman Samurai
Ed Harris and Vigo Mortensen in Appaloosa are Epic...
Joe Faber
I can only agree with three of these. This list is a joke.
And I now want to play Red Dead again. Thanks, Watchmojo :D
Thomas Reilly
#7 Charlie Racks??? come on.. Lawless, an atypical western??? Lawless isn't a Western; it's an Eastern or maybe just a Prohibition-era film. Even if you want to stretch the "Western" form of film to make Lawless fit, Charlie Racks does not deserve to make the top 200 Lawmen in Westerns.
Jess James
Lawless is an excellent movie but not a Western. It took place in 1930's Virginia.
Paul Cipollini
10:20 is that Bon Dylan?
Don Knotts the Shakiest Gun in the West.
Leslie Hampton
John Wayne only got "honerable mention"? Unacceptable!!
John Goldsmith
No Gus McCray or Woodrow Call = epic fail
Jami Hede
Sheriff Langston (John Cleese) in "Silverado" deserves honorable mention. Small role, but played brilliantly and adds a nice tough to the film.
Lawless was good, but it took place in Virginia, on the EAST coast.
Juan Carandell Rojo
My favourite western Lawman is John T Chance. Is the best!
Wilson Goodson
Marshal Wistful McClintock (Harry Carey) in The Angel and the Badman.
Pat Powers
James Garner in "Support Your Local Sheriff" would be my number one pick. Such a rational and intelligent man!
billybleeds crimson
Bend the law? Don't you know you cant serve papers on a rat ? He just won't listen. You either got kill him, or let him be.
i'm sorry - using "lawless" as a western is a long stretch! (1) it takes place in virginia. that is about as east as you can get. (2) cars. cars and lots of them. while there are modern westerns - which take place in the west with cars, one quintessential element of a western is the horse! if you don't have horses, you do at least HAVE TO be in the WEST - i mean for the love of God it's in the genre TITLE. virginia is only west if your frame of reference is ENGLAND. (3) "lawless" is a wonderful film and fast became one of my favorites - but it is NOT, and i repeat, NOT A WESTERN. period costumes and guns do not a western make. (4) making pat garrett an honorable mention is unforgivable in this list!
Jamie Olberding
I prefer Heroic good Lawmen instead of corrupted evil Lawmen.
Is/will there be a Top 10 TV Western Lawmen? And.....John Wayne is the only Rooster Cogburn
Vector Productions
How about: *Top 10 Movie Characters that didn't get enough screen time* or *Top 10 Movie Characters that need their own standalone film* or *Top 10 Short but action-packed scenes*
Sergio Ramón Rodríguez Cajiga
A great lawman is Maddox performed by Burt Lancaster in the film Lawman. Sorry, but some of your choices are simply awful.
Hoping for top Lawmen from tv list with Raylan Givens (Justified) AND Seth Bullock (Deadwood).
robert chandler
Jimmy Stewart was a SHARAFF.Misspelled by his kids with Henry Fonda
you don't seem to understad gene hackman's character. he is determined to keep the piece and makes a bloody example of criminals to discourage others. I'd have said kurt russel's earp was better as he's flwed, not whistle clean but who's sense of fair play drags him back into a business he'd wanted to be free of. #1 though. no question. when i saw the title of thel ist it had to be will Kane
Jack The Film Fanatic
Lawless isn't a western It's a gangster film.
Tommy Haynes
"Lawless" was set in Appalachia ,it's not a western. Also Kevin Cosner played Wyatt Earp too
Duke Makedo
Matt Dillon. I know that he was TV, but he belongs.
hoss 96
"I need u alive". *Blows six quarter size holes in dude.
#7 & #5 should not be on here, they are NOT westerns!!!
Lawrence Hawkins
Marshall Will Kane ("High Noon") ABSOFUCKINGLYLUTELY #1!
Stu Morris
Jeff Bridges in 1969? And looking exactly the same as he does now? I don't think so, he's in the remake in 2010
Aaron Fraser
sorry watch mojo but by having lawless and no country for old men you have this wrong. There are literally thousands of westerns set in the old west and you had only had to pick 10 lawmen from them and you can only find 8. Whoever voted on this list has no idea what a western is. Good work on the stereotypical choice of high noon as well
I'm assuming a bounty hunter isn't a lawman? That would explain the lack of Dr. Schultz...
Michael Manning
James Garner played Wyatt Earp very well twice, once in "Hour of the Gun" and once in "Sunset". Henry Fonda played him in "My Darling Clementine" and then reprised him in a darker way in "Warlock". The character name was different but was obviously supposed to be Wyatt Earp. Henry Fonda also played a retired sheriff who backs up inexperienced Anthony Perkins in "The Tin Star".
Carson Matthews
Yep have to agree with the Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer performance's.
Bball NISH
They call him Trinity.
Tj the Squishy Legomanic!
How dare you not include Matt Dillion Shame .....SHAME
Ruben Rodriguez
My favorite western lawman was the uncompromising Burt Lancaster in 'Lawman'. My favorite version of Wyatt Earp was Henry Fonda in 'My Darling Clementine'.
Kurt Russell IS the definitive Wyatt Earp, this list loses a lot of credibility for making that mistake!
where is LAWMAN ? with Burt Lancaster
Pro Genji
Val kilmers doc Holliday is A... Numero 1
Myron Mullen
Best lawman of all time is Chuck Norris as Lone Wolf McQuade.
Machine gun DAD.
Tombstone was the best Wyatt Earp. Rio bravo. John Wayne’s best lawman movie.
"They're making me run. I've never run from anybody before". - Gary Cooper, High Noon.
Brendan Garrison
No country for old men? So what classifies a movie as a western?
Sebastian Vella
Philip Ladefoged Mogensen
Next do: 10 most iconic western figures
Henry Fonda in "The Tin Star" =))
11:50 and he uses missile guide bullets! now lawmen in small screen please!
Steve Waddell
where is wild bill..jeff bridges...damn good movie.
Brian Jones
Will kane (Gary Cooper) is the complete opposite of John T Chance (John Wayne) , Kane spends the whole film running around the town trying to get the ordinary towns people to help him , then reluctantly has to fight on his own , chance on the other hand Turns Down Help And Clearly States that its his job As A paid Lawman to deal with any Trouble And Does not Want To Risk The Lives of the Towns people in a fight , It's This Action To Me That Makes Sheriff John T Chance The Better LawMan Than Marshal Will Kane , ThereFore I Find Your List Wrong As The Number 1 Slot Should Go To Sheriff John.T.Chance "Rio Bravo" And The Honourable Mention Should Go Marshal Will Kane "High Noon" ....... P,S "Lawless" is Not a Western It's a Gangster FILm and should not Be onThe List , It Should Be Replaced By 1971's "Lawman" With Burt Lancaster Playing Marshal Jered Maddox , A Tough Lawman Who will let Nothing or Nowone Stop Him From Finishing The Job That Brings Him To Town .......
I Liked Burt Lanscaster in 1969 "Lawman".
David Key
Of all of your mostly silly lists, this has to be the worst. Is there a 5-6 year boy with a crayon picking from all of your so called westerns. I say no, as it would have been better list. I
Luke Pasternak
John Wayne Tru Grit and Rio Bravo should 1 and 2
Jasbir Dhaliwal
Do I feel lucky? Do you feel lucky? punk!
h lynn keith
Lawless? In West Virginia? During Prohibition? That's your idea of a Western? You forfeited your credibility. Hell, if you're gonna choose Lawless -- Charley Rakes (Guy Pearce), I will take R.I.P.D. -- Roycephus Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges). At least Roy Pulsipher lived in the old west. A Fistful of Dollars -- Sheriff John Baxter (Wolfgang Lukschy) was not the iconic bad sheriff. Both Silverado -- Sheriff Cobb (Brian Dennehy) and Open Range -- Marshal Poole (James Russo) were better. I have no complaints about No Country for Old Men, but I will add Lone Star -- Sheriff Sam Deeds (Chris Cooper). Two more you should have considered: The Long Riders -- Mr Rixley (James Whitmore, Jr) and Waterhole #3 -- Sheriff Copperud (Caroll O'Connor). Oh, BTW, Kurt Russell portrayed Wyatt Earp a thousand times better than Burt Lancaster.
Carl Magrath
I grew up on the TV show Texas Rangers and Lone Ranger with Tonto
The Centre
Happy to see Chance get an Honorable Mention
James Oconnor
Kevin costner wyatt Earp was awsome
Zach Clater
I was thinking Christopher Waltz in "Django Unchained". That dude is awesome!
Robert Collings
John Wayne,The best example of what American manhood should be. Strength,honesty and to hell with political correctness.
Pete Briggs
I think you really overlooked one of the toughest movie lawmen of all time. Texas Ranger Jack Benteen from the 1987 movie Extreme Prejudice played by Nick Nolte. Almost a homage to Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch, in the movie, Benteen has to deal not only with his drug running childhood friend/ Mexican gangster (played impeccably by Powers Boothe), but also a covert Army zombie squad on a mission of their own. The final gunfight scene between them all is awesome in some of it's slow motion carnage. Maybe you could replace Lawless with Extreme Prejudice?
Louie The Looper
Nope not Burt Lancaster in "Wyatt Earp" but Burt Lancaster in "Lawman"
As soon as the video started I immediately thought about "High noon" as the top pick
Some of the best "law" men, didn't need no stinking badges.
Gregory Peck McKenna Gold not in the list?
Dim Lasp
TOMMY LEE JONES in "The Fugative" as Samuel Gerard is the best EVER!!!
Alex Hogg
WTF. Where is Clay Blaisedell from Warlock (1959)? I'd put him in the top three, easy.
Billy Pate
And give to are let buy old and new weapons serves man if wanted
Lyndon E Wright
Can't believe you left out MATT DILLON
You have the gall to say ANYONE portayed Doc Holiday better than Val Kilmer!?
Brennen Knox
Kinda just realized there's a song called Hang 'Em High by My Chemical Romance and it even sounds western (ish) Mostly just the beginning part and some of the lyrics #themoreyouknow
Quique Vidal
Beatifull trailer. Impredionante trailer muy bueno. Wel
Ashley Greene
Lawless wasn't a Western and the sheriff in a fistful of dollars is in the movie for maybe 5 or 6 minutes
Harvey .Turnbull
Dr King Schultz from Django Unchanged
First of all, 'Lawless' is not a western, it's in the 1930s. Great movie though. I don't agree with Burt Lancaster's Wyatt Earp. Henry Fonda and James Garner's Wyatt were IMO better and more realistic. But Lancaster was great in 'Lawman' from 1971, I don't know why he's not on this list. And also Henry Fonda with Anthony Quinn in 'Warlock', the predecessor to 'Appaloosa'. Honorable mention to Richard Widmark, also from 'Warlock'.
Bury Lancaster - Lawman and Valdez is coming
I know Clint Eastwood is a legend with Dirty Harry but damn Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday are the greatest gun slingers I’ve ever seen!!!
Alex TT-zer0
Top 10 clint eastwood in westerns :p
Ken Wong
Top 10 cover versions of Singin' in the Rain in movies such as A Clockwork Orange, Léon, etc.
Cornelius jackson
4:30 a little late on the bleep
While watching this, Big Iron suddenly played on my head. haha
I'd have liked to see Wyatt Earp in the #1 spot, but overall this was a good list.
All of them should have been John Wayne! 🙂
Colton Phillips
Django Unchained is technically a western, and Dr. King Shultz is technically a man of the law. He should be in the top 5.