50Cent feat. Eminem - Patiently Waiting [HD] /w Lyrics

50Cent feat. Eminem - Patiently Waiting (2003) Lyrics: [50 Cent talking] Ay Em you know my favorite white boy right... I.. I owe you for this one [Chorus] I've been patiently waiting For a track to explode on (yea) You can stun if you want And yo ass'll get rolled on (It's 50) It feels like my flows Been hot for so long (yea) If you thinking I'ma fucking Fall off your so wrong [50 Cent] I'm innocent in my head Like a baby born dead Destination heaven Sitting political passengers from 9-11 (yea) The Lords blessing left me lyrically incline (uh huh) Shit I ain't even got to try to shine God's a seamstress who tailorfitted my pain I got scriptures in my brain I can spit at your thang Straight out the good book Look niggaz is shook 50 fear no man warrior Swing swords like Conan Picture me pen in hand Write lines knowin' THE SOURCE will quote it When I die they'll read this And say a genius wrote it I grew up without my Pops Should that make me bitter I caught cases and got out Does that make me a quitter In this white mans world I'm similar to a squirrel Looking for a slut Wit a nice butt to get a nut If I get shot today my phone Will stop ringing again These industry niggaz ain't friends They know how to pretend [Chorus (2x)] I've been patiently waiting For a track to explode on (yea) You can stun if you want And yo ass'll get rolled on (It's 50) It feels like my flows Been hot for so long (yea) If you thinking I'ma fucking Fall off your so wrong (It's 50!!) [Eminem] You've been patiently waiting To make it through all the hate Debating whether or not You can even weather the storm As you lay on the table They operating to save you It's like an Angel came to you Sent from the heavens above They think they crazy But they ain't crazy lets face it Shit basically they just playing sick They ain't shit they ain't saying shit Spray umh 50 [gun shots] A to the K get in the way I bring Dre and them wit me And turn this day into fucking mayhem You staying wit me Don't let me lose you I'm not trying to confuse you When I let lose wit this uzi And just shoot through your Izuzu You get the message Am I getting through to you You know it's coming You motherfuckers don't even know do you Take some BIG and some PAC And you mix them up in a pot Sprinkle a lil "BIG L" on top What the fuck do you got? You got the realest and illest killers Tied up in a knot The Juggernauts of this rap shit Like it or not it's like a fight to the top Just to see who die for the spot You put your life in this Nothing like surviving a shot Y'all know what time it is Soon as 50 signs on this dot Shit what you know about death threats Cause I get a lot Shady Records was 80 seconds Away from the towers Some cowards fucked with the wrong building They meant to hit ours Better evacuate all children Nuclear showers theres nothing spookier Your now about to witness the power of fuckin' 50! [Chorus] I've been patiently waiting For a track to explode on (yea) You can stun if you want And yo ass'll get rolled on (It's 50) It feels like my flows Been hot for so long (yea) If you thinking I'ma fucking Fall off your so wrong (It's 50!!) It's the Gun Squad here And you hear the shots go off (It's 50, They say It's 50) You see a nigga laid out Wit his fucking top blown off (It's 50, Man that wasn't 50) They don't holla my name [50 Cent] You shouldn't throw stones If you live in a glass house And if you got a glass jaw You should watch your mouth Cause I'll break your face Have you ass running Mumbling to the J Your going against me dogg You making a mistake I split yo lip You looking like them Michael Jackson Jackets Wit all them zippers I'm the boss on this boat You can call me Skipper The way I turn the money over You should call me Flipper Your Bitch a regular Bitch Your calling her Wifey I fucked her feed her fast food You keepin' her Icey I'm down to sell records But not my soul Snoop said this in '94 "We don't love them ho's" I got pennies for my thoughts Now I'm rich See the 20's spinnin' Looking mean on the 6 Nigga's wearing flags Cause the colors match they clothes The get caught in the wrong hood And filled up with holes Motherfucka' [Chorus (2x)] I've been patiently waiting For a track to explode on (yea) You can stun if you want And yo ass'll get rolled on (It's 50) It feels like my flows Been hot for so long (yea) If you thinking I'ma fucking Fall off your so wrong (It's 50!!)

This will never get old..
Beast Fury ,
2:52 he wasn’t wrong still listening in 2019
Micah Bell
Who gets goosebumps at Eminem’s part? 🔥
B Gunderson
Eminem is the MF Goat
Caden Grossman
"You shouldnt throw stones if you live in a glass house"
And mgk thinks he has a chance
Thompter S. Hunson
*The beat is still 🔥 and Em's verse is still one of the TIGHTEST ever!*
fred Andersonjumpitjigili
MGK has nothing on Eminem is way more better than him. Plus Eminem is god of rap.
philthy Rich
Still my favorite bar EVER They say u shouldn't throw stones if u live in a glass house and if u got a glass jaw better watch your mouth cuz ill break your face
Hershee Wattley
I’m here after Em murdered MGK.
I was in class today and someone's cell went off and they had this ringtone lol.
Randy S
I’ve been patiently waiting for 2019. Spray em 50.....
Classic remix by tupac - Thug style @B1apvBuJZk/edit
Zeus The Rapper
This ain’t one of those “OH DAAAMN EMINEM CARRIED” songs.. both these goats brought the heat 🔥 🔥
“They think they crazy but they ain’t crazy” A line that just hits to the core..
I remember I was in middle school when this album dropped. Everyone at my school was bumping this album. I was sneaking my cd player into school just to bump this and DMX
Brandon Dunn
That Big, Pac and Big L verse one of the best I've ever heard 🔥.
im on throwback lane after eminem released kamikaze
gaza nation
50 an Em true real friends one love 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
50 Cent
12th April 2019 anyone? Nope just me
1:43 - 2:06 #EMINƎM !Flow Though. 🔥💯🎶
I made this song when I was nine in 1999
ReFuse Anxiety
Let's be real, Eminem killed his verse... And, it sounds like he didn't even try much, it's just natural for him to rhyme and kill syllables. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
Brandon Anderson
Quality Song! Like or Comment if your still listening to this song in 2019 !! 😉
Jamie Taylor
I thought that was a crack on my screen for a second after dropping my phone 😂
Robert Delafuente
Imagine a patiently waiting pt.2 with #50cent and #slimshady
Fred Legend
50 and Eminem complimented each other so well back in the day
Stacy Ann Walker
This song is still fire!!!!
Here after Logic Homicide With eminem
Em has the flow mastered
Cathy MathersTheThird
Amen hubby after the first time you took my virginity with love Eminem, you asked me to marry you out of love, I promised for life i would, you said the same, we both believe
Sandile chili
I like it when 50 cent say "im down with selling records but not my soul " favorite part
whos listening to this in 2k19
Gavin Clark
We need music like this in 2019..i pray to God that something worth listening to comes back ...the 3 or 4 good Artists we have today can't hold the game up for ever...
phil Mitchell
Omg ems verse on this gives me chills!!
The peak of hip hop/rap honestly
Pedro Paulo
Na minha academia só toca esse clássico
THE king YT
50 was the man
Cathy MathersTheThird
HAPPLY MARRIED god I'm in Love
Chris Longley Tx
This when 50 was a bill!!! If u still listening in 2019!!!
50 cent , Emimem = True friends
Poor doesn't have a color. I could relate years later from broke to $50hr high school drop out. It's funny how I dont listen much or people I run with dont know the jam. I try to explain but they dont get it or me.
Ricky Bronson
Ok settle down everybody reason we all here some how we are aging👴👵😬
STILL listening to songs from this era, and for years to come! on another level to the shit nowadays, take me back.
Cathy MathersTheThird
Daniel Aureo
Ems flow...☠️
JK Gray
"Shouldn't throw stones in glass Houses"...MINT
Top Flight Security Of The World Craig
"I'll split you leave you looking like them Micheal Jackson jackets, with all them zippers" 😭😭☠️
Patiently waiting for Jesus Christ, , to return in the flesh.. you mofos dont even know what coming .... The word, the way , salvation!
uvebeenhacked muthafuka
Eminem-Best wordplay, rhyming,and great lyrics and flow Biggie smalls-Best flow and great rhyming and lyrics Tupac- Most emotional Nas-Best lyricist...great rhymes and flow Dr dre- Best beats...great voice 50 cent- BEST DEATH THREATS(and hooks, but mainly DEATHTHREATS)
Anyone elese think Em is an underrated producer?
Will Molina
Water gun kelly needs to go back and listen to these hits , wait wait.. He cant , hes buried..!! Lol
When one listens to this dope track, feels like 50 will just just stab you from the screen and Em just levels it damn awesome track
May 2019 gang?
Patients is key but money is time. I love this song.
50 cent THICC 4:3 streched, awesome song
Cathy MathersTheThird
Who’s Manz Is This 🤦‍♀️
Who jamming 2019 🔥🔥🔥👌
Best Pranks ever
who's into old raps like if yeah
zachry Hoffman
Em verse is insane
Joseph Hayden
One of the best songs that em and 50 to put out they knocked this 1 out of the park. Yeah. Mike. Hayden
Michael Officer
"Nothing like surviving a shot." "An Angel gangsta u sent from the heavens above."
Lake Lake-Arrak
you underwstand gods scoplomine, love you united states, sound files';;'; and what you gota shake
16 years from this album. Still bumping at 2019. By the way goosebumps when slim shady split 🔥. Shady records was 80 seconds away from the towers . What a song , what an album. Break Yo FACE
Zack Idris
Listen LEFA- RAFALL song 2010 😱 c'est le même flow !
Key24 Key24
best rap song bro
Moises De La Torre
patiently waiting god bless for track
Baleed Ali
Iam one fight one gun not God
Kilpatrick Kirksimmons
"You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house, and if you've got a glass jaw you should watch your mouth."
Cathy MathersTheThird
"Shady Records was 80 seconds away from the towers Some cowards fucked with the wrong building, they meant to hit ours" In the immortal words of Daniel Tosh, d-d-did you get chills?
Dewayne Cooper
Shady records was 80secs away from the towers damnn
Cathy MathersTheThird
yup one of those silly days in Detroit
bruhh when Em says "an angel came to you sent from the heaven above" i get chills every single time
david castro
Let's talk about the thumbnail Edit: also I'm not saying that the song doesn't matter but that thumbnail can be turned to a meme
RG Marco
Still one the hottest tracks ever
Shannon O'Brien
My favorite line.... you shouldn’t throw stones if u live in a glass house, and if ya gotta glass jaw u Shud watch your mouth cuz I’ll break yo face!! My favorite Em line, you take some big and some pac stirm em up in a pot and look what ya got!!!🔥🔥🔥 I’m a boss in this boat u shud call me skipper😂 fuckin classic , stays lit 🔥
Still patiently waiting for this to not be dope.
i am mclovin
Eminem's verse gives me chills
Andrei Marian
Fofty sounds better! 🤣🤣
Tiago mancha
Alguém em 2019 aí mano 👊👊👍👍👍👏👏👏
When you learn english, noone tells you about "ain't" and "gonna/gotta", you figure it out and think you know your stuff. Then one day seemingly out of nowhere they made up "finna" and "I'mma" and I felt like they kept moving the goal posts^^ I used to understand it as "If you think that I'm a fucking fall-off..." I thought it was a noun that's just another slang term so I didn't even question it. Just letting you know about the troubles of a second language speaker listening to Rap^^
Orlanzo Telfer
That first Fire album of a hungry rapper
Chris Longley Tx
Thizz is alwayz fire 🔥🔥 Since it dropped!!! #DaOthazz
Curt Schilldog
Lyrics are a lil off bud
Lo Q
I accidently disliked this video.. I smashed my phone against my face... Got a new one then liked I tho.
2:55-3:54 Best verse in the song and 50 cents best verse of all time hands down.
Luke Schreiter
Eminem absolutely destroyed this.
Винель Пухстро
Yo this is still dope
Jamie 1213
2019 and still 🔥🔥
Robert Delafuente
Imagine a patently waiting pt.2 #50cent #slimshady
Keagen Kufner
Classic 50 one of the best fr the man's story is the best for ganster wrap
Cathy MathersTheThird
Jacqueline Galvins
My freaver it rapers in the same song 🤘🤘🤙💪
Thank you for your Music. That has to be said.
Man this is just something about eminem and 50 together on tracks...better than dre, g unit, Royce, etc..
Nick Zone
Be honest Eminem murdered this track
Justice Riki
4th May 2k19 anyone
Swing swords like Conan.