Evil's The Following X1 - 2015 Bible of Bike Tests

The leap of faith involved in trusting this relatively new and small company with your next bike purchase will be richly rewarded.

Israel Magalit
Fantastic! The ultimate short travel, slack, 29er I've been waiting for (and in carbon at a great price!). Glad to see more manufacturers making these now.
Brian Westfield
Damnit! So much talking, hardly any views of this bike! Guys, I appreciate the commentary for sure. But please add more shots of the bike while you are all talking.
Johnson Ling
Hey guys great review and vids btw with the 2015 test series. Just a couple of suggestions as I was watching through most of the vids as a buyer looking for guide and review on this bikes. 1. Maybe you guys could put in more footages of the bike, riding shots etc, instead of conversation shots.  2. Most of the review of the bikes were quite similar in general, they shred on the descent and they climb really well. Maybe you guys could be bit more detail as to why and how they differ to their competitors, puts them ahead if so, pros and cons.
Chris Nicas
I wish more bike videos would show 4 dudes standing around drinking beer.... oh wait
Gilad Guttman
@Bike Magazine if you guys could it would be awesome if you guys could get your hands on and review a canfield brothers balance
Dan Willis
Weird how the words "apple" and "snake" pop up in an Evil Bikes review!
Jack Perry
I want...
Brake for Cake
Looks like an impressive bike! The geometry is actually pretty interesting. Not only is the chainstay length short at 430mm but the wheelbase is only 1140mm in the size medium model. Comparing with bikes within the same category we see that the Transition Smuggler has a wheelbase of 1158mm in size medium and the Banshee Phantom has a wheelbase of 1168mm in size medium, making it 28mm (just over 1 inch) longer than the Evil. Do those numbers make any noticeable difference between the bikes when it comes to the handling, or stability at speed? Cheers!
Thelma Viaduct
Are you meant to able to see the other vids at the end of this one? I can't find out.
Bryant Hartwig
So was this bike actually $4500 US at any point during 2015? Because the website says $4999...
thomas vo
How's it compare to the uprising?
Brent Jordan
Anyone seen the giant reign 27.5 review yet?
Peter Stolee
Super worried about the past quality control issues.  Comments?
What's the song in the begin ? :)
Scott Wilson
had this bike for months now and beleave the hype. never liked the rule book thanks evil for burning it )))
Floral Flame
Wish you guys would of included the 2015 Cannondale Jekyll in the magazine. :(
Pvk Jhilk
i see its only drawback (coming from a guy who hasnt rode one) is being a smaller company, so any end of the year left-over deals are non existent . on that same note, the pricing is spot on comparatively
Akira Cornell
how the F do you have 16.8 chainstays on a 29er. way to go evil..... I have a 26er with 16.8 and the rear wheel bareley fits and it is so playfull...  
Sam Howe
Y was the guy on the right holding a knife
The bike is great, but way overpriced.
They seem pretty proud that it was their idea to build this bike, gotta wonder if thats part of why they are so stoked?  They keep saying Evil was the only 26er in last years test, but what about the SB66. Have they forgotten about last years winner so quickly? And they got the price wrong! 
how can a 29er not have the drawbacks of a 29er? that statement is physically impossible. you can't change the laws of physics unless you live in a vacuum with no gravity. even then, the laws of physics don't change.
Michael Foxworthy
Why is the price $5000 ($500 more than advertised) more on their web site? Sounds amazing though.
J West
I wish it wasn't named Evil. I don't like that. Even though the bike is awesome
So new Evil or "old" Ibis Ripley? Last year Ripley was THE bike. Or maybe Spec. Enduro 29er?  I have 140mm 29er now and I think it's too much (for me). 120 is my next buy. So should I really buy Ripley or Following? Any thoughts?
Evil make a 650B please.