Anni VS Kathrin - Sail

Anni (Linda Marlen Runge), Jasmin (Janina Uhse), and Kathrin (Ulrike Frank) from the TV show GZSZ. Song: 'Sail' by Awolnation No copyright infringement intended. I own nothing, all rights to the rightful owners. This is a fan video and it is for entertainment purposes only.

whow! fantastic work syxd8 Doe...!!! thank you!
Sahar R Metwaly
good work I love anni&jasmine did you ever know how I see this show 😔
Trisha Doyle
I wish there was a way we could watch this show in England
Dr DjDebUsa International
I like the song!♡♡
Dr DjDebUsa International
Wow...weird effect... don't like it. Can't see characters well.??
Adriana H
Ja dunkle Geheimnisse.Die beide passen zusammen.