Mai Hime 26 - Pepper Cut (1-2)

The second half of this final episode isn't allowed on youtube because of copyright issues, but you can still download the full episode from:

Mei Aihara
I cry so hard of this scene's MaiKoto heart is aching but its turns out funny when Mikoto's stomach got starving. hahaha I love so much Mai and Mikoto tandem Romcom Couple. Love, friendship and forgiveness.
cravenpandora 25
best anime I love make me want to watch it all over
Marvis Moore
lol best ending :D I though she dead but she just hungry lol
Fantastic, I think your version is even better than original ^_^. And your ending actually makes a lot of more sense :D
Rose Pasta
please do some in nisekoi
alessantra embaliquat
session 2 pls
The ending is too convenient and thrown together like a kid who takes a beautiful glass present and wraps it with used toilet paper and duct tape.... When everyone comes back to life and kills the ultimate evil.. Wow, what a shallow ending..
Lisa Yang
Lol at the end is funny