Cobus - Linkin Park - No More Sorrow (Drum Cover)

LAUS DEO SEMPER /> FACEBOOK: /> TWITTER: />______________________________ Linkin Park - No More Sorrow from the 2007 release "Minutes To Midnight" is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). /> This cover was recorded between 30 August 2010 and 1 September 2010 as part of The Fuego Series, released early 2011. NO drum replacement or triggering was done in this series, what you hear is just a mixed version of a 100% acoustically produced track. ______________________________ 3/8 ftw. Had such a blast playing a song with a totally different feel and quite different time signature than the rest of the songs in The Fuego Series. Also, playing around with the double bass made for quite a heavy drum track! LOVE it. And as always.. epic fun to be had with heel-toe :) ______________________________ AUDIO Recorded and Engineered by Iago Pico at Pousada Son Studios, Santiago De Compostela, Spain Mixed and mastered by Cobus Potgieter in his old bedroom, Humansdorp, South Africa. Dats wassup. VIDEO Directed by Cobus Potgieter Jairo Iglesias (representing Pixel Films) Director of Photography Caamaño Castro Camera Operators Daniel Viqueira Catalina Candocia Jairo Iglesias Intro Logo Graphics Kyle Lucas | SMG AFRICA All syncing, editing, grading and post production by Cobus Potgieter Shot with a RED ONE and EOS 5D & 7D's. Special Thanks To: Lucía C. Pan Xacio Rodríguez Mikel Fuentes Sara Horta Sadilsa Galicia Michel Sult ______________________________ Please consider supporting me on Patreon! -

Ron Albert Ramos
Rest in peace, Chester Bennington.
Nikhil Karkare
Double base at 3:04 is killer.... \m/ \m/
Lol 1:30 *Ting*
Yhan Garcia
that double bass pedal stuff! \m/!! uhmm can you do some Slipknot stuff too? that'd be awesome! more power! 
I think Rob Bourdon has just been shown up, dare I say it. Great job!
Intensity Piano Covers
With Cobus' Beast drum beats this song is so EVIL!!!
Joe Drinkwater
Rip Chester:(
Mr McTaco
Play in the end by Linkin Park
ama neden
TRX trembles from Turkey , keep rocking!
Hector Soto
no one's gonna comment 3:04??? ok....
Florjan Van Den Steen
That snare... love it
shinoda LP
test song ''metalingus'' by alter bridge....  pliiiisss
This cover gives me chills! The intro is a beast!!
Kiwiguy Pheonix
This is frigging amazing man! Keep it up eh!!!
Jack Carlson
Dude, I recommend doing a cover of Do or Die by 30STM or Welcome to the Black Parade by MCR. Both drum parts are the best! Nice job on this!
Lazaro Facal
nice nice bravo bravo
Annie London
Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? I'm in love with you! :D awesome work!
Vieta cimint
Nice Cobus your best drum cover
Lorenzo Clarke
3:04 - Initiate warp drive!  
Hey @Cobus can you do a DBA drum cover?
wesley warren
It was good but he messed up the beginning
septia herwando
you're the best
Arui Dagwin
Damn cool!!! Unbeatable drum cover maker. Best camera captures. Bro can you do more covers of famous artists and their hits. #greatfan
rodrigo estigarribia
eres el mejor
Pete Mac
I love that shirt you're wearing man!!!!
yuki neko chan
I love this song <3
David Čuj
Drums Only Pls :)
Andy Cuevas
S .Nasri
awesssome :*
Vinod Nanaiah
Michał Lesisz
Hallo very nice cover <3 LP
Ian Itor
I think they became really.. boring. I respect their opinions and what they try to accomplish with their music, but in the aspect of music itself they became stale. The concert I've seen was also not great, I just wasn't feeling it.
alvaro LP
sooo cool!!!!
Ashish Ramteke
Very Nice!!
Naveen Kumar Koyyada
u r awesome man....
Jhair Gonzales Gonzales
Awesome 12:5
Sara Proietti
Ignatius Pienaar
South Africa FTW!!! In The US
Vitoria Lorrany
Noooooooooossa manoo q mto foda velho... Parabéns vc toca mto velho..
Zhee man
Ridho Effendy
hi cobus,You can bring a song from Indonesia
Jamie .Fighter
Hey Cobus . This is awsome. You have real talent . Cover more Linkin Park songs.
nixon panamito
3:17 El exito loko :)
sami deak
3:02 EPIC
jeff Thompson
Keep it up! Awesome drumming!
more music the linkin park, please
Agung Santoso
ok...U bestDrumCover boy...
Ghandi PandiDTS
I want that kit D:
Eko Nurhabibi
Tobias Ziegler
joel highway
no matta what the song cobus makes it sound good x)
Ni Ke
cimok core
try to play Death metal music man,it would be awesome :D
it never ends
sanam gurung
ya man play lamb of god
Mirlen Rocha
Uoow, não canso de ouvir ! Muito bom !! <3
Paul Ch.
Kriss Krisslol
You roxx. very nice job !
reyiz sefa
Horns And Halos
He butchered this song up bad
Alain Jimenez
blacksheep shepherd
BRAVO !!!!!!
Ray Lee
holy...that bass
Maatheus Eduaardo
Alessio Tyrell
It's over done... too much, too much is too much.. sometimes less is more... ruined the song completely ...
semih demir
Your drum and you very good my friend
Mc Yasuo
entao ne fazer o que eu tive de aprender na raça
Cacco Barbosa
Linkin Park tem pedal duplo ? o.O
Nazhan Nordi
WOw i like this song
Tobias Ziegler
I would rather have his drumming skill..
johan reyes
is good
Nurgazy Mussatayev
OMG!!!!!!!!! i love your drumming!!!!!!!!
very nice work :)) keep it up
Os Kiwi
q grandeeee tio
aldo valentino
totally cool
3:00 .. that Bass.
Yog Raj
awesome dude,,
Andy moss
Just doing your thing ! Outstanding tallent ;-)
Richard Hall
kobus you have got such talent .....humansdorp has hope in ahero
/watch?v=TZabCZ_q5qg please check mine ..
fucking nice dude keep it up!
Demo Agan
thumbs up if cobus should play down with the sickness!!
Fábio Bento
Hardi Indra
Thats Right,Im Fans COBUS,Enjoyed Playing :)
Manraj Singh
dhu dhu dhu dhu dhu
James Richardson
Knowing how much this is the epitome of horrible drum songs I thought this would be horrible but you made it pretty bearable C: Keep it up
Ell Jay
177? dislikes? this is a problem of youtube hahuah the best drummer!!
I'd like to have only a little piece of your talent! You're amazing!!!!
No, wrong spelling. It's druMMer, Double M.
Michael Murphy
he needs an Ellis drumshop Customized drumset.... best drums ever
Jester Head
hard music linkin park x)
Israh matullah
all once, cover song bullet for my valentine,,,
Egberto FTK
Very good
Ana Raquel
he/she is brazilian . ;)
Lol he´s skilled drummer ;)
I think that he didn't remove them. He has just lowered their volume.