Rivers & Robots - Take Everything 2012 (Full Album)

Our album Take Everything, a bedroom-recorded project. Released July 20, 2012. Bandcamp » />Spotify » /> Tracklist: You Saved My Soul Uncreated One Open Up So Easy Silver Fountains The Bridegroom The King The Judge More Than Enough Take Everything

Rivers & Robots
We thought we should probably put this album up on YouTube too! Hope you all enjoy it. Here's the track list: 0:00 - You Saved My Soul 4:09 - Uncreated One 8:39 - Open Up 12:05 - So Easy 16:07 - Silver 21:19 - Fountains 26:12 - The Bridegroom 31:32 - The King 36:30 - The Judge 43:57 - More Than Enough 51:28 - Take Everything
Justin O's Channel
So refreshing to hear worship with substance and great sound that actually praises the Lord. Thanks for not making it about you.
thainara potter
Obrigada, R&R! Come to Brasil💙
Dani Dani
Amo muito vocês Rivers & Robots!!! <3 Agradeço muito ao Senhor por encontrar essa banda!
Camila Anjos
Come to Brazil! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Camilla Souza
Que Deus continue abençoando muito vocês, garotos! Vocês são bençãos de Deus em nossas vidas. Sou muito grata a Deus por ter me feito conhecer vocês. <3
Talita Correa
otaku mitsuha
Vcs são uma bênção. Muito bom msm 😀👏👏👏👏👏
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God bless you as you pursue your calling. Love your music.
Maria Cristina Maia
Thank you guys so so much!!! 💓💓💓 Your songs help me almost everyday to pray! God bless so much
Damaris Ferreira
Maravilhoso!!! 😊
PowerSeven Radio
Your music is so calming, God has really blessed you guys. Keep it up.
Diego Luiz
I love you guys! Thanks for sharing your praise art!
thank you so so much!! 😍 God bless you 😍
Beatriz Nascimento
Please, come to Recife - Brazil
evelyn silva arce
hermoso album! Me encanta cada una de sus canciones 💙✋🌹😊
Leah Shizuru
Love this album!
fatima NOUKRATIzvev
Merci pour votre joie qui à travers Jésus ce déverse dans nos coeurs. Les mélodies sont tellement imprégnées de sagesse, continuer à glorifier notre Seigneur, alléluia
God bless you, guys! :)
Dan Leonard
Love that it was released on my birthday.  Digging deeper into your older music seeking that raw love you so amazingly still have. Praise our Jesus for giving you such a new fresh style of worship. Keep it all to His glory.
rose jacusalem
thanks for thus new one :)..God blessed!
Debora Werner
I love it...its so deep. I can feel your initimacy with the lord...
Mitch Mitchell
This is by far my favorite album! Your music is a great daily blessing of sonic encouragement! GOD has gifted you gentlemen to have fantastic musical synergy. I am thankful to GOD that HE brought you all together & ordained your music ministry
Hello, I have a question about using your music in a short film! I'm studying film, getting ready to shoot a non-profit FMP with the chance of being entered into Nffty. would love to use some of your music cause it's just deep and God-filled. Please let me know if I can use it? thankyou
yooo can we get some more original work like this again? I love this album so much
Caroline Delves
Wow! Thanks guys. That's great
This is an amazing album. It was very gracious of you guys to post it here, but I'm still very glad that I've purchased it off of Bandcamp as well. Wonderful work.
Derek Bandi
wich level of reverb did you use in the voice?
Maria Mirraíla
Come to Brazil, please! God bless, guys! 🇧🇷😭❤
Joe K
Love the CD.masterpiece of music.jesus Christ all throughout.love rivers and robots in Christ.
Dolapo Olusanmokun
You guys are so blessed! Just came across you. Thank you so much for being committed to blessing the world with your cool yet anointed worship sound! Love & blessings from Kigali, Rwanda!
Diely Pantoja
Jesica Pelayo
Beautifully made <3 I can't believe I am just barely discovering your music.
thank you!
love this album and silver is one of our favorites! It's incredible how Spirit lead these songs are! I believe that's why you guys are so authentic in everything you do.
Rayssa Barros
Rivers and robots come to Brazil, we love you guys! 💜
Timothy Morris
Why isnt there a single track for Uncreated One by them
Jose Alvarado
This is ridiculously 👍 thank you Rivers & Robots and everyone that loves this as well.
S8ANIC Saeteens
Has anyone heard an acoustic version of “More Than Enough”?
Evelyn Green
Yay! 💙
Kattia Nina
Evelyn Green
Evelyn Green
I think I'm in love <3
Vitor Davi
so BR aqui ue kkkkkkkkkk
Murillo Henrike
Love U
Alex Jesus
Descobri ontem!!Ameeeei indie gospel #Jesus
I want this album! I love this chilled out sound!
Ondrea Torrence
The song the king is sooo beAutiful!! 💓❤
Ericka Vidal
¡Realmente me encanta! Mi Banda Favorita <3 ¡Dios les bendiga aún más!
A Audrey Maria
open up <3
DeMarcus Brewster
The best worship music and group I heard my entire walk with Elohim.
Gelli Clash
Amei esse álbum
Jürgen Hdz! XP
Sam de la Vega
I listened to all of your solo work & was absolutely blown away. For some reason never dove into R&R until now. This album is so dreamy, nostalgic sounding & best of all worshipful. I much prefer this sound to the later singles I've heard, other than Dreams which is sooooooo good! I gotta dive into the rest of R&Rs full albums but this one is truly special. Which album are you most proud of Jonathan?
Evelyn Green
Nico Salsa Valdez
Sam Shinesy
Dj perazo carbajales
Go to El Salvador.
Jaden Wood
Hey, do you guys have a piano lesson for take everything because I really want to learn the song