Boiler Room: A Brief History of Acid House

► Download audio: ► More here: />► Surrounding our acid house takeover in Manchester, we delved a bit deeper into the city's 30-year-long love affair with rave music & culture. Take a peak into Manchester's acid house history. (Created for Boiler Room by Utile)

Kill Will
Nice! Although, that's an MC-303 at :28, not a TB-303... I know because the MC-303 was my first piece of gear and it does't sound near as lively as a TB-303.
Digdeep TV
When the narrator mentions the Roland 303 it would be better if the video showed a TB-303 which was the machine that forged acid house. The video shows the MC-303 which came out in 1996. Right sound wrong synth but good video nevertheless x
No mention of Charanjit Singh at all?! you have lost all credibility
I think the Mondays influenced more than were influenced by Acid House though. It's arguably what they and their mates were up to under the balcony at FAC 51 in 'Salford Corner' that kick started the whole thing in Manchester. There's a difference between just the music that came out of Chicago and Detroit and what Europe and the UK did to it to create pretty much what dance music culture is today. (That wasn't a TB303 in the clip either).
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track ID?
Another shit documentary with Acid house being linked to the Indie Happy Mondays band, again and again we here about Manchester when it was all about London and M25
DJ Pierre
I thought that the ''acid'' from acid house had a direct relation with LSD.
This video fails to clarify two distinct and separate meanings of the the term "acid house" the first being the house music subgenre utilizing the distinct sound of the 303 bassline being modulated as the track progresses the second being the acid house scene - a catch all term for the cultural phenomenon that swept England in the late 80s, based on clubs and illegal warehouse parties playing a whole range of house music (and balearic, disco etc.) including acid, to dancers on E (MDMA tablets). At 'Acid House' events only a relatively small proportion of the music actually played would be acid house tracks. For my own deep house & disco tracks check here:
Thien Do
nice one bruva
Green Morning Dragon Productions
I used to go to the Hacienda. Seems like eons ago now. I've lived in Germany, Brighton, Detroit, Brighton again and now Japan since then. Glad I still have my old mixtapes that I bought though, even though I didn't upload them on Youtube til last year. (If you search for "Graeme Park Saturday Night at the Hacienda" you can hear them.) I never really bought mixtapes when I lived in Manchester and went out there, but when I knew I was leaving for good, in the early '90s, I spent a mad couple of months, buying Graeme Park, Justin Robertson mixtapes etc. and taping Sunset FM and Stu Allan off the radio. But, in the first year I was living in Brighton, Graeme Park, 808 State, Justin Robertson, Tom Wainwright, and Laurent Garnier all played there, anyway. I've seen loads of DJs and acts from those days at clubs and events in Japan too, in the 15 years or so since I moved here, like Laurent Garnier, 808 State and New Order so it never really leaves you :)
FK you Kraftwerk made the first Technological music.