Samsara Official Trailer #2 (2012) International Movie HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Samsara Official Trailer #2 (2012) International Movie HD Filmed over a period of five years in twenty-five countries on five continents, and shot on 70mm film, Samsara transports us to the varied worlds of sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders.

Space Raanger
very mindblowing to see how similar we humans are but how very different we live our lives.
Mihir Thakur
i hope everyone got the meaning of start and end scene, such a beautiful way to convey the message...where the tibetan monks make the whole auspicious design of the samsara with minute detail and so much effort, and in the end just destroys it, telling the meaning that the samsara is temporary, illusion and dont get identified with it as it leads to all suffering, so they destroys all their hard work, without feeling any bad as all their effort are in vain.. leading to self realization..
Simplicity is beauty. Movie about everything, yet nothing. No purpose, just like each of our lives, yet yielding such strong emotional power. And people think that language is the only medium of communication.
Space oriented
I'll go straight to the point, Samsara is a masterpiece. This is the only movie I have ever seen that gave me the feeling of truly traveling, it's a LITERALLY breathtaking movie. Everybody should see it, it's probably the most educative film there is in existence. It's one of a kind. And it's a masterpiece, hats off. I even asked to have it shown in my school, it's a pity so little people know about this movie. Please, spread it tell people around you, if there's one movie worth spreading it's this one.
Jay Legette
Watched this movie two days ago on shrooms. Amazing experience. Hands down the best movie I ever seen, the whole concept is so interesting. I especially loved the segments portraying corporation careers
greatest movie of all time
LoveoftheDark Fiber Arts
I wish I could tell if this was a movie about something, or just a collection of beautifully high resolution images.
I've seen many films in my life. Only a few of the films I've seen can be described as "hypnotic." This is one of them.
Karpuffel Toffer
One of the best movies i've ever seen.
Alex Simesky
Made by the cinematographer of Koyaanisqatsi, Ron Fricke !
Jack Winters
what's the title of the background music?
If only Carl Sagan had been able to have had this movie and Baraka along with a bluray player and HD display put on Voyager before it was set adrift into space to one day be discovered by sentient life elsewhere in the galaxy/universe. 
something about the tattooed prisoner and his baby really go to me. it kinda an ache under my ribcage, WHAT IS THAT FEELING!!!!???!!! 
solo doug
Impresionante, sin decir una palabra trasmiten nuestra sociedad en este documental, se acopla perfectamente el dicho una imagen vale más que mil palabras, fui espectador de esta obra magistral por medio de la tv pública venezolana vivetv
Just watched it, loved it immensely! :]
Ramiro Sotto
Best movie ever. Ever. EVER.
john Crep
watch on acid... life is simple and complicated at the same time, a perfect balance
EJ Morin
The words cannot explain the beauty of this Film. Which is great, because words do not even try in the movie. This movie will leave you stunned.The way the music matches the images is surreal, Highly recommend it.
Pigeon Morris
idk what I just watched but I teared up and I liked it I will definitely watch this
truly a beautiful movie
christina park
Tibet <33
tiny hayward
To open your mind you must simply open your eyes and heart. Stuck in a rut ?? work sleep pay the bills JUST keeping your head above water and wondering why.. Must be more to life Right ? Watch this film after turn off the phone close the doors and sit eyes closed drift away .....Namaste 
Ron Fricke has created a thing of beauty...Again
This movie might be the best I've seen in my whole life
It's about sickness of peoples minds in 21th century, versus spirit of ancient times. You are part of somebodies vision and system, if you stick out of that system (work,pay), they will cut you off...
Thunder Oponnent
what kind of koyaanisqatsi is this?
Nick George
The scene with the gangster rocking a baby to sleep is so powerful
Beth Rutter
This and Baraka are some of the greatest films I've ever seen. So well put together with fantastic cinematography and don't even get me started with the music. I'm kinda pissed off I didn't come up with this first!
Stephen Levavasseur - Photographe Cinéaste
I absolutely love this film, and Ron Fricke as a director. In Blue-Ray this beautiful !
Spikey Slug
That scene of the prisonner hugging his baby tho…
Evan Drake
Yes. It's incredible. Most surreal and intense experience, unforgettable.
Axis Mundi
whats the name of the song in this trailer ?
Maracujah manuela
recien termine de v er baraka ahora quiero ver samsara!
Watching sober was awesome, however the second time I watched it stoned it blew my mind. It's an epic journey.
Young Kim
I have been completely "stoned" on LSD or acid. That in itself is one of the greatest visuals ever, esp. with the religious prayer scenes and the Chinese doing martial arts.
Tziu Ricky
It is funny how you people feel ok about eating certain types of food for your own nourishment but then you feel horrified by seeing where it comes from. It's not not shutting your eyes / ignoring them that such disgusting practices will cease to exist. Afterall, that slaughtering happens because there is people who want or need to eat those products. As someone else said that's the world we live in, or else you are free to find alternatives and stick to them.
So the same as the qatsi films? powaqatsi etc
i was considering that in this very moment.
Daosh Li
has anyone seen this movie while being stoned? just wondering...
or a 3rd - take your pills and read the Bible. No, STUDY the Bible and try to debunk it while reding experts' responses.
Become a star in samsara or a nobody in nirvana, these are our only choices...
I think this has nothing to do with making you feel good or bad or sick about anything showed on the movie. It's just about showing the many faces of the human spirit, a spirit that hasn't reached enlightenment yet, that's why its name is "Samsara". If it makes you feel sick or whatever, it is your problem and only yours.
that's the point my friend, to make you feel sick about the things you should be already feeling sick about :)
Daniel Yates
Then the film worked - it was made to show the beautiful and the grotesque of the world we live in.
Hamza Ben
It's Mecca
all kinds of creepy people live in this world... he is just one of them
Khalid Al Shammiry - خالد الشمري
Makkah not mekkah
it's more the cycle of life than life itself.
Zuzia Robak
If you would like to find out what you see there check out Filmpter app for iPhone
Faruk Kütükçü
I loved every second of this Documentary, but I didn't understand every tradition nor could I find enough information about all the scenes in this breathtaking docu. Does anyone know a site where everything is explained? That would be really awesome.
That was just the reality of middle - upper class godless self-minded white people's true face of their bugged heart. as we all now they 'appear' to be more sophisticated but deep down inside they're quite restless and disturbed. some just try to avoid it, some go crazy like that in their mind when they're alone going nuts over the call from within, which is just the call of the soul for nourishment. The soul wanting to get rid of rebellious attitude and submit back to the most Merciful in peace
Josh Herbst
The internet is awesome.
poor baby
David Kavanagh
Does anyone know the name of the song used? Or was it created specifically for the trailer?
This movie touched me. For better or worse, I've never seen such a powerful , eye-opening film.
You're right. 70mm cameras are really just bottom of the barrel. Really... are we talking about the same film?
Dennis Jaciw
Horribly done! No thought or originality what so ever....poor cinematography, due mainly to below average filming equipment.
Ana garrido núñez
Es maravilloso...
Haya B.
Do you eat animals?
Richard Torre
Are you a truth seeker? Google truth contest and read the Present if you seek true life.
i wanted to know myself!
well said
This film is a good way to learn about human creatures if you're planning to drop by the Third-orbiting world. Third-world. Hmmmm.
You can only appreciate beauty, when you see real ugliness. They were showing and unadulterated view of the world. Welcome to real life.
travis barker
Watch if u want your 3rd eye to open
Cry some more. This movie covers, amongst other things, life and death. A part of death is actual death. It's not a glorified kid's program.
0-50 what is it?
Neumann Films
I think this was meant as a "bridge" from one world to another. From the shots of people living within their means to our world of technology, lust, excess, and greed. Since we are a part of that world, it doesn't shock us as it would someone from a third world country. To them? Our lifestyle is as appalling as the behavior of the guy rubbing his face. His behavior was supposed to shock the viewer because that's the feeling an outsider would get when viewing our day to day lives. IMHO.
And that is exactly how you should feel.
The trailer is going for 9 seconds and my jaw already hit the floor...
A good work ethic can be easly confused by becoming a slave aswell. I agree with you it took great strengh and will to create ancient empires but in modernity sometimes we work for absolute nothing we will never achieve anything greater than consumerism for some and life of misery and sufering for others(not that first isnt a kind of sufering aswell more spiritual one). That isnt Imperial Building thats just a nigthmare.
It's also the reason empires crumble. Every person deserves a beautiful life but those who enforce exploitation and cruelty to the poor and downtrodden to have a beautiful life are far worse that the sulfur that poisons these workers lungs.
can anyone please explain that creepy office guy rubbing his face with something? was that some metaphore of madness? or was it plain art? please anyone, thoughts!
Drinu Depp
wtf is this ?
Brade Bronson
Yeah theres a series on the most dangerous jobs in the world or something like that. Theres also ones on butchers market, ship chopping, working in the mines.. etc.. its crazy
Jack Hanley
I also share my respect- but substitute "desperation" for "resolution", "exploitation" for "work-ethic", and "perpetuated" for "built" and you have a more realistic portrait of their plight.
Abdulrahman Baqais
1:16 God home <3 - Saudi Arabia - Mekkah
@iruley fuk those empires.
You are wright.
This is not hollywood bb shit so happy end is not something that is expected...
Such a sad statement. They are being exploited in the most horrible way possible. It's not about work ethic it's about doing that or not being able to feed their families. It's little more than slavery. But yeah you are right, empires are built on the back of the poors who get exploited 'till they have no more blood and sweat to give
The part bout Islam made me cry...
ilovemovies Hulk
0:52 0:36 0:48 ???
samsara is basically a cycle of suffering that all beings experience. meaning that animals are part of it too.
Their work ethic is how the rich stay rich and the poor die off.
Jeez because that is the world you live in and that is the food you are eating, don't be such a fool.
josefine Braun
This is just the trailer but it made me cry. Humans are so amazing, why are we destroying the world we live in?
Ah, Samsara....... the phenomenal world. Om shanti.
Kevin Walden
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Thar Nge
no its Myanmar(Burma)
Таня Давыдова
ой, как красиво!
Žiga Ložar
The concept of Samsara in Buddhism refers to the cycle of life, which includes birth, living, death and returning to life. The term can be literally translated as “continuous movement.” Samsara is the continually repeating cycle of birth and death, where beings cycle through six realms of existence.
I can't stop watching it
Wow this looks soo beautiful
Bernando A
Typical ignorant western middle class. Because of their nations economic climate and the class they are born into they are by all means forced to work there, or do you think their "work-ethics" and the love of fresh air makes them work 15 hours a day and die before their 50? Given no choice people claw their way through life in many poor countries and it IS modern day slavery. But i guess the slaves of old could choose to die or starve to death instead of building pyramids. Great work-ethics
I would have liked some sub on this one. Some of the places looked magnificent but there was no clue as to where in the world it was. Dissapoint :(
James Peter
Next chance I get. I'm gonna watch this on acid.
Bernando A
By work-ethicsd you mean not having a choice and working 14 hours a day just to stay alive and recieving only scraps? Hmm yeah i guess America used slaves to build their empire. Don't be a fucking fool and call forced labour of any kind "work-ethics"