Crowning: Junior Miss Princess of America 2014

Madilynn Becker-Junior Miss Princess of America 2014 Age divisions have since changed. Junior Miss is now ages 16-18.

Dollywood Productions Inc
she was crying cute awww
Madeline Turner
My name is Madeline
Bettie Long
is she crying
erika costell caithlin.07
She was. Cryingcute😢
shameka Prince
I'm in one to. 😊😊😊
Rasmila Shakya
She gave cofidence
Marquis Little
Congratulations Madelynn Becker
Marquis Little
Zoila Campos
she doesnt have to that big of a deal plus shes igly im shure sombody else wins that dramatic girl.theirs no reason for her to cry😒😲😡😠😤
GachaGang Family
WHy is She crying for winning?