Dave Swift on Bass with Jools Holland backing Marc Almond "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye"

Marc Almond performing "Say Hello, wave Goodbye" on Jools Holland's Annual Hootenanny, backed by the Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with Dave Swift on Bass. www.daveswiftbass.com

A very underrated singer. He never the got the recognition he deserves. This is a great version and the way he holds the note at the end is just superb!
Major MajorMajor
This performance is like an oxymoron, so upbeat, yet lyrically very sad. Like 'Girlfriend in a Coma'
Marc Almond's vocal here just blew my mind. Very very underrated singer. A fine job Marc.
Andrew White
Agree wholeheartedly 1hiltonball. Probably my favourite song from the 80's, and also of all time. Marc almond is a superb vocalist and performer.
Jason Holt
fantastic singer and fabulously camp
Cannibal Rose
Simply brilliant.
A tad too quick, but still great!
Marc Almond on the Jools Holland show.....just like salt n pepper,tea n biscuits.....egg n chips....the list go's on....
Johnny Coolin
Well that got brilliant rather quickly.
Largactyl Kid
Marc Almond is one of the only singers I've heard who really does sound EXACTLY the same live as he does on the studio versions. Amazing & unusual voice.
Alison Toplis
Love this! Remember watching him on Jool's. Sure it was his 1st vocal since his accident too x
Amazing version of an amazing song Marc is also amazing
Scotty Russell Music
Almonds pitching is superb in this he no longer sings slightly sharp all the time :-) and has reeled in that exaggerated vibrato ,beautiful unique voice,so much pain.
sean td
wow!! Great performance!
Better than the original...
Jon Crownshaw
He nails it on this, what a performance.
Parichay Chatterji
Love this song, love this performance!
Sure marc from southport  top singer
Steve Franklin
Awesome performance!
Thanks for uploading. I remember watching this when it was broadcast and being blown away by it. I've looked for this before, but never found it. Best version ever done of it in my opinion... It starts off as a perfectly respectable track - but really ups a gear and absolutely nails it from the first chorus on. Absolute quality!
Lovet it but prefer the synth backing as its edgier. Almond nails it tho
Hes a bit crazy but what an amazing singer
David Gray had a huge success with a cover of this song on his album to the extent that the original version was being overlooked. I watched this performance at the time and felt that Marc was reclaiming the song as his own. At the start I wasn’t sure if he still had it. Then the end of the song came along...
Stuart Driver
Great song, Great singer, Leeds lad of course
such an underated singer he has a unique sound instantly recognisable this is a fab performance
Swify from Inspirals on bass
A wonderful performance!
Teresa Hitchcock
Love his voice ..great performer
Steve Haywood
Good job,Dave.  Had no idea Marc was working with Joolz Holland until I heard an interview recently so came across this....If you have a chance to bump into Ginnie Ball (nee Hughes) please say ""Say Hello, Wave from Tokyo"" :) From Steve (Deg) in Tokyo..Been ages since I saw her  and Ann... Cheers and have a great week.
I love this song 
Very nice song !
You Joker
Gargling with hot lemon, honey & copious amounts of semen keeps Marcs pipes in tip top condition. I'm sure there's a gap in the market for 'Almonds Old Special Semen Filled Throat Lozenges. Real singers should never be without a packet!
Steve Lomas
I saw this live on Jools Holland on the night and it gets better every time I replay it. 80s was a golden era and the collective passion and energy from Marc, Jules and all the band pours out of the screen........atmospheric and emotional rendition. Simply superb!