Evil The Offering Review - 2019 Bible of Bike Tests

The BMW M5 (Evil Offering) isn’t a one trick pony like, say, the Audi R8 (Yeti SB 130). It’s comfortable and sophisticated, but also fast and menacing. You can drop your kids off to school with it with or take it on a cross-country road trip, and then head over to the track, drift every corner, and burn the Pirellis right off it.

Kirk Douglas
Nice bike Napoleon, ever take it over any sweet jumps?
Manny Fonseca
Ryan looks like a1980s tennis star wannabe.
Aaron Mayhew
I can only dream of riding one of these beautiful pieces of masterfully crafted machinery. WOW!!
Dave Farrell
Hi Folks. Thanks for the review. I own a Following MB, and the one qualm I have with it is that the front end wanders a bit when climbing. How would you all compare the Offering's climbing characteristics versus the MB?
Justin Brown
How can they say that it gives up absolutely nothing to the Following MB when it has such a long wheelbase? I live in the Midwest with lots of tight twisty trails and slow speed tech, I cannot even imagine maneuvering that bike on some of my home trails.
erwin ruiz
The wheelbase on the medium is crazy long at over 47
Brian Hendricks
Awesome job! I like that everyone looks like they just finished riding and threw something dry on from the back of their cars to hang out and chat about this bike.... Great review of this bike as well! This is definitely better then the reviews in front of a fire while holding a drink
Hamza Faruqui
Finally something manageable from evil. Yaaaasssssss!!!
The Bike Room
I ride a 140, 29er Hardtail by On One. Got a Fox 34. Would really love to try this bike for the rowdy trails.
When did John McEnroe start working at Bike Mag?
Michael Horner
Is it ground huggy day yet?
Corben Weinert
can yous test 2019 norco range c1 29!!!! looks like a beast!
Jonathan Longworth
Id love for y'all to do the Jamis Hardline
Abu Aboobee
What’s does everyone here think of the 2017 Following?
Horns High Mountain Biking
I've loved the idea of this bike, but previous Evils felt super slack in the seat tube, which caused the front end to wander on climbs. Did you guys feel like they remedied the seat tube angle? p.s. That head band. Ballsy move, brah. I dig your style. 🤘😎🤘
Ryan M.
I completely disagree with the zip tie comment. Personally, I much prefer external cable routing which is so much easier to replace housing when needed.
External routing definitely a positive! Ryan, do you work on your own bikes??
Serge Williams
Is it a possibility that this bike is agile and playful and rip corners because of its normal head tube angle at 66.6? When or a what point will long, slack and low completely destroy the fun in bikes!
James Stoup
Man I really like this bike, but that integrated chainguide seems like such a dumb decision.
Eric Linett
How does The Offering compare to an Orbea Rallon, sizing issues aside (size up on Rallon one size)?
Dude... What is with that headband
Jordan Rabara
Offering or ripmo?
Tony G
I hate how some reviewers would call some bikes with 66.6* hta "behind the times" or "too steep". But because it's an evil they're willing to over look it.
Justin Brown
At 6’ tall I’m really struggling deciding between a medium or large. Any suggestions from the testers?
Andrew O'Neill
Homie with sweatband is such a Joey
Brandon Perez
Call me a fool, but I think the looks of Evil bikes are too rounded and make it less appealing compared to others. The fact other companies aren't doing the same make me wonder if that's an actual positive or just plain ugly only because they can do it
jeremy ray
Didn’t Will build one the minute they came out, with a 150?
edward doughty
I dont want to look at those guys, just show the bike
Bullseye Fowl
I hear Ryan's voice but see Andre Aggassi!!
lost a or stripped a flip chip bolt must be a lot of ham fisted dudes over there
Lardo 5150
How tall are Travis and Ryan, what size Offering did they ride?
#BIKEMAG Evil is the sickest looking bike around. But those external cables just kill the vibe.
Being Human
A mix of Richard Simmons and john McEnroe! Can u do a review on the awesome headband.
Is it hard to see the sag o-ring on that rear shock ?
I’m 5’11 and I bought the Offering in a MEd. I normally ride LG frames. Evil feels great with a MED and 40mm stem.
Jeramell Medel
Evil Offering, Scott Ransom, or Nukeproof Mega? 😭😭😭
I will only buy a bike with external cable routing and threaded BB..... internal cable routing needs to die its much needed death.
Nooooow, I can't wait to watch the SB130 review!
Peter Rody
I'm pretty set on this bike, but at 5'8" I'm right between a small and medium frame; any suggestions on sizing based on how you all felt on the large? Thanks
It’s a great riding bike. I would agree 💯 that’s it’s more like the MB than the Wrek.
...so basically a wreckoning..? i consider 140, if its in the back, a long travel. In this case its a long travel 29er which they already have- The Wreckoning.
Literally the most boring voices I've ever heard
Just too many little links to wear out in English mud and sand. I'm out.
i cant take handband man serious - no way
For as nice as these bikes ride it does piss me off that they have external cable routing, stickers instead of paint for decals, poor QC now that they've changed their factory and that I've had customers' bikes that come with the wrong specs! Not to mention the rumors that they screw over their riders/contract workers. For as expensive as they are and how little margin they have I would expect more... they do ride better than anything else though, if they fixed a few of these issues they would be my favourite company but they just drop the ball on everything other than ride quality. Overall... >:C
Arjun Adamson
“Playful whippy” “ground huggy” Why does every other adjective you use to describe the bikes have to end in Y? It diminishes the authority of your critique and makes it sound like you’re unsure of your description.
Lame 😒 Try telling people about the bike and it’s components for $7000 and less about how the bike flows through corners 🙄
Jack Sadek
I don't think you guys understand the different between 51mm and 44mm offset on 29ers, the bike will handle switchbacks much better on a 44mm fork. You are praising outdated geometry when almost all manufacturers and switching to 44mm
Trail Weaks
They need to remove the extra triangle already. The one by the seat tube. But hey I get it stiffness ect..