Urban Symphony's second rehearsal

Powered by (visit the website!) Urban Symphony will represent Estonia in Moscow with the song Rändajad. Watch their second rehearsal at the Olimpiyski Arena.

Mystic Moonstone
Magical ~ 💕 The filming and production of this number is pretty phenomenal too !! Edit: Kudos!
Фантастическая песня. Очень понравилась. Надо было за нее голосовать. Эстонию не оценили по достойному в 2009 году. Палец вверх, если согласны
Buddha B'der
This is still fantastic. I don't care that it is in a language I don't understand. The melody and vibe are enough for me to respect how great this tune is.
upee biisi ja upea esittäjä
upee biisi ja upea esittäjä
Anni A
It´s incredible how it seems not to matter at all what she´s wearing. Looks like I wouldn´t notice if she was naked.
Iwona Gulczyńska
bardzo sympatyczna kobieta:) i piosenka jakoś tak za serce mnie chwyta...
2:20 goosebumps
san will
i love her voice, her hair and her face strange music but nice
Gato Azul
Omigoshhh she´s too awesome, pretty face, great voice, beautiful and original lyrics, THEY ROCK!!!
hahaha :D that must have pissed you off alittle :D
i love the song it's strange but impressive great melody also !!
Come on... The other girls are beautiful, too. Don't forget them! ;-)
Estonian citizen>>> It's been ages that we got in final:D
Yes please. A hauntingly beautiful song.
First impression when I watched Estonia: What a very pretty woman! Plus I like the song too. I'm surprised it only got 6th place. from Malaysia
Joanna Kurvits
um, if anyone wants, then i can translate it to english
Joanna Kurvits
yay, 6th place ! that's so good :D i love this song . I'm from estonia ;D
I love this song so much! Even I dont understand a thing, it sounds so comfortable! Estonia should have been the winner! xoxo from Holland.
What is this kind of music called? I love it! Goosebump after goosebump! :D
Renee Rehe
Thanks, I'm from Estonia, woohoo. By the way, I liked Elenas "The Balkan girls" the most, great voice and great song.
i like sandra alot(i voted for her 5 times and i believed she would take 10 points but she took 6 fom my country..)so i searched for other song although i found only velvetin and hungry :-(.Also i searched for her bio or infos but evn to wikipedia i couldnt find anything useful NOTE:its unfair that almost everything has been written in estonian SO that means i couldnt understand a damn word..:(((( anyone that knows any page or link help
๑۩۞۩๑-•¨°º¤ø„º°¨ ¸„ø¤º°¨°º¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„ ๑۩۞۩๑-• ¨°º¤ø„ ¸Estonia¨°º¤ø Winner of EUROVISION 2009 •- ๑۩۞۩๑-•ø¤º „¸¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º- ๑۩۞۩๑-•
Toma Theodora
I'll buy the dvd only for this song and her amazing singer , congrats ! So sad it didn't came into the top 3 , but we know how this country voting goes , and the others sanged in the shit english language ... congrats estonia ! [from romania]
Great performance girls. Love this song - I can't wait to get the DVD.
Pippa Moran
Estonia should've done much better. This is a great song.
Idź się utop!
12 i'm so voting for this
A Stuijt
She is singing a stunning song, with a beautiful setting and excellent musical accompaniment. She should win!
everybody says, that she looks like an angel :) but i'm quite sure, that this song wont win, because of this norway cute boy :( But i hope, it gets good place tonight :)
Zgadnij! Rändajad nie ma wiele wspólnego z tym Twoim badziewiem dla mrocznych dzieci - może znajdą się tam dwie podobne nuty w początku przewodniej partii wokalnej, ale to zupełnie inny utwór (i zupełnie inny poziom - ta piosenka jest bardzo dobra... czego o Najtłiszu nie można rzec).
Mogłabyś nie kompromitować Polski takimi debilnymi komentarzami?!
@tarjaturunenPL no way it dosnt seems the same..maybe you have a so little point of right but this kind of evidence is not enough even if somody has it fom the start on his mind and gives direction to that claiming
Daniel Wojciechowski
great song and she's beautiful :D I hope that wins
really i dont like this language but from her lips its like sound from heaven...every time that i hear it i like it more and more...
everyone that is no from estonia see the unique elements of this song and vote for her,see beyond countryies and all of these things that kills music..besides see is so so beautiful(without showing her boobies or somethig) with nice voice
Kristen Aigro
I'm so glad that Estonia is in the finals, they deserve it the song is beautiful and Sandra's voice really is flawless, i envy her. Estonia was in the top 5 for a long time and then suddenly we never qualified from the finals, thank you Urban Symphony for bringing us back to the competition. Good luck, I wish all the best for you.
Simona Andreas
Go eesti !!! :)
a cold out-looking with so expression on her eyes..it itrigues you like casting magic on you and you cant resist..just wonderful...10 points from greece(soz 12 goes to france....) :))
Beautiful girl with strong, pure voice. Soft song, such a melodical language. I still can't believe she sings live, so perfectly she does. I admire this professionalism. All possibilities to win. I'll vote for it. Remember, Estonia has won once, so being a small country does'n mean it doesn't have chances. I hope this song will not be underrated, it's really one of the best. Go, Estonia! Greetings from Russia!
vickie sweetdevil
12 points from alb♥nia
Sander Eerik Sandrak
im from estonia thx for the qudos
less percussion track, more strings, could use more on the sitar sounding synth as well, and you get a good song.
I' ll vote for it. Greetings from Greece.
-theklf3000, There's nothing wrong with her English. OK, she has a slight accent, but so does everyone who's not a native speaker. I'm sure you'll understand, judging by your incorrect word order and article mistakes, you're not a native English speaker yourself...
Jüri Pootsmann
mütlen , ja tegelt on veel fakte miks ta saaks läbi. paljud siis youtubes ka räägivad et nende meelest parim, ja igast top 10 on see laul , see lohutab ka. :) . eiei , eesti saab läbi küll. :)
Jüri Pootsmann
lihtsalt ei kujuta ette, et eesti saaks finaali. aga ta saab
Jüri Pootsmann
tean küll, aga ikkagi suht kardan, et äkki ei saa läbi. aga üritan olla võimalikult positiivne:d:d TA SAAB LÄBI :)))
vaata enne peeglisse, kui kedagi halvustad, morsk! vähemalt oskab tydruk super-hästi laulda! niiet mine arene nurga taga!! ja oma kole vene keel pista sinnasamusesse!!
Alexander Mazuraitis
great, 12 pts from Lithuania! i will make a bet on u in semifinal ;)
Jüri Pootsmann
i really hope that this faboulus song pass through to the final, and i'm quite sure that it will, but i'm starting to doubt about it, and i'm kind of scared too. because i'm estonian, and i have thought about it that who's gonna vote for us, i mean that , in that semi-final theres no finland or sweden . but still there are latvia and lithuania, and i really hope that they will vote for us.
I like it ( I am from Estonia )
Kaarel Orumägi
my favorites too(i`m from estonia)
12 points from Germany! :)
together with France the best songs of 2009!!!! Good luck from Germany...
Best song this year! Greetings from Lithuania!
Are you ok? It's in the 2nd semi final you silly...
I'm so proud of this song. ^^
N1 Estonia or Norway N3 Bulgaria
man shes so beautiful
Yes:D POland Will be vote:D EEsti win in Moskva haa:D
Asdf Xcv
the same shit here in Russia (im russian)
Filipe Sardinha
clean and neat performance! I like this and I might vote for estonia this year. we just shall see how they perform live with all that pressure over them! good luck =)
Przemek Bartos
In POLAND contest Estonia win!!! Poland will be vote on Estonia!!! es c24.or g/con tent/vie w/38 4/169/ I hope that Estonia will be vote on POLAND song, because We will be vote on ESTONIA song! Good luck
I cant believe that we send something good to Eurovision from Estonia. I am proud of it. Would like vote, but cant.....
One of my favourites this year :) I think this song will reach Top 5 :)) 12 pts from Lithuania! :))
its nice and refreshing but i dunno its lacking something...
no no no norway noooo Estonia winner 12 points from poland
Good luck! Very good song. Bravo.
Asdf Xcv
ma loodan ka :DDD
Ekaterina Gubareva
Not bad
Real nice.
the best
1Norway 2Albania 3Greece 4Estonia 5Turkey
SDG 91
My number one! Estonia, you really deserve to win! Show them the best performance!
SPAIN SPAIN SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WNER 2009!!! Sorayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Arnelas is the best!!
Jarmo Kihlstrom
I was pleasantly surprised; that is going to sound great!
I like this song.. but the performance is very static and simple...
Elayza L
Meie oma on parim! 2 videot mis ma vaatasin olid nii igavad et ei viitsinudgi neid enam vaadata:P=)
Šarūnas Kizla
one more time: URBAN SYMPHONY is sooo better than love symphony..kisses sister estiona from lithuania ;]*
amazing song..cyprus will vote for you...
Tommy Dzus
EESTI!!!! Good luck, I'm sure you don't need it because you should go through to the final no matter what, and there the jury will vote for you, but also many televoters I think! Love it! I, personally give it 12 points, and 10 to Iceland! // Sweden
Err...She looks better with make-ups on....
Jan Kowalski
nic szczegolnego ... stoi tak na tej scenie jak by byla tam za kare, w sumie jej wyraz twarzy pasuje do piosenki, ktora ma iscie grobowy nastroj i jest calkowicie pogrzebowa .. na scenie nic sie nie dzieje .. jedynym ciekawszym momentem jest tutaj granie na skrzypcarz a reszta to nudaa (nie zdziwie sie jak nie awansuje )
Anna Presman
I like the Estonian accent. It's cute :). And this song and the Bosnian are my favorites.
yes it's URBAAAAAAAAAAAAN Estonia is WAY better than Slovenia
Love symphony is Slovenia's songt not Estonia's artist :D
Piim on Dope
This song is very spiritual.
Buddhi Dev
Perfection - song, sound, performance, stage, and singer