Assassin's Creed Unity - Elise Reveal Trailer

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ben good person midou
All this just für Elise.
Гульжахан Рахаткызы
why the trailers of all AC are perfect?!!
Crisium HD
Btw this templar's cross, which Elise is wearing, was Haytham's cross. She recrevied it from Haytham's sister as a gift.
Her: Come over Me: Nah Her: My parents aren't home Me: 0:59
Nitch42 私の仲間たち
Shouldve been an actual mission in the game...
manas R
you would be shot like 17 times if you barge in like that during the execution in the game
2019 anyone?
Leon Gomez
Anyone had this in his Youtube Recommendations after Notre Dame burned down?
Mieke De Lange
Imagine him just cutting of her fingers by accident
Arno Dorian
Anyone still watching this beautiful trailer on 29/10/2017?
spaZe chaii.
Arno and Ezio are my Favorite Assasins👌Someone Watching 2019?
nam ngo nguyen hoang
The soldier at 1:50 was like "I'm not getting paid 5$/hr for this"
FoxFi Steamer
2014 : wait 2015 : wait 2016 : wait 2017 : wait 2018 : maybe next year 2019 : NOW !!
Rose 4real
running on the roof is the fastest way to save Elise -Arno
unity's parkour,comat and stealth was pretty damn good than synicate. unity was overshadowed with hate because of the bugs and glitches
Geoff Roach
With the fires going on at Notre Dame, I have a feeling this game will see a revitalization in player base.
When Ubisoft made the AC Series to be AC Series.. not like now with Origins and Odyssey *Requescat in pace, Mentor*
Hsen Hmede
Should've revolved around the French Revolution more would've been amazing to see things unfold and being in the middle of it while waging a secret war with the Templars waste of such an interesting period in history imo
Bang Nguyen Hoang
I noticed that Elise no longer smiles after seeing his face from 2:00 to 2:08
Surfacekilla 1
0:59 when the sausage rolls are done
Can you imagine: Ubisoft: Creates trailers Marvel: Creates storyline
Sai Aditya
1:53 tribute to AC 1
Pearce Aiden
Guess how arno get out this mess *smoke* *smoke* *combat* *use medical* *smoke* *smoke* Repeat
Eobard Thawne
Sorry but thats my favorite ac.
Marsya Akmal Hizam
I just love how ubisoft puts in the most suitable songs in all the AC trailers
reynaldo allera
It's been years, but this reveal part 1:57 is still such a hair-raising moment.
name of song: The Golden Age by Woodkid
MlhcnSHN'den Ark Bekleyen Adam
Anyone still watching this 23/3/2019?
Kian H
Rip Notre Dame, Im looking at it through AC unity
Sachil Kenkre
Am I the only one here after the Noter Dame fires?
Stephen Reed
Elise: Arno come over. Arno: Can’t. Elise: my head is about to be cut off...
Abdou gaming
2019,still watch this amzing trailer
Anthony Catanzariti
Arno’s outfit isn’t anywhere near as detailed in the game
It's so sad and disappointing watching this trailer now because I honestly think Unity had a lot of potential. The idea of a "Star-Crossed Lovers" plot between Arno and Elise would've made for a fantastic story if they had been better characterized. Like instead of using the easy cliche of being childhood friends, we should've seen their relationship gradually progress over the course of the game from being adversaries, to becoming friends and then eventually falling in love. If the game succeeded in making us emotionally invested in Arno and Elise's relationship, then it would've made Arno's inner conflict of being torn between his love for Elise and his loyalty to the Assassins actually meaningful. Obviously beyond the storyline they needed far better quality-assurance to fix all the numerous graphical glitches, voice acting with authentic French accents instead of immersion-breaking British accents (I mean seriously Ubisoft you're *A FRENCH GAME COMPANY FOR FUCKS SAKE*) and in general they needed to address the fact that AC's combat system is _long_ overdue for an overhaul. But still, Unity had serious potential and it's a damn shame it all went to waste.
Dalilah Guzman
When Arno Killed The Guy Standing Beside Elíse Arno Killed Him With Altair Style.
Anupam Dasgupta
If you see closely,this reflected Altair's first game trailer in so many ways. Arno assassinated same as Altair did,by jumping with the same pose. The assassination took place on a gallow,same as first trailer. Arno killed guards on his way,same as Altair. Awesome
omg this trailer no have bugs
I'm so glad they decided to use Woodkid in this trailer. WAY better than Kanye West.
Colin Claffey
If this was CD Projeckt Red, the game would still not be out
brilliant song and great plot
Manuel Ortega
Dónde he visto esto antes? Trailer de AC 1 Altaïr 🤔
Funny Videos
0:59 when your brother takes the last magnum...
Welsh Raccoon
Arno had a lot more room to grow as a character he could have potentially had his own trilogy going on
alexandra ochoa
like si tu cabeza también se exploto viendo este trailer
Febreze C
My eyes are just sweating ok! Im not CRYING YOUR CRYING
El Floundero
I say we remake this game into what it should be.
Mr. pudim
David Lahusen
So much potential...
Fre 992
Keeping the bugs and glitches aside...this was one of the best ac games
John Constantine
Ac unity is a good game But the story is too slow If the story was fast (but not too fast) like ac 1 or 2 it would be perfect
Ramiro Zarco 415
The Blade Is On His Left In The Game But Its On His Right In This Trailer Nice Logic Ubisoft
Chill Out
The name of the song is Woodkid - The Golden Age
No matter what you think of Ubisoft, you cannot deny that they make the best goddamn trailers ever. The animation, the music and the setting is always stunning.
The Music, the Gameplay. All is Perfect
Minh Phạm
oh lucky elise,if arno not come i think she dead :) good trailer AC, i like this scene :)
Mike Matthews
Gaming execs: There is no gambling in the gaming industry. Also gaming execs: 2:37
Sankt Nicolaus
They`d better make the variant, when Elise`d SURVIVE IN THE END. I really keep on cryin when I remind her tragic death....
Imran Dante
Am I looking at the best ac trailer of all time?
ทำแผ่นลง ps2 ด้วยขอละ
Arno Dorian
The trailer really shows what Ubisoft is capable of.
jesus M.I.
any one know how fix stuck bug?
İlker Yalçıner
Ubisoft knows how to advertise... I wish I could say the same thing for developing.
Espy Husen
'save the chick trailer' i have been seeing this trailer ever since it came out. never getting over this.
thi tran
Elise was probably the hottest girl in the entire franchise
Personal Favourite Assassin's Creed Game of all Time :)
Hien Nguyen
Cafer Ülger
They revealed in the movie that Callum Lynch is the ancestor of Arno.
Adolf Eichmann
The wig dude is like from assassin's creed III trailer lol
1from outside
You may kill me, but I'm think is the best trailer for AC games ever
Bagees Waran
I'm literally in love with the music that played 😍😍😍
vignaesh varun
Ok two things. The girl has Templar pendant. Hidden blade kill resembled the mass scene in assassin's Creed 1
Стас Шаповал
Скажу честно .. при просмотре видео у меня возникает Только одна мысль...Успей чувак Добежать!!!
Fire Lotus
1:23 - 1:56 =Me on Black Friday
Zubair Zulhaj
Love the music eh !!!!
Skarlet Bloodthirsty
Actually I like the ending
there's two songs used,which is the first one
Gaming Saand
Love u Ubisoft one day I will be yr owner
Keanu's Aqua life
They put more effort in these trailers than the actual game lol
Devious Claymore
hes just after a target at first but then that feeling when you understand HE'S FALLEN IN LOVE WITH A TEMPLAR GOOD GOD ! Truly a masterful cinematic
Mom: I got a surprise for ya honey! Me : I know your tricks,mom. Mom: I bought Chocolate for ya! Me: 0:59
Johnrel Bayron
Please continue this arno’s story make some AC/U 2 😢
Jimena Alexander
I think nikolaj-costar waldou and Rachel mcAdams would be good choices for the role of elise and arno.
Srikrishna Deva
why do we need a calender when we have youtube comments
Marnix Van Steenkiste
OMG, love this soundtrack... Anyone knows the name of the composer?
I'd like ubisoft to remake unity somewhere down the line
John Bauer
2019 anyone? These trailers are beautiful i keep coming back.
Jessie Wen
I don't know why I fee like Elise looks slightly different from the one in the actual game......
JEMS Melendez
Woodkid ,golden age / trailer song.
Palaniappa Prasanth
One of the best assassin's creed games!!!
Level 9 YouTube hero
"The Golden Age" by woodkid , for everyone who wonder what's the song
Emanuel Oseyllon
2019 i actually playing this masterpiece
This trailer was by far the best thing to come out of this game.
Josué Jiménez
I love ubisoft, nobody makes better trailers... no matter how bad are their games.
Ten Skripz
This was the last good asassin creed...
Jacob Ramirez
whats THE backround musical plz anyone tell me
Ramiro Zarco 415
When the fighting is shown better then the game and how they show that u save elise is not something u can not do in the game
Say about Ubisoft what you want, but they know how to make an atmospheric trailer, even for their worse games.