Sport Clips: The Best Haircut Place

I walked into Sport Clips for the first time not knowing what an experience I was in for. I got the MVP, which is a haircut, a hairwash/scalp massage, a shoulder massage, and their legendary hot towel. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Chris Martinez
his hair looks the same lmao wtf
He didn't even get a haircut he just got poop on his head
The selling point to this salon is having a cute young woman cutting your hair. The results of the haircut I'm guessing will vary.
Jay Valentine
1:37 that awkward moment when he goes into orgasam and makes her uncomfortable you can see it in her face lol
Luis Cortez
Great clips and sports clips should have a battle for worst hair cut.
Jann Arce
Where's the haircut that she "SO CALLED DID"? Worst cut I have seen in a while & I can criticize all I want because I'm a proud MASTER BARBER. She needs to quit or go back to school ASAP.
what about Ashley Madison hair saloon. ....lmao ...i hate jobs that pay chicks to flirt seriously wtf
duckie leebrowwski
after a  nice haircut at sport clips,  i get something to drink at hooters, then i go home to my parents basement where i live. I then surf the web for  porn and watch the television alone. hahahahahahah
SkullHead Oliva
1:04 when you realize they don't pay attention to what you say, he already said he loved it 0:05
Nopieguy Gaming
Jesus Christ sports clips sucks, I went in to get a trim on my long hair and I come out with short hair, wtf
Kaptain Kek
he has the face of a president
Convo King
Lol ill be "servicing" you today. 0:10
Nick Gray
massage chair give you a hard on?
Naw, I'll just go to my hairstylist. But then again I actually have great hair and like non-genetic dad bod haircuts. So... Yeah.
Barbara Mcdonald
Now you don’t look like the guy that rides the bike you look like mr professor. But on the other hand you no you are truly good looking .i still want to ride with you .
Clint Jacops
That's the best place!
Where sad men go when not giving presents to strippers
Imran Néoon
Allrighttttt allrightt
Hairstylist escorts
adrian velasco
I don't care how fine she is ain't no female cutting my hair call me sexist but I've never seen a girl give a good blended fade
even if i was rich af i would still drive to my hood and get my fade
Probably tipped $50
Me Goofy
She kind of looks like Drew Barrymore
Alberto Bello
You handsome dude...:)
David De La Toba
Dad jokes were on point
Edward Atwell
Time to claim your spot
That's awesome! You seem very sociable(Of course I know, from the interview!) but you're very pleasant around people too! I can't get a towel or neck shave at my barbers as im under 18 :(
Chris Hirata
That place sucks the salons do everything wash you're hair cut it perfect style it
Jo jo been
chick is all over the place on this haircut! bottom line youSUCK!
Black barbershops do good asf and they be extra lit. They be cracking funny jokes and it be big booty girls there sometimes 😁😘
There is no way this guy has not strangled a stripper.
erick phasy
smh. his haircut is NOT blended well at all. @1:58 the front end of his hair is growing in a different direction. she should of cut it against the grain( Clipper over comb / Shear over comb) instead she use her fingers vertically and Shear cut it all around the parietal area. his hairline is not even cleaned up or tapered or anything. men need to stop going to beauticians to get short style men's cut and start going to Barbershops. I'm a barber and to me this haircut is absolutely incomplete
What kind of haircut is this?? Barley got a cut
that was some red lips i ever seen a mile away!
Quante Brinson
Ok now do a black guy in their 20's living in a major city's hair.
Victor Rene
Douglas do another Sport clips video! lol
Against Machines Taking Over
my nephew paid $20 when he went and all he got was a short trim. it's too expensive there
poison and shite
lol these comments.
Hi My fredens say if thats your first time them give free this time
Gus Benger
damn this what Mena Suvari up to now
armen 051266
I went to a sportsclips Latham ny all they gave me was a hair cut I didn’t get even a hot towel or a shampoo and I paid $19 package
Sp33dy JuAn
what did she cut?
Joyce Lawson
Must be a Tuesday at 1:30pm bc were always slow on Tuesdays and slow between 1:30-3pm weekdays then it's always crazy busy! Love my job tho! :)
Bruno Coco
wore place to work in and get ur hair cut ?
Bruno Coco
wore place to work in and get ur hair cut ?
Rick Faolang
can they cut and style a pompadour the right way?
Stannis Baratheon
How many time did she say "alright"?
Sport Clips looks nice and all, but what if I just want my 4-on-the-sides-and-scissors-on-top haircut?
Bill Crockett
Great video Doug!! Thanks for coming by for an MVP Haircut Experience!!
How come only girls work at this place
William Ellefson
Hello Doug, It was a please meeting you today at Pine Stump Cool place huh. Be safe and have a great time Doug. Is your brother's mission in Detroit a non poifit, what is it's name. Be interested in looking his web site. Kind Regards Bill and Barb
Rags Rocco
She is pretty, she can sit on my face all night
Sports Clips by me (Cary IL) is not as good as it used to be. Downsized into a claustrophobic suite. No more massages with the hand held, now vibrating chairs (like 50 cell phone vibrators going) Switching barbers.
Jimmy O’Dowd
They recently hired a male stylist at the sports clips I go to, he won’t be cutting my hair. If I wanted a guy to cut my hair I’d just go to a barbershop.
Hank Williams IV
megan is cute lol but wow didnt expect all that how much did it cost you?
That wasn't much of a Haircut, this sport's clips kinda sucks
Deathamater nick
go to hair m free beer free soda i go thir and im a kid
nube slice
i went there and i got the worst haircut in my life
Gonna be honest, if the barber has "sport" in the name i'm avoiding it
Colin Welsh
Sit the Saddle
do u live in pa i do maybe
Cut The check Miami 305
Sigh she tried , it’s not bad , but I can do better
Only creeps go to sports clips
Sven Knut
she looks like harley quinn lmao
Bryan Max
hooters for hair
Kuma in Kana
he sound and look like Mitt Romney.
Ryan Wingard
Wow she has no clue what she’s doing
How much is for hair cut?
Bathory Burzum
Cringe af
They should call it the sportschopper , that was an awful haircut.
Rossi Bellinghiere
They look good.
Mark Symbala
I had a big problem with a beard.the wife didn't like that's not it.i didn't like hers it was a ticklis situation
where can i find this salon ?? 
meagan massey
Hey I'm the stylist in this video! I have relocated to The Ultimate Shave in Glen Mills, PA! Come by for a great straight razor haircut with a complimentary beer and free relaxing shampoo! Thanks @Douglas Conlin for the exposure. Hope to see you soon at The Ultimate Shave!
1:00 look at his jeans
Where are the clippers?? Why is she using a coam and scissors??
I looked at all the comments and blew them off thinking “huh, cant be that bad”. I end up going and telling the lady nothing off the top just a medium fade and I come out with 3 inches of hair and a fade I could have done better blindfolded. MORAL OF THIS REAL STORY, DONT LOOSE UR MONEY ON A UGLY GIRL TO RUIN UR NEXT MONTH!
These girls don’t know how to cut hair I’m sorry to say. They just hire them because they’re attractive. I went to one to get a simple haircut because my hair was too long and I didn’t like the way it looked spiked. I came out with a Faux Hawk, and all of them tried to tell me how sexy it looked. That’s not what I wanted at all and I told them from the get go. They do styles however they want and try to get away with it by flirting with you...
james mcgarity
Robert Opsitos
How much?
Meatwad MGTOW
Places like this are for soy boys to get their low key thrills by being touched by a girl. Anyone who actually just wants a cut will go to a real barber.
Y Soap
Ew gross
Heru- deshet
I tried Sports Clips. They didn't do a very good job. I only tried it because they're open on Sundays, but I'll go back to my regular barber.
truck kinda person
Iv been to sports clips before 2 out of the maybe 10 girls that work there look good
Primary Painting
sport clips is were real men go.
Do they do customs like if you tell them to give you cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle will they do that you can show a pic of him
Terrys BarberShopLLC
Douglas says at timestamp 0:30 "The more they(his hair) stick up" Douglas thats because the haircut was uneven and choppy.Not a good haircut im sorry to say.And the oldest trick in the book is what they do at the end. They wet your hair and send you out the door with wet hair. Thats why it looked ok at the end is because the wet hair hides the choppy bad haircut till the client is home and hair dries. So yea shes cute,yea you got a massage,yea terrible haircut ,yea you got hosed bro. Too bad. I guess when you go walking around town and people see your bad haircut at least you can tell them that you got a massage for that $23 dollars you wasted. Did you even get her personal number? Nah she just got all your money and all you got was a crappy job and a memory of a girl who ripped you off. Sorry about your luck. Next time go to a real Barber shop instead of a glorified beauty salon.And get a precision cut!
Ismael Rac
hate the Hulu Commercial HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So sportsclip is for wite people
Better than great clips but not as good as a barber
we’re did he get his haircut at? McDonald’s
I NEVER tip at Sport Clips because the prices are already TOO HIGH!
Shannon Williams
That is one weird dude! Creepy as f...
She needs to get her teeth fixed.