Allie Haze at Spearmint Rhino Oxnard

10 question interview with XXX Adult Film Star Allie Haze backstage before she Feature Dances at Spearmint Rhino Oxnard.

bro this isn't minecraft tutorials wtf
"traveling all around California and some parts of the united states"??
diana piña
Work with Rebel Promotions instead ;-)
Tim Wright
Allie Haze - Natural beauty. 'You're pretty.' Maybe that sounds creepy. I say it with respect.
Yomayra Ramirez TOP*SHELF
lol....ur pretty.....but u don't know how to work the pole....
oh allie u r so beautifull i like u 
aquele ponto maroto pra mais tarde alguem comenta aqui pra me lembrar
suvo sad
here she is totally different when is got makeup.
Anika Bartley
آلبہآشہهہ حہدؤريہ
ilove you allie haze
Mary Viola
have u seen women who dance the pole as a sport? they are amazing in their ability to move , raise their bodies, slide, ect... some women use pole dancing as an art , sport............most of these strippers cant even dance let aloe get up on a pole and move with skill.....stop embarassinng urself....
Anyone seen her lately? Double the size! Huuuuge.