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Top 25s
Pokemon Characters As Monsters 2019 : https://youtu.be/jANHJ9pXIq0
Karen OMG
I does not belive this video Give a like if you guys agree with me
Serbia Devi
I liked Pokémon charizad X is my favorite Pokémon
If you really wanna see Pokemon in real life, just watch Detective Pikachu
Hidden_ Fury_
*shows all of detective pikachu movie*
MinecraftEtc 123
all the charmanders look like dinos xd i love how they changed nothing about metapod expt the eyes lol Edit:Koffing THO XDDD
maitha alsuwaidi
from were are those pictures they are not real
Grant Wilhelme
squirtle looks like a turtle in real life
Some of these should have been used in detective pikatu
These pokemons in real life are too reality.
Anyone come here after the detective Pikachu trailer?
Kristofor DA BOY
where would you get actual pictures from
ana the cat gamer aj
10969 Rapunzel
現実世界にポケモンがいない理由がわかった 気持ち悪いからだw
Electricwolf xox
Diglett is cute too and evee like ALL OF EM XD
I now understand why misty was scared up bug Pokémon
Jay Newsome
We have detective pikachu for a reason :D
Loa Kihlberg
Hmm... i wonder what the trainers look like 🤔
Руслан KRB
Раньше знал всех по именам)
and then came detective pikachu
Jacqueline Combs
Also the first stage of the magnets looks bad ass but the third wasn't good. I loved the bulbasaurs most I think
Luka Michel
Soy yo o pusiste 2 ónix? Creó que el 70%de POKEMON quedarían bien en la vida real y el otro 30% quedaran en el anime 😂
I came here after watching the infinity movie!
7:36 why is a flareon a fire type in snow
They should make Indigo league 2020 with these new graphics .
Gladymar De Jesús de Fernández
Ke chabo
エイリアンやん泣 キモい
gosh i wish pokemon were real. you know how fun that would be? lol
Jaita Saha
That's amazing
Annie Thongam
Creepy snorlax And wow kakuna
Yasmin Al-hesnawi
I hate this video because psydack is not there
Daniel Cate
Lord Assassin
Charizard looks like a dragon but Charmander and Charmeleon look like dinosaurs
Devansh Gaming
These Pokemon real pictures are from detective Pikachu movie which is going to release in 2019
다 가짜 ㅋㅋ
Felix Brenner
I have got a pokemon. It's a poliwag
Munwwer Jahan
Flarion is a fire type pokemon why he was sitting in cold
GCTFilter snake
All was really good, but that Euro trash music... Come on man
Hannah Coward
That weedle looks so wrong tho
Ethan Bishop
my favourite is the onix
Tami Swerdfiger
I love the pictures and love the song
That's What She Said
These actually look real! Not some dumb artwork that tries to make it scary as hell!
Michael Klump
Pokemon in real life would be scary as f*ck! Especially a wild Beedrill or a five foot tall Haunter face.
Meina Gemini
Pocket Monsters...👹
jantub hd
Waht is with pickatchu and glurag
Samyak Gupta
How meeting have six pack abs
AXX Playz
How to make bulbasaur Get a frog Get an onion Now put the onion on the frog back but the onion has to be green Now you got a bulbasaur edit: thanks for the like i never got so much before thanks again :D
Tristen Schultz
why is there two onix
All are fake characters.no real existence
im imagining ghost types to be like the ghost on ghost busters movie..XD specially gastly haunter and gengar
5:00 e miau não e o mew
Santana Valdez
I don't think charmander would look like that 👎👎
faye p
You did onix twice
Maria Ivanova
I imagined Meowth more fluffy.
Panda Thr Gamer
Come to me baby evolutions AND KOFFINS COME U CUTIES
brannon broadnax
As man, I want to be a Poke-trainer.
Darky The Wolf
Huh? Where Wartortles and Squirtles tail?
GuG Exa
Without pikachu? ;-;
Alolan Raichu Builder
And some are actually inspired from the real life. (ex.: Arbok)
faye p
Golem is bigger than onix!!!!
Afonso Neto
Sanne van Engelen
Where is gulpin and Abra
Ninja way
Mewtwo is looking liked Tha he has fu (^ someone
Ronin Kenshin
Idk maybe 50/50
Gosu Kowalska
These photos are photos during the making a video - Pokemon - Detective Pikachu?
Film Fanatic
Some of them were really good, most of them scared me to death and I felt like my childhood was being abused.
Rio Jones
Onyx sucked I can make him in my back yard
Night zilla HD
Thanks 🙏 I have moq right about this morning ms I cannot be an awesome 😎 is our time of day for your day and day for next month and next time you are in contact ko was your
Poke ball I choose Charmander
Charizard just no
Sangini Kendre
I love Pokemon so much
Autism And Gaming
that diglet is the cutest thing i ever did see
Bugoy The Wizard
muoth not so good but ok
It’s two onix
Juana Morel
You did onix two times
icidon plays
Hey where is glaceon
Before movie trailer: "Yeah, this is how they should look" After movie trailer: "yep"
Good job but let’s be real these are not real
Bibeka Bibeka
Jaysan loves to see the world of music and his music and the way it is and what it takes for the people of his 6AM family and his wife and son and the other to come back from a trip abroad to see if they are in a good position and have to see what happens to the team that is going on the game in a bid for a better deal for their players but they have been in a lot better now and we are not sure if they the end
John Decore
Awwww diglet is soooooooo cute #cutedigletandeeveexd
fran xd videos :v
Amigo te re mereses un like estan re buenos rodos en hd asi me encanta
Harris Khawaja
This video shows that if Pokemon were real then there final evolutions will be living nightmares And yes I liked my own comment
pro oyuncu
pikcchu rihachu pikcu whatender
Alize Garcia
Sorry they are Awful .. why Should onix be Sand !? Charmander is a joke.. blastoises Shell Should be much more Smoother And why is Every just Black !?
Ayla's World
Yes vulpix one of my favorite Pokèmon
Elango Malavan
Good graphics and it looks like real 😉😉
Maria Marquez
Weres sylveon!!!😡😡
you did Onix twice
J maddern
Golem isn’t that big
story anime
3d nya kali bukan real
Sabriel B
Wow Most Of these R Terrafying XD Never want to c 1 irl
발리우드 ㄷㄷ
Steven Pasaye
You did onix 2 times
Esto es como una traducción de idioma con Google Translate XD
Snowebo Plays
6:48 the Diglett on the left is alolan 7:48 and why is Flareon a fire type in the snow?!
Jayden Prison
Onix too times
Clement 911
They should've just taken a picture of an actual crab for krabby lol