Lucas the Spider - Giant Spider

Lucas the Spider might be a tiny and cute animal to some… but to others, he’s a giant! Do you love Lucas the Spider? Check out our new online store for some cute animal merchandise! /> © 2018 Fresh Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

"People think I'm scary but I wouldn't hurt a flyyyyyy" Oh dear, who's gonna be the one to tell him
im_so_ litty
*depression has left the chat*
*destroys an entire civilization with people* “Sorry.”
Jentezen Norman
"Hey bob how is the mortgage
Enderlogan YT
“I wouldn’t hurt a fly” *Proceeds to destroy an entire village made of wood, the trees, and all of its inhabitants*
Lucas is too pure for this world Edit: alMOST 100 liKES WHAT
Harry Schroder
Lucas: "Sorry" Me: "it's okay, little buddy."
I’m never killing a spider ever again
Nidhi Patel
“🎶But I wouldn’t hurt a fly🎶” Then destroys the whole wood town ... runs away... sorry
Muscle Skunk
0:20 howdy frank I like your cat
clyde the frick
"I wouldn't hurt a fly" *knocks several toy humans down.* *and destroys everything in the village down while trying to exit* At least he didn't hurt the fly.
"Hey there Bob, how is the mortgage?" *Awful.* "......Howdy Frank I like your cat."
Sleeping Willows
*I just came back from the death scene clip of Charlotte and I realized how Lucas looks EXTREMELY close Like Charlotte and my jaw dropped and I thought 'What if Lucas was one of Charlotte's children?'*
Infinite Curiosity
*Just make it into a movie already goddammit*
Lol omg cutest thing I've ever seen
LoneWolf CreativeGaming
Whenever he feels like he did something bad I start crying hysterically and scream *NO LUCAS NOOOOO, YOU’RE SO SWEET*
the life of QTpie
mom: WHAT HAPPEND TO MY GLASS COLECTION????!!!! me two hours ago:
Isabelle Marie
After Lucas has just crushed a village .... “Sorry”
Melena Abercrombie
Omg can someone please make this a tv show already 😭👏🏾❣️my heart melts every-time
leela lo
This one is my favorite OF ALL!!!
Okay, I'll admit that this is adorable. :)
Justin Zheng
“But I won’t hurt a fly” We’ll see about that Lucas
He protec He attac But most importantly, *He sang*
fuad kanapiah
i wish there's a movie of this
Blue Mountain
"But I wouldn't hurt a flyyyy" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tadeusz Matuszczyk
"People think I'm scary but I wouldn't hurt a fly" Then... *Destroys village by an accident* *"oops"*
Puddi Panda
Ooooooooops :o
I'm Very Angry It's Not Butter!!
"But I wouldn't hurt a fly." Lucas. You're a spider. That's your *job.*
Shining Star 25
Aww, He constantly makes my heart melt. Lucas for life. And someone plz get him a friend
Amna Abid
*Not to be over dramatic* *but I’d die for Lucas*
Elizabeth Valenzuela
Lockis be careful your sister is meen
Zeerak Riaz
I wish it showed how pro he is and would rebuild everything in seconds
NPT Music
Lucas just can't stop singing !! Another fantastic video thanks !!!
Kahuku Tropical
#DC #Marvel
*Lucas meets You Tube Rewind* 😁😂
Borbàla Mastrson
That spider is sooooo cute!!! 😍😶😶😶
Rolando4Z X7
"🎵I wouldn't hurt a fly🎶!" 0:26 Foreshadowing
Attack OnSlimecx
0:22 "people think I'm scary but I wouldn't hurt a fly" Lucas, no one thinks ur scary. Everyone thinks ur adorable! :3 even arachnophobes!!
“I wouldn’t hurt a fly” FORESHADOWING
Nabil Zain
Oh too cute lucas
Andre Blueboy
0:34 Lucas: Sorry... Me: Yeah..... about that. I couldn’t stop laughing at this, it’s so good! Keep it up Lucas! :)
Struggle Drax
Thank God Lucas survived infinity war, I was so afraid about him.
Adia Hill
I'm way to old for this.... (subscibes)
Game Boy
"People think I'm scary but I wouldn't hurt a fly" *Sets off a bomb that'll destroy city* "Oops, sowwy..."
Siobhan O'Connor
0:24 - big but troubles, I know the struggle Lucas😞
I'm a bona fide arachnophobe, but I can't imagine my life without sweet Lucas!
I bet Lucas could have beat Thanos
Mia Uvalle
HE SURVIVED (Infinity War)
Spanky The Irishman
I love Lucas. But, he needs to be more courageous. Just sayin. I believe he could kick some ass. Courage isn't absence of fear. Control your fear Lucas. Sincerely Spanky
Normal Spider's Job: eat flys Lucas the spider's job: make people happy
#MLG Duffy
Thank God Lucas survived infinity war. Problaby because he's to CUUUUTE
Ok so when's the movie coming out?
Fighter Bros
*Sorry* iys ok lucas the spider :)
radmad W.
"But I wouldn't hurt a fly" THAT'S FORESHADOWING IF I EVER
Mayo Poppins
He wouldn't hurt a fly. *A fly.* *FLY.*
Jus is my fad!!
Lucas: people think I'm scary Knocks over everything and everyone
Aghnia Rahma Rizkika
I always feel bad for Lucas. I just feel like he needs some hugs.
너무 귀여워 ㅠㅠ
pheebs the dancer
Awww this is so cute
Corni Corni
Omg , his voice is very sweet lol 💕😘 #loveyoulucas 🕷💕💕💕💕💕🤣🤣💕
Justin Y.
Is no one going to mention how fluid the animation is?
Akok 1606
Lucas the spider Marga is Mosquito Ma copy Lucas marga
한글, 일본어, 영어 자막을 봤는데, 다 다름. 어찌 된거야..
Anjin- San
Freaking Cute. I'm a full grown Man and I love Lucas the spider! More Please.
Alligator on a stick
That was a misleading title
People think I'm scary but I wouldn't hurt a flyyyyyyy
Gabrielle Lincoln
"Hali, frick I like your tie." Wait, what was that Lucas?
Soooo who’s gonna tell him about Bzz ? Because he’s a fly and well Lucas know. 🙅🏽‍♀️ not it.
jas_ perkZ
911: whats your emergecy Sir? Victims: A giant spider REKTT our town!! 911: Hes too cute to get arrested. 😢
Kyalin _Gender
0:30 if I saw a spider that fast i would run
Nothing And Everything
50 subscribers challenge with 2 videos
Lukas the spider Coming in near you 2020
This was one of our best creations:)
Kpop Room
We need a Movie 😶😶
뭐가 이리 귀엽지? 한국인은 좋아요!
Stanley Kumarga
"but i wouldn't hurt a fly" destroy a village in 3 sec
The song is literally Belle... *_but copyright is a b**ch_*
fortnite master ray
I want to be Lucas's friend that was so cute
TJ Bullard
He's just trying to be friendly!!!!! Don't worry Lucas, we LOVE YOU!!!!!!
으아앙 귀여워 ㅜㅠㅜ
gamer bayee gurl glaicel
He is a different spider and so cute ;-;
Didi XD Pro gaming
This video will be banned in Australia XD.
もふもふのおしり可愛い😍 日本語訳は気にしないでおこう
*_The destruction of rural Wyoming by a giant mutant spider, Circa 1976 Colorized_*
Jonna Mäkinen
Lucas the spider is cute I almost cry ❤️
Jay que
"I wouldn't hurt a fly" *kills everyone*
Lucas's 'Hi' in this video was bold.
Am I the only person that almost cried when he picked up and hugged the cat.
Sad Vibes
Finally another lucas the spider! See you again in the next few months lol.
Coop Cheese
so is lucas just a young big jumper? trust me, i can suspend my disbelief, but with his pedipalps so small, it suggests lucas is female. Lucas is a trans gendered jumping spider :3 logic.
Geek Gaming
I rewind this about 6 or 7 times and I CAN'T STOP. EDIT- Im litterly going to break my rewind 10 seconds button
Nicey Inan
always I was afraid of spiders ... now, I'm in love and I'm searching Lucas in every Spider XD
Alisha Ahmed
0:01 Hi! You *WOODEN* believe what I just found, come on!
0:17 it is SO FUNNY hearing "mortgage" out of a kindergartener's mouth.
come on!! →字幕 : いい加減にして!
DM Lilian
These videos should be longer: Lucas ist the cutest animal I've ever seen. I love him<3
Danh Mai
If I see Lucas in real life I’m protecting him NO MATTER WHAT also who else is binge watching thes
Leandro Bufacchi
Lucas is extremly adorable And i also think thier should be a movie (i know animating is hard, but u are doing a sweal job)(sorry for my spelling)
Cody Whitlock
I never thought I would think a spider would be cute 😂