Evolution Of Rockstar Games 1997 - 2019

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aquiles webb
like: red dead redemption 2 comment:gta 5
Lejo Joseph
We need a remastered version of GTA -San Andreas
abcd abcd
i have so many memories with gta vice city
Ahmet Emre YILMAZ
What an evolution. One of the best game companies ever.
Only true gta fans will remember... "GIMME YOUR WALLET" from gta 2 😂😂
LEAVEMEALONE _Police has left the chat_
Red Dre
From start to finish, Rockstar has always been badass
Came from nothing and became everything😏😏congrats rockstar
Supermassive Battlefish
Max Payne was only published by rockstar, not made by them.
JM Psycho
GTA SA remastered with a few new missions and big smoke dlc MAKE IT ROCKSTAR!
Fr0sT bItE 777
Friend: what’s your favourite rockstar game? Me: table tennis Friend:what Me: you heard me
Sultanlintang Azmi
Umm i just wait for bully 2(if rockstar make it) and also the warriors 2
Kuatro Kuatro
Bully was the best Rockstar game i’ve ever played. Still waiting for Bully 2 to come out 😭🔥
Justin Todorovic
Midnight club L.A 😍😍 I HAVE THIS GAME The best part of midnight club
abdo123 Mohmed
i was have bully now i haven't and gta 2 i missed them i have now gta 3.gta vc.gta sa. max payean 2. but gta vc i hate it tooooooooo much
blake Hill
Only came here for gta and red dead rempdation
2:12smuggler's run is called "Crazy Bump's" in JAPAN. It's very interesting!!!!
One day gta 5 will be old and 5 more years gta 10 is out.
Darshan Parmar
Gta V and Max Payne 3 are best games
Suzanne Shovlin
actually the first game that rockstar made was Wild Tanks
hx Ninja
Gta san andreas the best!
sai praneeth
u even told us about the games which were not known by us best EVOLUTION VIDEO OF R STAR GAMES
*GTA V was a huge upgrade, not only for rockstar but also for the entire open world games genre*
Mateus KC
Lol i have midnight club 3 Super nostalgia
Johnathon Naumann
How do you download the dlcs for gta 4 onto the game for ps3
Max Payne 2: "The Best Demonstration of Gameplay ever"
Just tryna smash
I'm still here waiting for the mobile port of vice city stories
Prince Jaseh
I like Warriors, Bully And Grand Theft Auto IV😍😘😍
And I remember gta lll and I rember vice city and San Andreas. Who also loved man hunt?
Bingu Plus
As well as first and second Max Payne. Remedy made them
Ultimate gamer
Widh they would remaster san andreas... that game was massive loads to do buy tones of stuff .... Now too busy on grahics than actuall game play... More to games than graphics
My first job with rockstar-Smuggler's run
Whippy Roll - Тема
Oh my gad. I love games Rockstar North :)
I'm ready for Bully 2, I'll be waiting Rock star!
The Warriors was the best game ever. I wish they'd make another or remake it
Mauro Vottari
Oni was developed by Bungie, Max Payne by Remedy, l.a. Noire by Team Bondi This is not the evolution of Rockstar games
Diego Umetzu
Max payne 1 n 2 are not from rockstar...
hyper gamer
Gta san andreas forever best 👍👍🔥🔥❤️❤️💓💓
0:25 It took me 10 sec to realize that's a bike, not a MISSILE! 😂😂😂
TheWild Toledo
MidNight Club series was my childhood, especially MidNight Club 3 DUB Edition... THEY NEED TO MAKR ANOTHER MIDNIGHT CLUB!!! REVIVE THE STREET RACING!!!!!
solid batman
Red dead redemption undead nightmare 😍😍😍😍 I would like to buy a remake if their was any
Khesrow Bahram
F*** the other games did not made me to comment but after i saw GTA Vice City it made me to write comment. Love it And The GTA Vice City Stories
Tintin Yunarsih
Who loves game bully
In the video a bunch of errors: 1) Where is Earthworm Jim 3D on N64? Rockstar participated in its development. 2) Max Payne did not come out on the PSP, and there is no Android in the list of platforms. 3) Manhunt went on PS3 and PS4 4) The VCS indicated the PlayStation Portable and the Sony PSP, it is the same platform 5) The Ballad of Gay Tony on the PSP?!? Do you mount a video in a hurry?
BradNation773 Stephens
They should make another warriors game
What's the track playing over the last Read Dead 2 clip?
where is my wall
bully is a masterpiece the music , the dialogues , the cutscenes , the mini games , the storyline , the map , everything adds to the game's design and story choice ...i literally get lost inside the game whenever i play it even after so many years , it just takes you to that place right inside the game ...amazing experience .
Tom DeLonge
GTA IV GTA 5 Red dead redemption Red redemption 2 Midnight club 3 dub edition Max Payne 3 and Bully are my favorite ones
Why did you show a modded version of GTA Vice City, not really accurate right?
Omg I still play The Warrior to this day, it's the first game I ever beat
iTz_Oreo GH
Also NEED a warriors remake one of their best games in my opinion
1 and 2 Max Payne not from Rockstar but from Remedy
I remember playing gta v on 2090 Could not forget those new future days.😌
David K.
Oni and Vice City are my favorites games by Rockstar Games.
Fireken 04
5:43 top rockstar's game
That proves once again that I dont know squat about video games
FBG FlashBattleGaming
GTA V feels like 2017, they improved their graphics so much from 2010/11 to 2013
Miroslava Janicijevic
Evolution of rockstar games brother
Frenzy Carl
My Favorite Rockstar Games. Is Bully
OGlana Gucci
I love you rockstar ❤️❤️and the games you’ve made, especially midnight club
Uncle B
My first game was from gta 4 to 5 to gta sa to bully se to rdr2
luisangel 21
7:11 *Orgasmic Sounds*
Adem Erciyes
GTA 3 for PS3 ? What this ? 2:54
Marcos Arruda
Tudooooo errado!!!! Nada vê eu sei muito bem como é a revolução da Rockstar 😤
Dean Bartlett
Best rockstar game...manhunt!!
Александр Поддубный
а где русскоязычные?? название на русском вроде))
Doriz Man
bully was fkn amazing..
Tony Montana
GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA, Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition, Midnight Club LA, The Warriors, GTA 4, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5, LA Noire are golden 😄👍
remastered The Warriors!!! Cleon
TopHatDemon TDM
So wait, was the smugglers run dlc for gta 5 based on one of their own games?
bill Niko
Rockstar 2002 had mafia 3’s mirror system...
Kristof Tolvaj
Evolution of rockstar games xd
yogesh chauhan
Evolution of Graphics
Max Payne was made by Remedy, not Rockstar.. Rocstar just bought the rights later.
Max Payne 1 and 2 wasn't developed by Rockstar. They bought rights and made 3rd.
maaz khan
Major transition between 1999 and 2000 (maxpayne)
pizza zombie
What we need is a remastered san andreas
Reza Asr
Rockstar is the best of make games 👍👍
I know a spot where we can lay low, but my hands are all messed up. You better drive brother.
Evolution of ubisoft
n o i d
Just a note, the footage shown of Vice City here is taken from a modded game, it's not the original representation of the game.
bulletz 4 breakfast
Revolution of rockstar games?...😂😂
Afif Amzar
The warriors❤️❤️
Jessie Tan
woah was vice city in 2002? man i loved that game.
Scooby Doo
Max Payne 1 was designed by Remedy 😡
I had the first game.
Sheptian Ghani
Request revolusi of maria ozawa
Obama Made America Great Again
The Warriors is my favorite Rockstar game ever. However, they so many other classics.
Keniiro Gutiérrez
Deberían de hacer una remasterización de THE WARRIORS
Max Mildh -skräppost
Max Payne 1 and 2 was developed by Remedy. Only in the 3:rd installment were rockstar the developer...
Lenilda Aguiar
Evolution mxgp
Gta vice city,legendary game.
TUDO REVELADO - Lucas Ds Santos
GTA 3 lembra bastante o Drive do PS1
Saint Christopher
Evolution of Metal Gear/Konami
wasnt max payne 1 and 2 a 3d realms game and rockstar was the publisher?
oh damn! I didn't know Oni was made by Rockstar :D
2 pivotal moments that marked the revolution of gaming: Max Payne 1 and GTA IV.
Shane Arbeau
Max Payne is my favorite game hands down