Dream Build - Evil Offering Custom MTB

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Alexandre Asselin
Solid video ! Bike builds vids are so cool! Is it an order that was placed on your web builder ? I love my Evil Calling, but I was hoping for 2019 to see their bikes with proper internal cable routing. Zip ties don t belong on such a rad bike . 🤦🏼‍♂️
Mihail M A
This video should be uploaded to p0rnhub lol
Brett Fichtner
Using the cable tensioner to tighten zip ties blew my mind
Harrison Buenger
I do not have the patience to build a rim from scratch 😂😂
Khaster 6
This is a legit dream build. 🔥🔥🔥
I love everything blue! Now it's too pretty to ride.
You are using grease! Thumbs up for that! 👍😉 Great video! Thank you!
Arka Banerjee
In your every video the bikes and their colours are really eye catchy. I'm getting jealous if I could buy one of those
DuckHuntinDude Welter
Dropper and shock should be kashima coat to match the fork, but build is still sick!
ferdinand dy
geezzz.... watching this made me feel hungry.....awesome build
prs_x O
this is the most beautiful build I've ever seen..♥️♥️
Finlay Mitchell
$9,103.00 for the lightest bike you can get,25.28 lbs
Finally something i can afford over a car
I loved this video! And that bike is on point
John Bennett
Great video this bike is worth more than my life 😂😂dream to own something like this
Pablo Sosa Leguizamón
este video tendria que estar en Pornhub
Dat headtube is T H I C C
Elvean E.G.
This is pure evil 😈😈😈
Охуенный лясопед. Только стоит как машина.
Ruffi Fuffler
Ever notice, new builds smell like new builds.
Dang, that's a sick bike bro!
Manny Fonseca
Ok, now please send me the bike. Thanks.
doopy noo
I would hope that nothing gets sent out until Dan signs off on it. There needs to be a certificate that says Dan approved. Also included should be a large autographed action photo of Dan on the bike and Dan's thumbprint on the top tube. Only then can you call it a dream build!
I'm sure that eleven-six is a dreamy shock that improves almost any bike, but I'd be loathe to replace a Super Deluxe on a DELTA, because it looks so damn good, (also it's buttery and plush as is.)
Rushabh Thakur
That bike is magical I wanted a bike just like that super good man keep uploading videos like this at least I could watch bikes being built like this I wish I had the money to build my own
Joe Herber
Very nice. I would've preferred a black cassette and chain. And use a Fox dropper post with Kashima coating. But that's just me.
Szpaku jaku
why you have only 10K subs
David ?
Only if he ordered a YETI 😍
Albrecht Kuhne
Oof that is one beautiful looking bike, great build.
It's about Rp. 130.000.000 in indonesia 😂
Robert Dan
Wow , very beauty bike ! ❤
Edward Chang
You have a tool for zip ties?
Michael Doyle
Great video - another beast being born 💪 Watching all these new parts coming out of the box so clean and sterile - hypnotizing! And that gold jewellery - cherry on the cake! BTW - estimated cost (excl. labor)?
xx1 crank set is very expensive?. why rider dont byu group set ? why RF next2 ?
D.Gêneses A.pocalipse Pereira
linda baike
Rene Cruz Martinez
Mil respeto para ti saludos desde Honduras 🇭🇳
queria uma mais sem condições e difícil
Alex Cassiano Alagoano
Máquina,super Top!!!
rjeb Bhardwaj
Nice work man
Fabio Reinhart
Can you ride the offering with 27.5 wheels?
Loved this!
Loic marion
hello video is really top I have a quick question or did you find the Snickers fox blue?
Trail Breaker
Beautiful video and sick bike!
I think that is so difficult to build a rim...! 🤨
Machiavelli_ G
Keavin Messam
I have a question would you guys be able to make my build my bike from a single gear into a multiegear bike?
Paul Jordaan
Please do a bike build and give away
Sibacharan Kalita
I want this to be my gf forever
Rodrigo Monsalves
Hi how are you I am the same way
Pinguinn Zoeiro
Hi All right could someone tell me what name of this bike that is in the video please if you can tell me thank you very much let the comments
Damn, if I could find me.. the name of that song pleeeeeaase!!
Edgardo Santos
One of most beatiful bikes i ever Saw. 🤟
About how much it costs I want to order one!
Does anyone know what that suspension seat post is called and where to find ten thanks
MLG doge
But eventually, it will get wrecked :(
Ops !
Uau 👌🔥.
Md Junaid
how many price of thsi cycle
Such a sick video and love that shot at 6:27. That's a bike yoke dropper right?
Christoph Kinski
It's so amazing
the Lost
What a build!
mas yoyok chanel 949
Mana orang indo yg liat ini like .mantap .
Szpaku jaku
Tamás Katona
I would marry this beauty without any hesitation...
Sean Overend
How bike pawn is made .
I couldn't blink once ^^
Supri Yanto
saya mau SEPEDAH nya.
cwd 123
So Rad!!🤙🤙
bro slow down
Richard Johnson
And if you do have to deal with any warranty issues.. Get ready to be bullshitted by Evils owner. He is his own worst enemy.
Il n'a même serrer a la clé Dinamo métrique 😂
bret michael agan
give me one of this :( its so nice
blip cat
I bet I could make 3 or 4 house payments for the cost of that bike.
Cristian Margiotta
Amazing video except for the music
Rodnie Apacible
Wow your bike is so wonderfull
Siddharth Vyas
Those paddles 😍
James C
Wish i was good enough to own such a bike...
Plastic zip ties on a 10k bike; come on fellas... loved the vid btw
Great video but that song is just about as obnoxious as they come.
My dream bike...
Mijk S
What is the right Race Face spindle size to get the proper chainline?
Jonny The Weasel
That looks sick!
Kuldeep Rao
And my bike worth the cost of lock on grips of this bike.
Tim Griffin
Take my money and hold my beer mama
Roll As You Can
My dream bike😍
More of these please!
Benaiah Reuel
evilive bike
Pablo alberto Lopez
Excelente muy bien video me suscribo a tu canal saludos
Jhone Melo
Sonho >3
LVC mtb
Super video 🔥😍
Galgals Megals
Gift me bike please
Harry Potter
Saia para pedalar com essa bike aqui no Brasil e vc já é🥒 ROUBADO🥒
Giveaway soon??
W1cH0 99
it must hurt to be using a bike like this one and have a rock scratching it for being too fast, im not fast like at all but a rock all ready scratched my brand new bike :( I use film protection but it where there is no cover lol
Paulo Aranda
Руслан Грачев
That's What She Said
best !!!
eagle boy
The Evil decal on the frame is a sticker and not in the paint like most bikes....my mates Calling is coming off.....fail
Bike porn... Ooh yeah