Evil The Offering Review - Is It Everything You Need In A MTB?

Evil has been known for shaking the market by releasing bikes that truly challenge the competition and the introduction of The Offering was no different. Offering (no pun intended) 140mm of rear wheel travel while rolling on 29" wagon wheels while also offering the option to run a 140mm, 150mm, or even 160mm fork puts The Offering at the top of its class when looking at the current selection of "mid-travel" All mountain bikes. With a slightly refined geometry to better suit recent trends, The Offering may very well be the do it all bike you have been looking for. We go over all of this in a complete overview of The Offering after months of testing and even compare it directly to Evil's The Following and The Wreckoning. So whether you are a DH champion or a weekend warrior, your riding could benefit from The Offering. Click play and find out if The Offering is the bike for you in this complete review! Visit our blog for more information: Subscribe to our channel: /> Shop Evil The Offering: /> Watch our review of Evil's The Following vs Yeti SB4.5: /> Watch our review of The Wreckoning: /> Curious about Fork offset? Check this video out: /> Website: /> Instagram: />Facebook: /> What's the Worldwide Cyclery YouTube Channel all about? Demystifying the confusing world of MTB's one video at a time. We eat, sleep and breathe bicycles and love to make videos about them. Worldwide Cyclery is one unusual bike shop on a mission to build the best bike shop on the planet. We are a group of passionate and motivated riders who are all about having fun on bikes by any means necessary. We mostly live in the world of high-end mountain bikes but pretty much just love anything with two wheels. Our content provides riders with the most amount of information possible on everything from new product releases to bike and product reviews. We're here to provide relevant content that will inform and educate our fellow riders/bike enthusiasts so that they can upgrade and shred their bikes with a smile. To learn more about our shop check out - /> Shop online at WorldwideCyclery.com or... Visit a shop in Newbury Park CA or Lancaster PA. Come ride bikes! Or drink a beer, or a fruit juice... #eviltheofferingreview #evilbikes #eviltheoffering

Worldwide Cyclery
What do you think of The Offering? Would you ride one or pick a different bike? Let us know!
Alex Mason MTB
Only conclusion I took from this video is that his hoodie clearly doesn’t unzip with that logo across the front
I have one simple request for this bike Jeff.. and that is to have sharks with frickin lazer beams attatched to their heads
Chris W.
They're evil expensive!
john Cast
Dolly Lama...I got it, where's my free $h1T?
Dave Nicholson
If I had the coin I’d get the reckoning 🤘🏿
Evil bikes are the sexiest bikes out there! I just LOVE the shape of the frame and that sus-linkage is SO cool. Mondrakers are also super hot
jeremy ray
jeff. the type of dude we can all feel like we relate to. its awesome to see a bikeshop (and OWNER) thats not afraid to pick and choose some components over others, and also straight up say some products are not cool. WWC, you guys are doing AWESOME things with content and its super rad to see the business doing so well. im sure it hasnt been easy, especially in CA.
Josiel Morera
I have the Evil following and I love it. It’s hard to explain but it’s just different. It’s fine in all the right places and when it comes to certain things that you’re more inclined to do with just a few minor adjustments whether it’s in your suspension or air pressure etc. As all bikes Do y’all have something unique end it all comes down to location how you feel in general and the most important thing having fun making the best of the tool that you have if you don’t get the opportunity to master one thing then you will never mastered anything
Offering looks cool, I've been on the wreckoning for 3 years now and love it. I just ordered the new lyrik and push shock combo for it I'm crazy excited. Love your videos keep up the great work.
Carlos Pi
I ride a Following V1 and absolutely love it. As discussed in the video, Evils have a unique feel; so fun and capable. I'd love to demo an Offering, but feel it may be too much bike for my local trails. Keep up the good work gents; love your content!
Michael Bartovsky
Great review boys. I liked the format with Troydon and Liam, those dudes are rad!
Thanks for that impression, guyz! I‘ve tested the following and the wreckoning on a few laps in a bikepark and fell in love with the bigger travel bike. It is unlike everything I‘ve tested so far and mixes pop and sensitivity in a unique way. I will try the offering before I decide on a Ibis Ripmo and the Evil. The testing will have to include some climbs too next time ;-)
Greg Cavanaugh
You're doing a good job with all this content you guys are putting out. thanks! (Now it's time to drop the "what's up guys"...that every single person on YouTube uses as an "opener." Just start with your intro, you don't need a segway into the start of your video. )
Saturday: I check out WWCyclery's Evil bike frames. Sunday: WWCyclery releases a video featuring Evil bike frames. Thank you for spying on me! This is a cool vid... especially Dolly <3
Nicola Bergamo
i tried a Calling last year and fell inlove with it! that poppy fun feel is what i like the most, i'm still trying to choose between Calling, offering and insurgent, but i think i'll have to demo them all to figure it out!
Hajime Kuma
The Pinkbike'ish review format is nice. Can't afford it, nor don't have the riding skills to enjoy it to its fullest extent either. But I can dream of it.
Raymond Collecutt
Wait what the? it goes round corners and it has a 51 offset fork that's impossible these days isn't it?
thank you for the dr.evil reference! Your [farger] must be proud to have a son like you!
Brian Peterson
Sounds like a good choice for a one bike quiver... Troydon! Miss you man!
Johannes Nilsen
Seems like this frame is much better than m bike, much longer reach I think 485 reach would fit me nicely, at least if I don't have a surly short stem for it, and got good rise it should be good, I think I would 490 reach bike, or thereabouts but I don't think carbon is for me seen too much carbon destruction, just falling over on a rock and santa crus rear end snapped, I will go for alloy, only carbon i would go for is the handlebar cus it's not subject to the same forces and weight, and not as prone to damage, if hit from the sade its fine if I lose bail let the bike go, it should be fine in most situation, I don't crash horribly. But the evil seems to be a bike I could accept riding if I got frame replaced evry time I crashed and snapped something. The seattube andle is decent, allowing for saddle tip to be over bb, like I want it to be,thst rear end sure looks beafy, I probably won't have issues with flex or absurdly fast chain wear or wearing out and bending hangers like on my 2014 fuel ex.
Josiah Bateman
thinking about parting with my Following MB frame and replacing it with the Offering. biggest gripe is the seat tube angle on the MB. coming from a Spesh Enduro (76ish degree sta) the MB is really hard to climb steeper sections with. front wheel wanders, and loves to lift off the ground. i dont wanna sacrifice the 140mm up front, to get the steeper STA by going to a 120mm fork, and a 130 wouldnt be worth it @ barely a half degree.
Do you ride to work sat backwards on a motorbike..Nice hair BTW !
Dave Nicholson
Weird hearing the saffa accent 🤣. I’m a saffa in Australia... wonder if I sound like that 🤔
Theo Dounis
Jeff keep making fantastic videos mtb guru
Miller Lyfe Cru
Would love to upgrade to this from my following, too bad it's not going to happen. #adulting
I have a Wreckr' with a Push. I built it and took is to Pisgah at the end of last season. On the fire roads, it climbs just fine, even with the long travel (161/170) and the shock open. The thing that wasn't mentioned in this video is their ability to climb tech single track. There was 4 of us on the Pisgah trip, 2 on Evils (1 Wreckoning 29r, 1 Calling 27.5). On the techy climb going up Laurel Mountain, both of us on the Evils pulled so far ahead of the other two guys we ended up getting separated. And on the descents, forget about it, these things are just unreal. Yes, they are expensive to build, but if you've got the scratch, they are well worth the $$.
Pioneer MTB
If I was going to get a evil bike frame I would get the wreckoning
doopy noo
I fill my water bottle full of cream corn and just shred all day...
The Middle Aged Masher
WWC. Way to many temptations,, I’m not watching your videos anymore. All kidding aside, great product presentation and a entertaining review of the Evil Offering
FootGamDive Experiments
0:22 how is that guy called?
Dolly Llama dude y'all are ridiculous 😂😂😂😂
Fat Guy Biking
If I could buy any bike I mean any bike in the world it would be this bike I would love to ride any evil but this one would be my choice (maybe one day)
Had v1 following and loved it. I’d stick w the new version of the following cause I’m not rad and I like orange better than blue!
Jeff please teach me your ways of how to hit that turn on Toad's at 6:42
Lee Gibson
So I take it they took what they learned from the Calling and tried it on a 29er.
Easton Becker
Best bike I have ever ridden in my entire life ever.
Scott Gibson
I am sure its a great bike but sadly its out of my pay grade but mostly I need to send my kids to college. Three grand is my all in bike amount. Thinking Norco Sight aluminum. Thanks
Joe Bullington
I'm very curious about The Offering. I currently ride an Evil Following V1 and being a Clydesdale, I'm struggling to find that sweet spot of getting my shock feeling plush without the rear tire rubbing the back of the seat tube (Minnion DHR 2.4). Is the clearance a bit more with The Offering?
Chance Seely
The Offering Rules!!!!
Love my Offering (push/ribbon). And yes it is finally a proper sized adult frame.
agustin alvarez
Do the insurgent lb 27.5, all of those are 29ers..smh
Josh Jovian
First! This channel is the best cause you show everthing you need to know!
Adam Englander
Have yet to try it but know this thing will tip on the dh
Duane Hundley
If Troydon likes it, then it must be amazing. That guy rips!
daniel charlie fernandez
memes and cool bikes, can it get any better???? spoiler alert: no
christian lopez
I think the best way to destroy a bike whit a review would be this two guys!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Miller Reid
When I decide to ride non commencal alloy this will be what I get. But idk when I’ll leave the alloy behind
Sparky Le Wolf
was that tia in the please wait screen
Salaknib Guardia
I have to OFFER one of my kidneys to own this bike
BBB, Big Butt Bitc# ? Nope, Big Boy Bike :D !
Kurtis Peters
I'm running the Offering with a Dpx2 in the back. It is fantasic climber with that shock, my only grief with the bike is the poor paint job. Feels like a ton of overspray in places and for high end bike, not acceptable in my opinion.
Jared Erickson
This thing shreds!
Alexandre Asselin
Very nice interesting , I have a Calling with a 150mm pike and still don t consider changing it for any bike . The offering is probably more « capable » but I doubt it s as playful as the Calling. I guess it depends what you re after. Cool video as usual 🤘
Maddox McPherson
The thing is a pound for me makes a much bigger difference because I weigh 110 where everything makes a big change
Grim Reaper
nice looking bike
Lardo 5150
Did I miss it? What are the size and heights of these guys/bikes?
Evil suspension is like a fancy Daimondback knuckle. DW link rocks! Simplier geometry. But they're cool looking.
Wei Sheng Ong
Boris Martin
You lost me at $3,000.00 frame only. Of course.
Reamonn Ryan
Evil really has a good offering with their bike selection. Seems like it was their calling to have bikes that really seem the wreck everything else on the market. No wonder they have such a following...
Dollie Lama Dolly Parton Dahli Lama lol
I ride a 130mm 27.5 Trail Bike, a Whyte T130RS, so i have been looking at The Evil Calling. But no Way to demo the thing here in Denmark. We have no mountains, and i want a Bike that climbs Well, and the opinions on that are mixed. I want to stay with the same wheel size and travel range, so also looking at Santa Cruz 5010, Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt. Any input on the climbing for the Calling?
Jonas Ong
How do you feel about the evil insurgent?
Fabio Reinhart
Can you ride it wirh 27.5 wheels?
Leo Molloy
I want a calling so bad can you review one Jeff
I'm just here for the Peruvian llamas in the back.
MTB Shredder
I would get one but I prefer being the first one at the top
How does it compare to the calling and insurgent? I have not ridden a 29er yet but I have tried both the calling and insurgent.
Why wwc everytime reviews trail bikes 🤔
Matt Schram
How much of the weak pedaling performance came from the fact it was built up with the coil shock vs the stock air shock?
Are the bearings in these bikes updated from the og following that I had?
mozzy mike
Good but Very overpriced. Can get an enduro bike frame with more travel for a much better price(and carbon)
barefoot MTB
Only one problem the regular Joe will never be able to afford one 😭😭😭
Jesus Chavez
No way ... /)
Josh K
I would be curious about this vs. the Ibis Ripmo. I don't have any experience with the Offering and the Ripmo but I do have experience with The Following and the Ripley LS both set up with a 140mm fork, and I have to say that the Ripley LS runs circles around the Evil up and down. In the exact same build, a Following will be 2lb heavier since the frame alone is over 7lb, but on top of that how the the DW-Link rides vs the DELTA. The only drawback that I have found with the Ibis bikes is the sizing...they do run small which to me is the biggest bummer for their bikes.
Single pivot with a rising rate linkage? Looks cool, but it's cheap technology so why the expense?
Dan Rashtizadeh
Anyone have a good used BIKE similar to this that they are willing to sell? I live in Woodland Hills California
Over priced and short legs on the suspension department.
Logan Mulally
All bikes are the same. People are too worried about small details.