BEGIN Japanology - Stationery

BEGIN Japanology Stationery.

Klay Ra
this feels like a very old video but it was uploaded in 2016 somehow even though it seems like it was made in the 90s
Nord Kitten
only in japan can you make a half hour show about Stationery.
ok ?
2 in the morning watching this, what am I doing with my life
Felix Haederle
I had one of those erasable pens but I live in Australia so one day when I left my notebook outside the whole thing erased itself. :/ I use a mechanical pencil now.
Paula Sayson
I'm obsessed with Japanese stationery. I love Japanese pens - uniball, uni koro tuga pencil, sarasa dry gel pen, Copic, Sakura, tombow, Pilot to begin with. They also make fine and extra fine points like it's supposed to be. And the washi tapes designs are so much fun!
" took the hard work of countless people behind the scenes..." *cuts to a guy rubbing off a pencil mark on paper* All jokes aside, binging all my money on a stationary store in Japan is high up on my bucket list.
Anugrah Andisetiawan
9:48 like how Japanese take complaint seriously: "It's better to erase something with a hose instead your rubber".
Important lesson: Pay attention to the female population's desires. It could be worth billions to your business.
Tina Raunaqe
Sarah Glover
I love that they're are actual documentary channels like this on YouTube. this is something I'd expect to see on PBS as a kid. it's really cool, to say the least.
Ja Kh
Light Yagami needs to upgrade his stationary
Arya Jonathan
pen spinning - Japan's form of fidget spinner without buying one.
How to find a good stationary store in Japan is to go to a local school and ask students where they buy their pens and papers. The stores are usually strategically located(somewhere between a train station and the school) to cater to the students, and usually the prices are very reasonable and have most popular and up to date products. Avoid going there in the morning. they are usually packed with students. The rest of the day there are almost no customers in there.
Your Book, This Year
As a writer I can say I love Japanese pens and paper the most. Not only is the paper cute, it's thicker than American in general and far smoother, making for a fantastic writing surface. And the pens are far superior if you want a fine point. Far less ink blobbing on the tips, much better glide over the paper, a cleaner line and often cute and aesthetic. ~Stila
"Some Japanese use pens in a way that has nothing to do with writing, they SPIN them" *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
I never new Japan invented the eraser... Learn something new everyday.
When I was growing up in central Mexico, we would randomly have Japanese stationary at the 5 peso store. It was weird because it was so cheap and in Mexico.
LOL That elephant notepad... I want to place one of those on a keyboard and say "Steve from accounting really needs to the address the elephant in the room!"
You know you're a stationary addict when they don't say it but you still know all the product names😎
Man, the Japanese will take an amazing invention and make it better. Like the car or camera or... ballpoint pen
Yessy Mariana
I use most of Japanese products. Love them so much..
Sahra camarel
*aesthetic intensifies*
Japanese Culture is so interesting. So many unique inventions and innovations.
Soohyun Song
i just want to go to Japan for food, stationery, and Haikyuu merch
"And this one here, it uses invisible ink" "I mean there's nothing in here, is there?"
I'm on a break at work, and this is what I decide to watch. What is life.
Lady Adolys
decorative masking tape has definitely changed. I mean, washi tape has no chance of winning against the stylish designs of decorative masking tape XD
I love Japanese stationary so much!
Didn't think I would ever watch a 28 minute video about stationery. But here I am!
I LOVE Japanese art & stationery supplies. Whenever I next travel to Japan, I'm bringing a whole empty suitcase to stock up. Even tho I work on a computer all day, I am steadfastly analog in my personal life; handwritten bullet journal, several diaries, and study notes. Japanese pens are the best for writing, hands down!
Mau G
Great informative & culturally relevant cvideos. Please look into Audio issues in between & halting video.
Artistic FloofBall
Japan ink pens are heaven
oh yes! Frixion pens and highlighters are my favourite! Erasable ink is so useful :) also, Quasimode at 4:48 (their music is so on point)
As a planner/paper/pen/washi tape addict I LLLLOOOOOOVVVEEDD this documentary - L O V E D!
wow suddenly I'm 22 minutes into the video I was going to put in my Watch Later list...
Muzamel Haque
pen spinning, really nice
Angelina Yu
Lol I got really excited to watch this
It's time to stop
I never knew I needed this video. But now i'm so glad it exists.
what happened to the audio? it keeps going from terrible to good
From erasers to pen spinning robots. Good vid.
Why do any work using stationery when you can fill your life with so much of it instead?
Namjoon tiddies
This is orgasmic
gotta love the Japanese !!! when they obsess on something, they take it past the limit....I love it.....
Johanna Zamora
I was a kid in Japan. It was just before and during the birth of Sanrio. My mom would drop us off in the store and we'd be in there for hours. This is a little less exciting than it is in real life.
Oh gawd, I knew I would head out to a stationary store after watching this video. I want this now 7:14 EDIT: Yes! Found it. It's at Office Depot, called the Uni Kuru Toga Auto.... ...must..... buy..... ;D
James Barton
I believe Japan is the world's leader in stationery and writing supplies. I've tried some of the products and they do make a big difference. Many can save one from wasting ink and paper. That's cost effective and I appreciate that. b( ^_^)b
well thank you nihon for inventing the life saver: correction tapes
Felix Verran
I wish they’d shown some of the stunning Fountain Pens and Fountain Pen Inks that Japan is known for. Some of which, like the Maki-e pens are amazing works of art. Many of my most cherished pens are from Japan and the companies who produce the best inks in the world. I would also have enjoyed seeing some of the great paper companies, the amazing journals, the stationary sets with envelopes and letters that have beautiful designs and watermarks. Or the fun tools and gadgets like the Sakura paper punch that pops out cherry blossoms from the paper. I hope that you’ll be able to produce another episode because Japan has so many incredible products and styles of paper that I’m sure many other NHK subscribers would absolutely love. Thank you for making the many wonderful shows you do make. I live in California and NHK is my favorite TV Channel, and APP, and I love finding the programs I may have missed on their YouTube page. Again. Thank you so much. We love the job you do for us.
I can't believe I spent almost half an hour watching a documentary over stationary.... Informative!
Sritulasi Alokam
I didn't think I was going to sit through it all, but it was pretty cool. Well done.
I've been to around parts of Tokyo, and the stationary stores are amazing! It's definitely something to visit, and part of the social culture.
pen spinning.. it takes me back to junior / senior high school days. It's cool that they also take that one seriously, even inspiring the robotics department at Todai, that guy has amazing reflexes.
Vinsensa Roseline
almost every stationary I have are Japanese goods. Some are easily to get on regular stationary store, and some I bought it online and/or Daiso dollar store. They are pretty cheap and good too(except copic markers. it cost 5 USD each markers).
ralf 67453
rest of the world:plays the pen by doing a seewaw motion japan:spins a pen like a badass
Eagle Eye
Japan Japan i'm coming
Ashley Ting
Cory Obrien
Ive noticed japanes pens are fukn awesome, they glide so effortlessly. And make excellent flares
Gabriela Varino
«has been spinning pens for 28 years»: sounds like a comic sketch!!!
bodacious tapir
the BEST episode!!!!! Hell YEAH stationery! I spent my life savings on jetpens
Teyrx q8
I never thought I would be liking this
Zulfadhli Hakim
has been spinning pen for hand gonna be soo muscular...
Roxy Aedo
Gosh, isn't Japan the best country ever? I'm forever jealous of their amazingness 😍
Petra44YT Nein!
I'm so glad the Japanese inveted the gel writers! Writing longhand is bad enough as it is, but with these pens, it is at leat tolerable.
sten beetlex
have no idea why rest of us are so lazy in offering varieties of pens. and other stuff
Star1 Berry
Frixion pens are the best product for me I usually use it on exams to keep my paper clean 😊
Man, I would love to visit that pen store! Always so impressed by Japanese ingenuity.
caffeineyeti 1
Ah, yes, the astonishing capabilities of the human race. Pen spinning.
Anupam Trivedi
it's so interesting. Japan, the king of stationary
Film Maker
Japan rocks!!!!
I absolutely love Japanese stationery. I have a Japanese dayplanner. The paper is exemplary. Their pens are better than American ones. It's great stuff.
Kokuyo and casio are my favorite
ok as much as i think there overhyping this i will say i LOVE pilot frixion pens
the p in raspberry
I'll swim my way there ,gosh Im obsessed
Dream Cardigan
Omg I think I just felt my eyes transform into hearts
We take stationery very very very seriously. Let there be no doubt about it.
S t e l l a
I love stationery.
Law GamingTV
anyone here does penspinning? :D
La Talmus
15:49 Japanese beauty.😍❤🇯🇵
*gets a ppap flashback*
Johanna Zamora
I lived in Japan as a child in the 70's: loved stationery stores. Still use Japanese pens and pencils
freaking love Japanese staionary
Pilot, zebra, uni are my favotites!
misaki dinh
This was so informative and interesting
London Hamzah
Pen spinner, the og figdet spinner.
Tim Teatro
No fountain pens? That's a huge omission!
for real western companies should learn from this. its SO much more fun to do things if your stationary is nicely designed
val b
Can i gooooooo there mommmm it's only a bit thousand dollars to get thereeeee 😂
Jason Baxter
The most popular stationery is the colourful sticky tape!
Deia Regina
Quisera Eu ter a mesma Perfeição e Inteligência dos Japoneses...sou apaixonada pelas coisas do Japão. ❤
Jack Kraken
Japanese Documentaries are so well done. They have the right balance between graphics and video footage. I feel too many documentaries use CGI way too much and distract the viewer, but Japanese ones seem to get it right, IMHO.
محمد احتشام الدین خان
Thank you. You shared an innovative ideas for me. Near future you will find that idea implemented in New Delhi or any part of India. Thanks again
HA HA THIS IS FUNNY TO ME ,I NEVER GAVE IT A MOMENTS THOUGHT but i do know if when i am writing the ink runs out the pen goes in the bin instantly i never ever keep faulty pens EVER THEY HAVE TO DIE LOL
the best country on earth...
Frixion pen are the epitome of modern science. we don't need to go any further than this we have all we need
Japan is awesome.
Stationery heaven
Kevin Start
Did I just watch a video about stationary? Man do I need to get I life!!
Toetu Tesarina Lavea
This is super awsome thank you for sharing!!! #EverydayILearnSomethingNew