Anni vs Buzz (HELI WARS)

Heli dogfights, annihilator vs buzzard GTA 4 EFLC TBoGT free mode movie rendered by iPsihLOL Наслаждайтесь просмотром.... пишите на ютуб, или в игре, полетаем, повоюем, мне нужны хорошые пелоты, мб попадете во вторую часть Heli Wars :D (whisper me in game or on youtube...will make good digfights)

I loved piloting on GTA, anyone else?
Annni would win because her (yes I said that) bullets are explosives
GTA Online needs this Buzzard and Annihilator from IV because they suck total balls in GTA Online...
Brad Stepp
Good video, too bad the annihilator is shit in GTA V :s
Lckillcrew GTA
If its annhiliator vs annihilator its fair because pro pilots use mini guns but if u face a noob there just gonna spam rockets so my opinion is thta buzzard is sh.t it doesent matter how fast the mini guns shoot it matters about you aim and how much you dodge bullets
I am insane in a helicopter, but my LB button broke so I could not turn like I used to, ordered a new controller and GTA 5!
I use to be top 50 pilot on Xbox 360, Cashflow was my hardest opponent at the time (when I was good that is)
Foret 4a
annihilator is my favorite chopper because its the fastest and its cool looking
Pilot Randon
hi if this is on PSN i would love to be in ur movies ima semi huge fan lol....i think i could shoot u down fairly easy ^^ ( no offence just wanna try :P)) please email me starting who r u and if its on PSN thanks...( not putting my username on youtube...) [email protected] thaNKS!
True it does suck, that Explosive rounds in general Suck in GTA IV.. Doesn't matter, if it is the Tank, Annihilator or Sniper Rifel. The Shot and the Explosion are seperat .. that is why the Sniper seams so useless. First the shot hits the buzzard, and the Explosion takes a moment to accure. That is why a lot of Snipers got shot out by me.. because I saw the explosion like 5 meters behind me.
And If you play on the Ground.. you usually only find good full Free Modes with Auto-Aim, so even the Biggest Noob is able to spawn-trap you.. I had that happen... I kill him he re spawns behind me I die I re spawn behind him He Dies. And that continues until he gets killed by someone else, and starts to screw with that guy.
Get into a Buzzard and start spamming people with Rockets etc. Sure I have done and still sometimes do kill people on the ground, just to get someone to come in the Heli and Fight me... But usually I will just wait, until someone attacks me. Sure there are asses, which abuse the Power of the Helicopters, but not all Pilots are Pussys and adding an Auto Aim Rocket Launcher.. yeah.. Like that wouldn't be annoying, if you are just driving down the street, or flying around and suddenly: BOOM dead.
You see... I was on both sides... Killing a pilot on the ground forever, and stuff like that.. But honestly .. If you know your way around the Rocket launcher, and have pretty good knowledge of the City.. the "Pilots" these days at least don't have a chance. I mean I am not THAT good in the Helicopter, but I do get stuff done. I also have kind of a Code, which makes me not kill people, who are on the Ground or in a Maverick. Unless I get attacked. Normally, but I also don't like the people, who
nah ... It is just the people, who can't get anything done in the Heli, who say that ;) It isn't that hard to get most of the people, who fly the Helicopter out of that thing. I mean in the beginning I got shot out pretty often, and sniped out too. These days you are able to fly like a inch above ground, without anybody shooting at you. It is quite hilarious
Bryan Guerrero
I use the sniper to mark the middle of the screen with a piece of tape and a marker. Then I go on TBOGT MP and the Buzzards stand no chance.
John Schut
Why rock music its bad.
Im Skitzo
This video is very nice!
Linkin Park made the video twice as interesting
Alex ksa
buzzard just 4 good pilots anni 4 noobs
Tim Lennox
Im not a pussy i just use rockets to pwn people is about 5 seconds.
Tim Lennox
Best Heli War vid ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!
i hated the buzzard people keep using it online I'm the only person using the annihilator
laurin roth
Whats the song name?
Albert Wesker
0:43 rocket collision???
talk about spray and pray huh lol
both anni and buzz have the same rate of fire its just that the buzz lets the see the full speed, pus solongs you don't spray and pray like this vid rockets are harder to aim but more fun, but just like you i use the guns and pown people :)
Kristopher LulzBoat
So l33t.
buzzard rockets are only good for shooting people within a 2m radius because they're so slow
que mentira os tiro do annihilator estao iguais ao do tanque de guerra do gta4
Jason Leung
kinda like Vietnam
thanks bro
Btw The Buzzard Is Boss Not Because Of The Rocket But Because Of The Mini Guns I don't use rockets , rockets are for a pussy BUZZARD FTW!!! And The Poopinator ! t(^_^t) I Really Want To Know The Name Of The Song At 4:19 anyone know the name of it???
What the name of the song @ 4:19 please reply ^_^
Ryan Cooper
agregenme y pelearemos en heli soy ryanCouper11031
Kristopher LulzBoat
buzzards have better power and gun shooting than the stupid annihilator in the Niko one
Alberto Paniagua
awesome video
woow that was very good
Annihilator has explosives shots
Pg1 Driver
u thick !! ????????
I use the buzzard, the anhialator is to clumsy and only has short range weapon, these nerds that HATE the buzzard are just so stupid, they cant control the high power rockets and blow themselves up, haha! Thats why there so pissed off, the buzzard is the better weapon so why would you want to use an inferior weapon(anhialator) instead? Weirdos
yeah annihilator is BEST... for running away fast, 1 vs 1 me on ps3 iff u think u can beat me in annih vs buzz
Haha 1 vs 1 me id love to see u beat me
Muhd Nazran
U should make the buzzard escorting the annihilator when enemy buzzards came to destroy the transport
buzzards win because they has rockets Annis dont have them lol
this reminds me of Descent 3 multiplayer :O
buzzard 2 slow and difficult to used annihilator your best bet
Gina Williams
fuck the buzzard. the annihilator is the boss. its the fastest bee in the skys of gta4. i can turn a buzzard into a black piece of shit using a annihilator. it takes just 4 seconds 4 me!!! u buzzard fans, remember next time dont piss off the annihilator or it will sting u like hell on crack. the annihilator is a big bee with 4 guns and some gooooooooooood explosive stingers. lol. the bee is watching u buzzard.
Zaire Hines
aceept my frind request because i want u to make a video with me in it
Anthoni Rivera
gta is always better for the pc am i right
XTeChNoGod X
NIN Awsome song man
Alex Long
blackOut by LP
Alex Long
good song
Logan poomanchoo
Ps3,xbox,or PC??????????????
@TheMWseries Xbox360:press back Ps3:press select
Michael Thogode
we got a black hawk down a Blackhawk down
how do you go in first person whilst flying a heli, please help, thanks
Black Jesus Gaming
whats the song
Dustin Mitchell
@imPsih like i said. it takes no skill to fly in the ballad. it's way harder to get shoot outs in the original.
Dustin Mitchell
@PedoAssassin lol it takes no skill to fly in the ballad...
My Features
@PedoAssassin OK I'll fight you my GT : XxESG x NINJAxX =H by the way GHosT Haly got smacked 6 - 0 XX NO SmOckeD xX 12 - 3 Vast uniforem 775 10 - 0 ( than left game ) Message me back for a fight
buzzard sucks
André Louro
unreal, the anni fire with fire bullets, not normal bullets as seen in the video. only in the GTA IV Annihilator fires normal bullets. in TBoGT fire with fire, explosives.
@ExcruciatingLAUGH It's basically good Frames Per Second on PC. No worries if you're on a console. There's no lag.
@TheExtremegamer1234 I agree
@PedoAssassin i challenge thee to a duel. when i get unbanned in 3 days
very nice vid i subed
Inaba Rikka
how about you ask your friends to play 25 anni and 25 buzz?? yhe more the merrier right?
Rico Suave
5:19 that other annihilator went straight to the water lol
One of the best videos made of GTA IV. Good job.
Good effects...
First song plz?
those are both buzzards... -_-
and my gamertag for xbl is RAZORSCAR42
@PedoAssassin ill dog ft u no rockets only miniguns
@PedoAssassin if i meet u i will leave the game instantly.
buzzard battles are always so intense, because you know if you lose that other guy is going to spawn kill you the entire game. Luckily, i hardly ever lose >:)
Very good montage but it's long ! :) More parachute !
Dillon Hollon
Annihilator helicopter seems good, but is unreliable. Very inaccurate and useless beyond 50 feet. Any buzzard pilots can simply stay away from it and win easily, assuming they don't fly away like most of them usually do.
編集うまいwwww henn shuu umai!!
at 4:27 dude looked like a green iron man flying back to ground after blowing up a helicopter that was a nice effect and music made it better
want to do battle with me by helicopter? if you're on the ps3 add me my ID is mirko_GTA.
not bad at flying choppers
good work!!!! =)
Eelco Flootman
Btw, im Fiathless G ;)
Eelco Flootman
Hee Mate nice video i gonna be in part 2 Gratzz
@imPsih The Annihilator is faster and handier than the Buzzard, if you drive it well. And is more accurate. Buzzard as only a super fast bu so inaccurate minigun, and some very avoidable rockets.
Annihilator with explosive rounds > Buzzard.
mustafa rashad
for my opinion annihilator is better but I'm talking about TBOGT
Zoey The Candy Girl
Awesome I love the music
Bander ap
Beautiful memories😭😭😭😭
Conner Young
warrior 6805 your not alone i use the annilator aswell
Can't stand the music
good 👍