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Krillin screwed up. Vegeta screwed up. Gohan screwed up. Team 3 Star has officially assembled.
Super saiyan: super saiyan Super saiyan 2: super duper saiyan Super saiyan 3: super deduper saiyan Super saiyan 4: super super deduper saiyan Super saiyan god: mega saiyan Super saiyan blue: ultra saiyan Ultra instinct: maximum over saiyan
TheNoobKing 144
"Careful Cell, Your Vegeta is showing" *_You know you screwed up so bad when they use your name as a term_*
Imagine creating a meticulous plan that starts with killing your creator, then killing a teenager, then steals the teen's time machine, goes back in time about 21 or so years, burrows into the ground, breaks out of his shell, sucks a few city's worth of humans like a smoothie, THEN absorbing two fearsome androids to become the perfect genetic fighting being...only to get fucked over by a very pissed off 11-year old. It's beautiful.
Kyle Cardella
“Look at you! I’m going to call you whooping cough because you just devastated my children”
I like how Vegeta just agreed to calling it super duper saiyan
Krillin : android 18 Piccalo : later Krillin : but my baeteen Piccalo : I WILL GET A HOSE
Fortnite Daily
Cells strongest form is... Duracell
Quintessential Denouement
I'm sorry, original DBZ... This is my new favorite.
"Try to forget your half Vegeta and don't F*** it up." Favorite line XD
Jonatan Martinez
Gohan: I did exactly what my dad and Vegeta do. WHAT IS THIS SHIT GENETIC?!? Hands down one of my favorite lines.
Steven Papson
Is that also a red flag? Crimson. ROFL!!
Adan Dangli
"Cell... you don't get it. I hate this. The vibrations through my fists on contact... the taste of blood in my mouth... the sound of my heart in my ears... I hate it. I always have. But right now... in this moment... the only thing I hate more than it... is you. [...] Because you were right about me. I was a coward... Scared of what would happen if I snap... Afraid that... if I lost it this time... I'd... never come back. That I'd finally... kill someone. But I'm not scared anymore, Cell. [...] Because there is no point in being afraid of the inevitable." LOVE THIS MONOLOGUE
Aiden Inoru
I can imagine the buu saga rn What you are seeing is my Saiyan form * goes super Saiyan * This is a super Saiyan * goes super Saiyan 2 * This is a super Saiyan that has leveled up or you can call it super super Saiyan AND THIS HAS TO GO FURTHER BEYOND 10 episodes and a hiatus of pure screaming later This is a super DEE duper Saiyan * hears vegeta screaming from beyond the grave *
Toe should let TFS monetize their videos. This channel singlehandedly brought about renewed interest in Dragon Ball Z.
I feel like we should give major props to MasakoX. This is probably the best performances he’s given as both Gohan and Goku. Exceptional voice work!
Angry Nerd Bird
The line "Bye, Son!" was used twice before (in the TFS Freeza Saga and History of Trunks) as a joke about what a shitty absentee father Goku was.Having him say it for real to Gohan, after acknowledging that he screwed up, honestly tears me up a little. It's a perfect exit. I love it. <3
TheGreenRobot [T.G.R]
Wait a damn minute... Cell blew up King Kai's Planet. And the reason it has such intense gravity is because Bojack is sealed inside it. So if his planet is gone, then... Oh no, *CELL JUST RELEASED BOJACK!!!*
TuffetsRuffets L
"It's a girl...mozeltov" I'm dead😂😂💀💀
Major Hatchback
This episode is the exact feeling you get when you go back to an early boss as a higher level Edit: The boss had a second part!
Heracross X
In this week: -I have started college for the first time in my life. -I received a weekly schedule that literally takes up less than half the time my high school week took. -I get news about a Nintendo Direct. -I pick up Octopath Traveler on Saturday. -My friend finally defeats cancer after battling it for over 2 years. -I eat out at Buffalo Wild Wings. -And TFS uploads the part of the Cell Saga finale that has Goku’s sacrifice, a scene which actually made me cry alongside Gohan when I saw it on Ultimate Tenkaichi. Pretty bitchin’ week, if you ask me!
King kai: Goku... For the sake of your friends.... Your family..... Your planet... You gave yourself I'll see you soon... my friend. Goku: Hey Kinh Kai, what should I do with Cell? King kai: *AHHHHHHH!* Bubbles: *AHHHHHHH!* Gregory: *AHHHHHHH!* Cell: *GRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!* BOOM!!!
vinayak rohatgi
Hey Vegeta . Vegeta Vegeta Vegeta VegetaVegeta Vegeta Vegeta Vegeta Looks like you got a hole in your trunks
“Bean, Dad?” “Bean, Dad” “Bean Dad” “BeanDad” *”BeanDaddy”*
Steven Pham
12:20 Piccolo: ‘Oh no.’ Gohan: ‘Oh no!’ Semi perfect Cell: ‘OH YEAA!’ (Kool aid man reference)
Best series on youtube hands down
Jamie Davids
Trunks: Hey Yamcha! I "senzu" need some help? Krillin: *groans*
Revolver Ocelot
So cell drops the more experienced older blonde he was involved with and goes for the younger inexperienced but fiery jailbait offspring after spending some time pounding each other? Genius team four star. Genius.
"Irrelevant 1: Great. Now I can watch us become irrelevant vertically instead of horizontally." I love and appreciate the Canadian captions. XD
altranoris wijaya
The part when goku instant transmision i litterally thaught he would say Goku:bye son Gohan:wait no Gaku:oh and take care of youre brother Gohan:wait what!?!?
Pokemon R
Gohan: Careful Cell your Vegeta’s showing. Me: You should’ve watched out for his Chioatzu.
alex shu
Krillin: Are you offended by Mr. Popo’s lips? Piccolo: Wait can we talk abou that!?? Lmao
"Bean, Dad?" "Yeeessssssss." That kills me every time.
rockgamer 3000
King kai's planet explosion was a lot more realistic in TFS, never thought I'd say that.
Jammer 1001
Cell: HE IS A MIDDLE-SCHOOLER THROWING A TANTRUM!! **cell then proceeds to blow up because he is not perfect**
Truth Nation
“I did exactly what my dad and Vegeta do... WHAT IS THIS SHIT, GENETIC!!!” Had me dying
Did anybody realize part 1 was taken down?
Vincenzo La Daga
Trunks with a hole: "Gohan, why didn't you block it?" Gohan: "I thought you had it." Trunks: "Noooo..." Cell: "I'm sure I hit lungs and stomach." Trunks: *spitting blood* Cell: "Oh, here they are."
*ABOUT-TO-BE-FATHERLESS-CHILD-FOR-THE-THIRD-TIME*: Hold on- are you-? Goku's Family Motto: Bye son The Canadian subtitles man
smitty 28
Omfg “I’m going to call you whopping cough cause you just devastated my children” literally spat the drink out of my mouth, classic line.
Hey Vegeta, there's a hole in your Trunks...
Ory -
Original comment by No Ma, please copy paste so they make it happens: When TFS does the Buu saga, in Vegeta's speech while doing the Final Astonishment attack to Majin Buu, with all the love he says to Trunks and Bulma and then he says, "...and yes even you, Kakarrot." I hope he says "...and yes even you, Best Buddy."
7:14 SSJ2 Gohan: I'm gonna destroy this Perfect insect's whole career
Anthony Radford
I really love the use of “Frieza’s Horrific Power” during Gohan’s monologue about his acceptance of his power.
Eddie Cruz
Krillen: Android 18! Piccolo: Later Krillen: But my baeTeen Piccolo: I will get a hose! 😂 😂 🤣
Gohan: Try to forget you're half Vegeta and don't fuck it up. ... I don't know why, but I feel like this is probably one of the best burns against Vegeta in the series.
G - "Is that also a red flag?" P - "Crimson"
Laurence Ville Noble
*Oh wait i should give him a goddamn senzu bean and let him fight you* Gohan being mad to goku
Jeiku TheWeaboo
P is for perfect E is for extinction R is for revolution F is for how f***ed you are That part got f***ing scary 😳 Oh Sh** is what was going through my head! 😂 Way better than the original.
syed ali
So this is Gohan when he snaps, he is intimidating. Also the Family Guy reference.
If Cell doesn't say "Vegeta looks like you have a hole in your Trunks" then was this all even worth it?
Ghengiz Kanye
i sincerelt hope great saiyaman saga is gohan having vietnam flashbacks of this and repressing them cuz good lord this is so much darker the more i watch it
Fan of SlimShady
*S U C K M Y P E R F E C T D I C K*
"I'm going to call you Whooping Cough cuz you just devastated my children." - Cell, 201X 😂
That moment you realized half the characters in DBZA had more character development than DBZ
Gohan: "I'm not done ripping the wings off this butterfly" Piccolo: "RED FLAG""
16:18 🎶P is for Princess, who’s about to die🎶
Kratos Aurion Plays
3:16 I wonder why the cell jr's didn't have piccolo's regeneration like regular Cell did. 14:18 LOL
j.c man
heck... TFS was able to make the goku teleporting cell scene sadder then the original
13:13, dam you team four star, you still made this shi sad 😭😭😭, thank you
"Careful Cell, your Vegeta is showing." Vegeta roast fest
Jay Gonzalez
Cell= "OH YEAHHHHH!!!" He sounds like the koolaid breaking through the wall!!!😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Julian Rangel
You put that real doll down this instant Ya how about no I can rip you in half I know you can When did you get the balls
Trunks: Senzu bean? Vegeta: YEEEEEEEES.
Dj Kirby
And that’s when the time traveler realized...
Sir Cam
5:13 Gohan: Careful cell your vegeta’s showing MY FAVORITE LINE
Andrew Goldsmith
"I sense you need some help?" 😂😂😂
Super **
Well then I will be *super dee duper doge sayian*
Felipe Tinajero
"Nothing like a concussion to to really get the blood flowing" XD, sounds about right
Longest week of my life waiting for this
I feel like they've been waiting 9 years to pull that Super-Duper Saiyan joke.
It is extremely annoying the way that cell comes back. Literal Deus Ex Machina. But I love to get more of him
Alejandro Rodriguez
TFS should totally work on the Majin Boo Saga asap
Jack Knudson
Y'all NEED to check out canadian English captions
Haseeb Hash
So we just not gonna address how Gohan just owned Vegeta several times in the span of 10 minutes
Ever think about making a spin off series "Everybody Loves Gohan"?
"I mean, I still screwed up though..." "And now you're one of us!" *If that ain't the most heart-warming shit....*
Cell: So ugh....you gonna eat that? Me: No, but Krillin is.
6:15 I'm rewatching this and I just wanna say Thanoss: I am inevitable Gohan: and I... I am. Gohan
Brother Shaw
Wow, I just noticed something: Freeza Death Beams Vegeta, Goku beats Freeza. Cell Death Beams Trunks, Gohan beats Cell. Talk about "Like Father, like Son."
syed ali
Goku's friends are interesting Yamcha:A murderous bandit, Piccolo: the son of a demon king, Later Majin Buu:a genie monster
Nauman Javed
Krillin: "Android 18!" Piccolo: "Later!" Krillin: "But my bae-teen!" Piccolo: "I WILL GET A HOSE." roflmfao
Babs Animations
4:44 vegeta is my favorite character in abridged 😂
Cunning Smile
Red flag? That mean psychopath warning.
Phantom CrusaderHD
Krillin: "Im taking her to a doctor... A mechanic?... A bulma, Im taking her to a bulma"
Cell breaks into song.. 🎶😂🤣😂
did they really put a claim against part 1? well that's just plain stupid... even from a pure marketing standpoint they WANT this series to be doing well, the show gets so much better of a reputation when people aren't describing it as the show with so much filler that it takes a season to launch an attack.
Necrotic Virus
“I ain’t no helicopter parent, sink or swim Bitch” by far the most real line ever
hunter jakson
Watch out cell, your vegeta is showing! Best line ever
The PC Dude
Part one died
Mr. Dambits
Dammit im crying from the original and the abriged
pjs_Eman xx
Hey king kai what should I do with cell ?
Brayan Aguilar
Dear TeamFourStar Please focus all of your time and energy on this series specifically. This is just too good !! We can't wait every 6-12 months for 1 new episode. This is GOLD we love it too much sincerely every fan of TFS ps. The Buu saga & super are going to be insane!!!
Yeti or Not
1:20 "His death is a day trip for us and a free ice cream sundae for him; go ahead." Back in episode 30, Chiaotzu says he gets a free sundae if he dies a third time. Krillin has also died twice. TFS and LittleKuriboh may have the most solid sense of continuity and callback references I've ever seen.
JuniorGael Gonzalez
The last episode was copyrighted
so toei claimed part one
Copper Cross
9:59 Me after seeing an Endgame spoiler
Samuel Zhang
Yo Gohan just became begets around 8 and 9 minutes of the video
"Fighting makes me happy and I just thought it'd make you happy too" I wish canon Goku had said this. It's not just an apology to Gohan for making him do this but also for the times he couldn't be there for him or when he would jeopardize things just to have a good fight. This was the most satisfying character moment I've ever seen Goku have, canon or not.
DJ Flame
Me when I see my friend’s food 10:39