Top 70 Strongest Bleach Characters

Heres my updated Top 70 Strongest Bleach Characters list

Wicked Alt
Great list you know my disagreements
bellamy hyena
seriously Bazz-B 48!!very very.......bad list
Weiss Schnee
I feel you downplayed the sternritters. It was pretty much confirmed in universe that even the weakest sternritters are equal or superior to captains. You even had Bambietta below Shinji, who she beat with no difficulty. What's your next vid going to be?
Dante Power Levels
Uhh WTF Man?! 1.Ywach 2.Ichigo 3. Aizen With Bankai + Prime 4. Genryusai Prime SO on so fourth.
Anime Fanatic22
The sternritters are way too low. Robert blitzed shikai Shunsui and BG9 stomped Soifon. Other things like Bambietta being below Shinji are also weird since you know, she beat him in their fight. Renji and Rukia are also way too low. Renji destroyed Mask de Masculine while Kensei got stomped by him. Lille and Gerard should also be higher. Lille beat Shunsui and Gerard beat Kenpachi. That's enough proof to put them higher. It's still a pretty good list! Keep it up!