The Sims 4 Get to Work: Simlish Music Spotlight

Music artists New Politics, Echosmith, Big Data, and Katy Tiz record their latest hits in Simlish for The Sims 4 Get to Work! Get it now: /> Explore new active careers in The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack, available now!

Afnan Al-johani
it's funny how 98% of the sims players are adults, not kids.
It amazes me how many artists go out of their way to do this. It's awesome.
The Flipgamer
*boss looks at resume* Boss: Do you speak a language? Me: Yes, two English and Simlish. Boss: What is Simlish? Me: Su Su *waves hand* *Boss remembers the language* Boss: Get out!
Is it bad sometimes when I hear songs that I have heard in simlish a bunch, when I hear them on the radio it STILL sounds like simlish?? Ugh, the struggle!
Chloe xx
I walk down the street singing songs from the sims 4 pop channel on the stereo and people stare at me thinking wtf are you saying??? It's so catchy 😂😂
Rakai Tichborne
When you want this but you're poor 😭😭
I can speak fluent simlish. Trust me
They should release a Simlish Dictionary! :)
Howdy Simmer
Wouldn't it be great if The Sims made a Simlish Karaoke game for the Wii/Playstation 3/4 & Xbox;)
Sims Community
The Sims Team really knows how to pick catchy and diverse Songs and Artists for each game!
Challenge Accepted
Why isn't their a music career in the expansion????
Kiki Yamotasu
future needs to be in there 😂😂😂
these are actually really good songs
Pls no
I love simlish ❤️
Call me Milly
i never knew they had to record the song. I always thought they just went over it and changed it somehow. Thats so freaking cool
Brandon Hansen
I think we can all agree that we need some lana del rey songs in sims 4😂. She's my favorite💚
Sul sul! Teg teg!
Tofunmi Ojo
I never really noticed that the songs in the Sims were based off real songs until I started recognizing a song in Sims 3 and then realized it was Evan Taubenfeld's Pumpkin Pie
Gracie Elizabeth
The women in the pink top reminds me of Anna Kendrick?!
Moon Shade
i have played the Sims so long that I can sing the songs that are in simlish 😂
Ahhhhhh, ECHOSMITH sang for a video game, and it just so happens to be sims, one of my favorites! My dreams are coming true!
Panic Attack! In The Bathrøøm At A Party
Moon Shade
This expansion pack is great. I just got it couple days ago and my sim is a doctor and it's the most best thing I've ever experienced on the sims 4. The thing is that I would like you to fix though, is that you're not the only one working because my sims coworkers the only one works and he just analyzed data from the sim and my other coworker doesn't do anything she just gets in my way in my sim is giving a glitch I try to take a patient's temperature and she's in the way so my sims arm just glitches out if you could try to fix that that would be great but try not to let them do too much cause that just brings the fun out of everything but anything else it's just really good I'm so excited to play it again.
Sarah Beasley
Echosmith! My babies! 
Z i r k o s
in 1:24 turn on captions if you dont want to i will tell you what it says: room bull sniffy me gum bow I got who's in my pookie XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh dear
Can twenty one pilots be here
lol i cant even understand simlish tbh
Amber Bamber
She reminds me of Anna Kendrick
Bee Bee
I wish they bring Katy Perry back
If only they did this when Patrick Stump recorded for Sims 3 showtime. That would be awesome.
Mary Gul
I love this expansion pack but I would suggest bringing seasons or pets next!
Memories are... to important ღ
Didn't tori Kelly Record One Song in simlish als well?
What's the point of buying this expansion pack if nobody can even get their game to work in the first place?! 
Kitty’s Musical
Simlish Singlish
Shaun Yeoh
Unfunny Mani
Whistle While You Work It, is one of my favourite songs ever.
rama surya
now i'd like to see Beautiful Now in simlish xD
Gabri D
amazing video!
Clair Goodwin
The simlish language is so funny! The sims was basically my childhood and I’ve been playing the sims 3 for awhile now. I really want the sims 4 but I think I’m gonna stick with the sims 3 cuz I like it more. ❤️
Stuff with Me
On whistle well you work. I thought it was "so let's have a good time"
The Lunar Eclipse
I love the songs in the sims! I have to say though, Hit and Run is my FAVORITE song in the Sims 4!!
If anyone of you guys are Clare Siobhan’s fans Katie Tears looks exactly like Lilith!
New Politics!!
:) like if sims 4 is life
Velibor Mitrovic
Mia Ashley
All of those songs except the last one are Clare’s intro songs
iits ro be
Simmers! Our language is SimLish ❤️
Alice Rayne
I listen to a lot of the music i found in sims 4.
Akhira H.
Currently installing this as we speak... I'm so excited! I already have a storyline in mind :)
How can you do this? It's so awesome.
Chell and Rell
A lot of these songs I know in simlish but have never even heard in English. I know the simlish version more than the actual English version😂
Faith Lillie
The Weirdest Channel Nightcore
It's so weird to think that sims are voiced by real people 😂
Sometimes I prefer to listen to the Simlish version lol. I still remember the songs from Sims 2 Free Time xD
Wait so they actually sing in the language??
I didn't actually know the songs were in simlish😂😂
I can just imagine Sims listening to these on the radio! 😆
Blueberry Cake
Sul Sul! Just want to say that I love the Sims 4!!! Okay! Bye! ...Uh no! I mean Tag Dag!
"He's very picky about his coffee, he has to have it a certain way" LOVE THAT
So when are EA games and Maxis going to hold a Simlish Song concert and invite all the artists who made simlish versions to perform? I want to see simlish versions of songs performed live. Why the hell not? XDD
ÒwÓ Bunny
This was uploaded on my birthday
Wish y'all had done this for The Black Eyed Peas..
Angel King
New Politics tho
wish I could buy this but I dont got any money  :(
Aubrey Lindsey
EA Please Release A Simlish Translator App. It's Name Should Be Simlish Translate. And When You Type In A Word It'll Say It In Simlish And Switch Translation English-Simlish. Kinda Like Google Translate.
weirdo o-o
Clare uses these for her themes Don't know why I mentioned that, I just did.
Rainie Nguyen
so sorry my budget dont allow me to but the original game, i have to play crack version. I feel guilty about that but i have no choice. But definitely in 2 more years, i will buy it. Definitely. I love the sims so much
Morir es vivir
I would be able to tolerate more songs if they were in simlish, lol. A lot of songs have good melodies but the lyrics make me turn it off.
Shad Yueh
Thank you for record in simlish! It's awesome! I'll never forget Daylight from Matt & Kim.
Evangeline Kitty
the SIMS is my favorite games,,, I love their reaction,,, I love everything about the game,,, I've rated it with a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars,, 😊😊😊😊😊
Smell Belle
Honesty, I love all the music in the Sims3/Sims4! I just think it's so catchy and I'm not even joking when I say this but I actually sometimes sing along to it!
Z i r k o s
Game: Simlish ( YouTube Gaming ) XD
Phirak Sok
They should do this for every expansions.
Josslyn Hanson
I wish I could be a voice actress for this!
Riley Nicholson
I wanna be the audio engineer working with these artists and mixing music for the sims
Dula Dee
I thought the lead singer from exhosmith was Anna Kendrick!!
i love ths game i play old the time
Does anyone remember the fact that NaNaNa by MCR was in Sims 3 Night Life expansion pack
I bought the sims 4 plus the expansion pack. I love it so much it fun. I wish I can play it again...MY PC BROKE 😭
Logan T
Can we please have British, Australian and New Zealand accents? I live in NZ so it would be awesome to have a NZ accent for the sims
Echosmith *-*
The Abience
Yas I love New Politics!
Alrighty Aphrodite
Who else heard the “Whistle While You Work” and thought of Clare Siobhan?
Omg I can't believe new politics did their song for get to work that's amazing I love them
Roberto Filgueira
Eu simplesmente amo adoro o the Sims é uma coisa que não dá pra explicar
Jackie Pan
I love The Sims! (And the Simlish😂)❤❤ But my favourite is The Sims 4👏👏
Khalil Robbins
Vro just imagine if sims gets to the point where you can go in first person and literally put yourself in that sims shoes. The immersion would be crazy.
Yetunde Olarewaju
Simlish sounds cute
Best sims game ever! This game is getting better and better By the moment!
Hhh Megan
i listen to simlish echosmith all say i luv it... alot i need to hear more simlish ≧◡≦ X3
Aubrey Lindsey
The Simlish Bloopers Always Crack Me Up
야끼 야끼
echosmith is my life!
I Got the sims 4 get to work for 29.97 At Gamestop Online..
Chloe Kinsella
I didn’t realise that the music Clare siobhan used in her Sims 4 LP intros were actual songs from actual artists- (I listened to a LOT of Kpop for most of my life so I’m not very familiar with western songs-)
ชันตนะ แงวภูเวียง
หน้าจะมี the sims 4 บนมือถือนะครับ ถ่ามีรับรองบังแน่นๆ
TheBrianMaps News
my most favorite game is Sims 🧡😱😱🖤😊😊😊😂😂👍🏼🖤🖤💗😍💕💜💜💚😍😍💗🖤🖤😱💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Black & White
This is insane in a good way. I'm in love with the game and music❤️
I keep singing Lady Antebellum's Need You Now from sims 3.
Jinx T
new politics oh MY GOD