Stealing From Toys R Us

Animated remix of a video I uploaded in 2008 but took down a few months later. I left a few details out of the original but now I'm sharing all the juicy intel of the time I had a not fully honest exchange at Toys R Us. Outro Music: Jared Oakes - Understand (Audio) // /> ✖️Stalk me /> /> Mystery Video:

SMART!!! Wait for the company to go Bankrupt _and then_ confess! Brilliant! 😆
Hey man. Things happen...and uhhh...sometimes...ya know you save $280 dollars.
This is a load of barnacles
*level one crook* Steals dream cast and sonic adventure. *level 30 boss*
“You want a bag?” The way he said that has me dead
Swoozie born in 1988. DC came out in 1999. Swoozie pulled this heist at 11 years old. Legend.
Jackson Wald
That old lady singlehandedly bankrupted toys r us
Lea Đ.
Wait until Toy R US hear they went bankrupted cause of the dream cast game u stole😘
Noah Cartwright
Anybody watching in 2019 Like if u are!
Mario Ciocan
the sonic game you were playing yeah i have it on my ps3 but my ps3 is broken 1 like =100 prayer nah jk
Ocarrollthekilla HD
Oh hes stealing
so this is why they went out of business...
At least I live in Canada.. Just for anyone wondering what I mean, Toysrus is still in Canada
Bro starting your childhood off with sonic is literally the best thing possible
Dr Top 5
2947 any one?
But they’re back... plot twist
Rachel Zegler
so YOU'RE the reason they're closing
David Canelas
9/9/1999! - Dreamcast launch date
5 subs without vids
Oh crap here come the fbi agents, RUN!!!!
Bryan Cevantes
Level 1 crook Steals Dreamcast Level 100 boss
That x files music was golden bro!!!
renaldo forde
Toys were us...
He was ten and had 300 dollars in his bank account
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Wow toys r us was going bankrupt So they reduced the price by a lot huh Guess u saved 280 bucks
i’m ty
I played that game when I was 2 years old bruh
Shop-Lifter! 👮👉👉
Half expected your cousin to say out loud "Did we pay yet?"
Lilly Bean
1) i love susan. idk why but i do. 2) the re-enactment was a mood and a half bc same-
Gaming boiboi
We all know the real crime here was taking advantage of the elderly... stealing the dream cast ain’t nothing compared to that. R.I.P. Toys R Us U.S.A.
The Famous Potato
"What's the worst that could happen?" Ha *me*
SleepyBoyJeffy Animations
Susan. The real MVP 😂🙏
Me: I steal something (keeps secret) Him: ima post this on YouTube
Chase Morgan
none of you guys are thugs I stole a hanger from a store
“And I’m over here like yes, listen to Susan” 😂
Dead Rose
Lovin the X-Files music.
*"This video right here officer"*
ariana elish fan
I died when he cut to him looking at the receipt and was making that noise 🤣🤣
Ciara Oldham
That was pretty *BOLD* of you Adande.
Michael J
You wanted the DREAMCAST? It failed sadly😢
SoNiC iS Building Momentum
Tulatinoheat PS4 Gaming Channel
ToysRus closes! Fail to pay $228 debt.
Banzai McButterPants
I should sue you for completely stopping me from being productive
Chris Jericho
CRACK..... Down 3?
Tia Spencer
i mean kids don’t steal, but swooz is a god for this🤣🤷🏽‍♀️
wolfy_playz_ 101_gatcha
So many memories in Toys R Us like buying candy, games crack Don't worry... i didnt get the candy it was hard and you could feel it through the rapper
A Peasant
It's a good day when Swoozie uploads. Edit: Dammit Susan.
Toys R Us is still open here in Canada! You are welcome anytime sWooZie!!
Abstract LV
You uploaded this on my birthday 🎂🎉🎁
Ron Maese
hey sWooZie when would you have merch like other YouTubers have my boi🤔🤔
Gachavrese Emy
i LOVVE toysrus i used to go there and..... PLAY ON DA IPADS AND EX BOX CONTROLLERS W/ MOY LIL SIS
David Maier
we still have TOYS-R-US down here in Canada... In Saskatoon.
milenko filipovik
Hillock should we get some dinner 🥘 would be good for us if you’re going down there
Swoozie deserves more subs
Kallie Sunshine
My guy, Toys R Us is making a comeback!!!
I laughed to hard at this. The way he re-enacted everything was sooooo funny 😆
I remember asking swoozie to reupload this and he told me he would 💯🙏🏽 like if you respect this man or remember the original video 🤘🏽
Ajdin Nukicic
Bro Dreamcast sonic adventure was my childhood, I remember that exact whale part
Maisam Mohamed
THUG LIFE it feels good to be a gangster
Duck hunt fan Forshaw
The part I like was *THE WHALE*
Arch Angel
Thats legally not stealing, if the employees stamped the receipt and handed you the system thats a legal transaction. Its their responsibility to make sure they got all the money, not yours. (I work retail)
Your the reason why they closed down
Mr. Wyrzykowski
toys r us is still some places in NoRwaY
Sean Styles
This my 17th time watching this... when you cut you you holding a dream cast I lost it lmao
i loved toys r us but honestly....THEM TOYS WERE EXPENSIVE BRO.
Sleepy Luna
(;>; ) (†<) Holy Water Plz
Charlie Greenburg
does he actually smoke crack
Jaden Punzalan
Welp i am lucky because i am in canada ;) Rest in peace Toy R Us in newyork circle thing
Ssrj Nathan 69
Swozzie use confusion on cousin. IT WORKED
Im just gonna like my own comment cause no one else is
Carolyn Snavley
(officer gonna watch this be like:) -Banging on door-. SIR YOUR UNDER ARREST!
Oscar Campos
Bro my mom worked at toy store so it was awesome to be in the back room
Danny Boy
Ima have to meet u outside for closing down toys R us
It’s Elite JA
{\ /} (*-*) [🧁
Jo H.
*Breaking News* Toys R Us reveal that they needed the same amount of money you needed to get a Dreamcast and a game to stay open
jayla Anderson
In Canada we still have toys r us
Hey You
when a heist goes right but you didn't expect it to.
Shaveaun Haswell
Had me dead after that you could buy crack Comment your the You're the best youtuber besides cory kenshin
dayshawn draws
I am going to make a video .😎
sussus.queen sksksks
I love u Soo much u . Are so smart and funny I sometimes die when I am watching your videos 😂🤣 😃
Tomas Polinkis
Holy shift i remember dis
Just A GaMe ER
Llouvakates Mantua
I think thats why toysrus went bankcrupt because of you? 😂
Its Unicorn
You posted this on my birthday :D
LanishFishOnADish WhoCantSpeakEnglish
*The FBI would like to know your location*
the gamerator 10
After he walks out with the system: "This is Snake. I'm done here."
Tiffany Q
swoozie is the real reason toy r us is going bankrupt
Lily Kapustin
Man, you're more perfect than me. I would've just yeeted out those doors like *"Whooo! Its mah lucky day! Suckaass!! Y'all get to spend that money over 100 bucks, while I only spent 15!! Oooooooo!🤩"*
Joshua Misael
I have that sonic game on PS3
FRESHBEETZ And FoggyDoggyVlogs Yee
Candy Video games Toys *CRAK*
That’s not stealing. They never asked you to pay.
flo pz
*top 10 succesful heists*
Guy: oh my bi bro Me: wait he is bisexual
Dametri Trent
I love your videos me again I wish I could meet you
fatcatril3y 05
3:07 had me like🕺🏻
(umm swoozie, that's sonic adventure dx...)
Hanakin Sidewalker
Rest In Peace Toys R Us.
Mi Xts
I played that sonic game
Reyna Bedolla
I have the game sonic u talked about on my ps3