The Veteran Shootout Scene

End scene from The Veteran

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I love how he actually reloads and doesn't have an infinite amount of bullets
In my opinion one of the best shoot out scenes. No stupid music or over use of slow motion (or any in this case), great sounds effects. Excellent scene.
Emperor's Champion
Semi auto only? You don't see that much in the movies anymore.
In England, this is a shoot out. In Detroit, this is Tuesday.
Dan Hunter
Anyone else think the sound quality of this scene is amazing?
I don't really know anything about Military tactics but I have heard from a few army friends that this is one of the most realistic shootouts they have seen. Can I guess why and anyone with any knowledge of the subject tell me if I'm close? 00:35 Element of Surprise 1:28 1:40 1:47 Alternating High/Low cover 2:07 3:33 6:22 Changing/topping off the magazine whenever there is a break in the action 2:56 Lowest center of gravity/smallest target possible for being in the middle of a road 3:44 Moving forward whenever possible while laying down suppressing fire 4:04 Not taking any chances and shooting a few rounds in case anyone is hiding or standing where they can't be seen 5:09 Checking the corners before running into the middle of the hallway 5:14 (THE MISTAKE) letting yourself get distracted/emotionally upset from accidental friendly fire/collateral damage 5:43 Constant suppressing fire while moving forward so the bad guy can't do anything 5:48 Only switching to automatic fire in a dire situation/moment of panic after being shot to suppress the bad guy 5:56 Carefully timing his popping out to return fire so it is in a break in the normal timing that a person would pop out and shoot 6:19 Multiple shots to take down a bigger guy 6:26 FUCK! Becoming incapacitated from a horrific neck GSW... Fantastic scene!
finally a ending which is much closer to wat happens in real life
jaye see
Seems like most of the commenters have been in a real fire-fight..?
The King of the Penguins
Not since Heat have I heard cinematic gunshots so loud and realistic
I'm actually glad the writer/director decided to have an innocent woman die due to a mistake from the protagonist. It really brings home the true nature of violence. This isn't just some awesome bad-ass action. This is the true consequence of a gunfight. It turns something that is visceral and entertaining to something a sad and tragic.
A shoot out filmed without camera shake and jerk. Perfect. You can see what everyone is doing and the scene unfolding. All directors take note.
Idk why so many people give this scene shit for unrealism...first off, for a movie this fire fight was more realistic than probably 99% of all other firefight movie scenes. The gangsters were the untrained drugged wannabe tough guys who just fired and sprayed, while the "veteran" did mag changes, shoot and scoot tactics, brass checks, reloads, aiming using sights and suppressive fire. honestly what more do you want from a movie? I loved it and found it an exciting and memorable scene
Buttered Toast
*jumps out like a kangaroo, spraying full auto with an Uzi* MLG pro skills
Cattle Herder
The one thing that stuck out was the accidental victim. No glorifying music. No slow motion. Realistic.
Sit Nomine Digna
This is honestly one of the best shootouts I've seen. Other than staying out in the open too much, moving slow, and lowering his rifle he actually uses some technique.
BB Hoody
Even though he died. he took a good number of them down with him. Their gang strength is completely diminished. They don't have the man power to really cause much trouble now. And are vulnerable to rival gangs
Conker .The Squirrel
That's one hell of a poker face he's got..
Jamell Holmes
Everything is ok. The only things that trigger me is that: "Where's the blood?"
1:59 how he jumps around while shooting LOL
Officer K
Never seen or heard of the film, is now a must watch! Brilliant shoot choreography; I haven't seen the rest of the film and yet I can understand what led the character on his "Taxi Driver-esque" killing spree. There are a couple of nods to "Taxi Driver," first when he's in the car and looking at himself in the rear view mirror, and when he is on the couch bleeding and mortally wounded. The director was clearly a fan of Scorsese.
John Doe
As a veteran myself I can say pray this never happens! Because this is a pretty good example of how it would probably go. Thugs punks G's or whatever you call them wouldn't stand a chance against someone trained. And once q man has killed the enemy in combat he feels nothing after enough time goes by! Also if it were real he'd have help not alone. Great clip.
الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟
Lmao ,too many call of duty experts in the comments.
He is one of the Division agents lol
Mike Lerner
I thought guns were banned in the UK?
Cleaning Britain... this is how it should happen.
one of the best & realistic british movie i have ever seen.9.8 out of 10.defo recommended...
Antifa got slayed by 1 veteran
it's all fun and games until you kill a single mother
Ghost ft
Kinda reminded me of John Wick but not quite
Major Calibere
Ya gotta LOVE UK Housing Projects ("Council Housing") of the post-WW2 era... grandiose and clueless at the same time... .gov thinking at its best, eh wot?
All that shooting and no police response whatsoever haha.
That's Brazil on a slow day
Seriously who jumps and shoots -_- these hoodlums are pathetic
I really enjoy how this scene has no dialogue whatsoever. It really adds to the tension.
Matsumoto Ma
Global pro against silvers. No WH, no aim cheat.
An average Tuesday in Detroit
I love how most of the comments are probable teens or manchilds who probably played Counter Striker or COD and are now "weapons expert" .... jesus christ, humanity, everyone. e_e
Things that stop you dreaming
If you watch closely when he takes the first four out the guy on the left starts jerking about just before he is actually shot :D
Steve mc
Coming to a Sharia neighborhood near you!
Tom Sawyer
The fire dude was a mercy kill.
Florian Pierre DUMONT
Coming soon in France, maybe before 2025.
Europe in a few years from now
ed polk
Always wonder in these type of firefights, that they never pick up the dead guys guns, for extra backup. It only takes a few seconds, and you can still keep your eyes and gun pointed towards possible threats. Oh, well. You can't always win.
5:07 Rule 4 of safe gun handling: "Be sure of your target and what's beyond it"
Ayush vats
That's me playing Solo vs Squad in PUBG
Asura Mabon
Despite some Gun-Ho this is a pretty good and spiritual scene. It depicts an act of sheer brave will power - combined with proper training - in de seemingly neverending struggle of Good against Evil.
okay but armor is about 1/5th the cost of that rig he has so that would probably help.
Miles Beler
The turn around and full auto while supporting the carry handle, god DAMN!!
Adam Holland
MOAB ready soldier ! Lol
GTA San Andreas Mission “Cleaning the Hood”
Endre Barath
not just this scene, but the whole movie is a masterpiece
Power Armour
A noob with legendary weapons fighting other noobs with start up weapons
Rexor Mg
I love how he casually walk slowly through shooting everyone , like its just another day at the office
Foldy 435
This reminded me so much of an early Denzel Washington film called For Queen and Country
This was a sad movie for me, smh
jason gideon
solo vs squads,taking down entire server
tv Box4k Tv
Ele várias vezes deixa o corpo exposto a fogo inimigo....
nathan lowry
I would've let the guy with the Molotov keep burning and save me a few bullets
Documentary meets third person shooter - Very realistically (I wouldn't know but it seems that way) Remember to point fingers at the parents. Their offspring are bred into violence.
Jordan X
Never looks down his sights....and walked everywhere at the low ready but with his finger on the trigger lol
if you think this is gold check out the final bank robbery scene in the movie heat with al pacino
WOW! How have I not seen this before?
Francisco Azevedo
Just another day in rio de janeiro.
Soldier SKI
AR-10 / .308 , would have exited everyone he shot. AR-15 / M-16 would prob have exited everyone he shot. In the end, that weapon was making more noise than a .223 / 5.56 , anyone how says otherwise is a YT wanna be firearm expert. U.S. ARMY
The Gingerbread Man
Wick would of killed them in 2 minutes.
i really like these gunshot sounds
sho komiya
I felt alot of HEAT shootout but this one has more no exit, no hope feeling.. end of it.. well guess..
This scene is awesome and very well made, in my opinion, with a good script it could have been an awesome movie ... With this awful end it seems that the movie as a lot more to show and it ends literally without warning ...
T5 Delta Bangalore
That was one of the most realistic final death scene
Matt F
I think we can clearly see here that crime pays
Damn that was krazy
This movie reminds me more of The Taxi Driver. It has that anti-hero theme... Thanks for watching.
Eric Losh
the ending makes me want to see the whole thing, movies where the good guy kills everyone and saves the world are kind of drab, Grand torino was good like this.
pretty good if you ask me.
Yup. came out in 2011. British movie about a soldier who comes home from Afghanistan and fights a new war in the ghetto.
Jordanco fourtyfour
Is this from a movie?
Big Smoke
“Enemy Strike Team Inbound” :v
Endre Barath
this is the most underrated movie I ever seen. and it is good as "taxi driver"...
Hector Riquelme
should of had a flak jackets and some armor plates, and a c.a.t.
john natter
More realistic​ than Hollywood bs Stop your complaining and just enjoy it .
Steven c Gutierrez
"Kills the first four" *you have provoked a gang war* Like this if you get this gta reference. ⬇️
Very interesting shoot out and conclusion. Glad I watched it. Thank you for the upload.
Phillip John Smith
As a veteran of the 82nd 2nd Brigade with experience in Iraq this is actually quite accurate. I mean nothing can be 100%. But he moves to cover, establishes fire superiority, firing in short two to three round bursts and does mag changes correctly correctly. Battle Drill 6 all day and class houses and you can be this deadly. He probably could have covered his corners a little better though.
Jason Taylor
Tony Kebbel is one of the most underrated actors today
Karl Brundage
So the moral of the story is that no matter how righteous the mission (clearing criminal gang from a housing block) it's doomed to failure because literally everyone there, including the tweener punk that kills him in the end is in on the score. The lesson, of course, is that the solution is to JDAM the entire housing block. Problem solved...............................
The most realistic gun sounds since Heat.
For a budget of ~2 million these scenes are surprisingly well done with the choreographing, sounds, writing etc etc
Downrange Film
1:57 - Love that E* The whole scene is gr8 . Cheers BadWolf
super glue or gaffer tape he would be fine
Saim Qureshi
Bloody black gangsters.
I love how he uses full semi auto lol jk but I like how you see amovie where semi auto is used mostly rather then just spray and pray
FYI - in relation to this story, in the 1950s the British Government created a gun ban as ex-soldiers, like as depicted here, were selling their firearms to criminals who then used them in many armed robberies. This ban still exists, which is why few armed robberies occur.
Boyd Seabiscuit
i love how he keeps to semi auto even up close
Richard Rejmer
Is the guy with the rifle supposed to be a trained military type? If so, why does he walk around 90% of the time with the rifle pointing at the ground and not pointing where his eyes are looking? Did he forget his most basic military training? Or does he expect a lot of people popping up out of manholes? If his eyes are looking ahead, or looking up and he sees a threat, he has to move the barrel of the gun up from where it is pointing uselessly, and then try and get a shot off at the target. If you hold the tip of your weapon just below where your eyes are currently looking, the barrel is already 98% of the way towards pointing at the target which is what you are looking at, and it takes much less time to aim and is much more accurate when you are ready to pull the trigger than a big sweeping action from pointing at the ground and then up at a target in front of you or above you.
どこまで一人無双してんのやw リアリティーが(ヾノ・∀・`)ナイナイ
I would have started picking up ammo and an extra gun since he ran out of his rifle. Who brings only like what? 5 mags for his rifle to a gun fight?
Laughtill YouCry277
Thought I was watching a Punisher short Damn this was badass His stoic mannerisms remind me of Thomas Jane
Dave C.
Today in the news...racist white supremacist kills minority youth who were actively pursuing high profile careers.
Finally a movie not directed by Michael Mann that utilises the proper sound of gunfire. Good scene. I just wish he wore some more suitable attire or at the very least a vest, he was going to war for god sake. Would have love to have seen him use some explosives as well like hand grenades. I reckon an awesome ending would have been the bad guy crouching over his dead body only to find the pulled pin of a grenade in his hand!
Gangbanger shot his own man at least twice at 1:57!