Romantix: Ask a #LoveExpert: Porn Stars Alexis Texas, Allie Haze Live Q+A PRT 1

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Mohamed Badr
omg alexis is so fkn pretty
Donovan Caupain
Hi Lovely.haw are you Alexis Texas.❤💋
himel saleh
I don't recognize Alexis Texas without makeup.
Wil Ruelas
The same stupid questions from jackwagons
patrick rye
She is fatter and I love it.
Spanish Inquisition
Love you Allie Haze
James Lowery
Alexis Texas is so dam sexy favorite
Im in love with alexis
David Hartley
You are a trip Alexis!
moharram khan
my favorite alexas
Juan F Castillo
I don't care how many people you done f*** Alexis I think you're f****** hot as hell and I wouldn't f*** you I make love to you girl real love
Mohan Krishna
Alexis Texas is beautiful
Drazen Chronicle
Allie haze got fat...
Richard Sorel
Man.... Allie Haze needs to put the Haagen-Dazs down and hit gym!
Satria Langit
I love you alexis
I have such an unreal crush on allie, and I'm a girl
Skull Gal
Marriage material both of them
Casa 82
Alexis Texas so beautiful
Anyone else skip to the last min to see the money shot?
Allie Haze has let herself go. She crashed into the wall head first.
amit khandekar
I like you alex
gga br
allie should do scene with that size she is hoooootttt
Where's Alexis Texas
Jessie 992
Damn, Allie's put on a lot of weight, sad.
Fernando Reyes
ahora entiendo, Allie Hayes se comió a Allie Haze.
Viswajith Vp
I like Texas
الصعيدي شخصيا
Yahel Rivera
Dmdjd Dndnd
And the wall is hitting them girls early it's a damn shame
10:44 sexs
Bryan Max
if she does interiacial her value depriciates or thats what the scuttlebut says
Imam Fahlefi
I like is texas
Natanael Aguillon
Shes soo hot
Bryan Max
Her butt is no that big. For real
Brett Miller
Alexis you are the best no one does it like you 😀😀😀🎉🎉🎉
Mrinmoy Gogoi
Allie haze has become so fat nowadays
Ralph Ruiz
Alexis MARRY MEE, my life is pretty shitty right now but I will uhh well hmmm ill tell shitty jokes or something love!!
علي كاظم
Reginald Curry
If only Alexis did interracial 😔
abdou algerien
I Like this pithes
Ali sniper
My favourite porno star always forever
Wil Ruelas
leopoldo barrera
yes guirls estoy asiendo el pedido puedes echar tu ropa interior rica alexis para inspirarme con tokio y prety bonito