Venus Flytrap Feeding Frenzy 2

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Jasper G
Crazy! I don't even know at which trap I should look 😂
Leonard Alarcon
The flies that escape infuriate me.
Terry Terry
Dude your traps are really slow. Theyre missing more than catching
The Wolf vs The Sheeple
Do you breed mentally challenged flies or blow marijuana smoke at them, or do you talk down to them so they feel unimportant, depressed and become suicidal???? If I were to drop that many flies at once here in Las Vegas, they would just like their name "fly" away looking for fresh poop to play on, rather then "land" and be eaten by plants.
Steve McGraw
1:33 that one in the middle-right front row got a good feed
Bentzen Visuals
It kills me to see vegans food eating my food
Jasenka Mada
1:33 LEL that plant caught 2 flyes at once! (See it? That bottom one)
1:15 freedom all the way to the left
Conservatism First
I'm surprised how few traps are closing. They obviously don't need insects. I like when he starts manually closing them. Lil embarrassing for the plant.
Sarah G
How can these plants catch the little f*ckers but I can’t?!
At the mid-bottemish there was a fly next to a dead fly, like it was trying to help it Almost sad ;'(... ALMOST
Arun Bharathi
Plants vs zombies .......zombotony comes to my mind....
Q Toons
*a fly crawls all over the mouth of the trap* Me: OMG JUST CLOSE YOUR MOUTH ALREADY
Annu star
I'M trying to follow a fly but his hand comes in between
Keanu's Aqua life
That are some nice plant. Subbed!
those plants are beautiful...
Samen das
Where you got❔❔❔❔ These dangerous plant 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Abdullah Naeem
Some are inactive maybe😅
ღ Lizzie ღ
They just want hugs =3 lol
Flare Bolt
1:16 He got away. His whole life he will have flashbacks.
Sōzō no Kami
The fly cant fly?
Jason Chan
1:48 DOUBLE KILL for the one at the bottom right
RocKiteman _ 2001
I wonder if watching THIS VIDEO drives vegans CRAZY. 😝
Xty vidz
Its available for sale at B&Q in London
Mana Kaka
Omg the flies r gone!!! What a plant!!!
MDShadowMan FTW
Are you selling any of those? They look great! Have been looking for good venus flytraps for a while now.. do you have a website?
What a beautiful plant😀
Volt Toys Review
That is so cool 😎, so many of them , how come mine flytraps is green , urs is green and red ?
Sanya Gardening
Wow it's plant look very beautiful
Manju Sonsare
This Venus flytrap is so beautiful.
a srivastava
*Never seen it before* Thanks for sharing this video....
Alice Montaño
Donde puedo consegir una
Quester Cezar
i wish i have that plant
Nancy Drew
Others: oh wow so cool Me: and now they all die
Raj Sekhon
I was confused where to look I decided look at one flower unfortunately that flower does not get closed bad luck
Magical music Collection
Put some beer 🍺 drops in plants. after sometime it also catches human.
Qamar Alam
take care of your hand 😨😨😊😊
The End Begins
Less frenzy, more of a sophisticated meal, that you continued to interrupt.
Kyle Niquette
Do you maintain flightless fruit fly cultures to feed your CPs?
Didn't know it takes them that long to trap the flies. Shrinking mimosas are actually more sensitive to movement than these plants.
christian campo
"random feeding video that makes you satisfied for every fly trap closing its mouth"
Naeen Azad
U wasting your time by catch flies
Just a Stranger
They kind of look like mini watermelons 🍉
Plamen Petrov
смила ли мухъте или си остават
pikachu •
In the first I though my phone's speakers are gone 😅
Kavita Panwar
If they will bite you then u will know Moron
Nice video...Keep going buddy...I loved your plants..Hoping more videos of them..
rukhsar Shaikh
Wow cool plants I really like it but dangerous for bugs 😁
Pupper Vids
Looks like they make the cowplant for the Sims in to a real thing 😂
Rutuja Sagar Bombale
Does Vinus flytrap poops..?😓
Daniel Reyes
where can i buy venus fly traps?
Noah Frankovitz
Could I possible buy a plant from you?
Divo Galindra
Wow this is so satisfying
Mackenzie C
Say if you have 8 heads or so do you feed each one?and at the same time or not?
Prasad Anjali
Wow nice this is really 😍😍
Romax 24245
This is a huge Fly graveyard by now
Be Kind
Not sure why i expected them to move to catch the flies making snapping noises while they do it
My yoo
The plants is not hungry
Jam Hernandez
I want one, but a bigger one that can eat burglars. 😁
anil masih
place there ur p*n*s instead of finger😂
Liz Souto Maior
Acho lindo esse tipo de planta carnívora! 🌱😍
Enderboy0422 Gaming
I'm gonna get one of these and I'm gonna name him after Petey the Piranha from mario
Magical music Collection
From where can i get seed of this 🌷plant.
angry prash gaming
See jidnesh kamble yo man
Hello, I am a Korean. I am not good at English, but I will talk about it. I like Paris hell very much. I saw what you were raising, and it grew well.
Naazneen Rafaaz
Do you need to touch the plants like that? 😂😂
Carter Schartz
I should start feeding my plants like this😂😂LMAO
Iron Horseman
Man, that was intense.
Mr. All FP
Mr all fp veido is good
Risha Das
Waw, I like this tree
He has number of insects to feed the plant
Venusflytrap1546 3
Don’t touch the traps and flies let them do what they want
Mika Yasaka
When I bought my fly trap, one of them were squashed and only half could close, some other ones were paralyzed.. they wouldn't even close for a big, juicy fly!
Neil Rivera
I was like: Awwwww! That's so cute!!!
Why the flies dont fly?
Maddie vs Lacey
you are going to have so many flies in your house
Fahad Pacote
I have Venus it's Nova explodes
They're so adorable!
Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
There's a Family Guy joke in here somewhere, I just can't find it.
This man have enuf time collecting flies do some better job
Sun Bro 1
I like the fly that just casually walked out of the teeth of the venus flytrap when it closed
Santosh Singh
The plants are not eating the flies. 😑😑😕
kani guru
what is this is this a plant
Elizama Queiroz
A natureza é incrivel
RocKiteman _ 2001
Fabulous Harley
It's photoshopped..😕😕
Roberto roxas
1:15 Fly has escaped in the top left corner
That were a lot of weird looking mini zombies.
The insects are too small, many will escape.
Shadow Starlight 201831
😪😪😪 I got sleepy watching this.
01:20 on the right "IM MAKING IT OUT BOIS" nope
rozyfe serans
Boso ne kok anehkabeh boso iku Kromo luih apik gakkoyokiku
Milo Estobar
so weird the fly not even flying...
rosa sanchez
I fall totally sleep Zzzzz your plants making me sleepy
Rana Shahbaz
R those real or fake
Carla Head
Will this plant also eat ants?
jorge hernandez ochoa
I was waiting for the part where the zombies arrive