Detective Conan Funny Moments 1

Azim Malik
No my face red for a different reason
ridhalili ananda
My face is red for a different reason . Aaaarghhh shinichiiiii
Marik Ishtar
Conan's face is hilarious from 4:14 to 4:26.  Heiji is super pissed off!
3:52 Conan has an unfair advantage, he can "call" himself and pretend to receive instructions from Shinichi. Hattori must be pissed off. :D
ehhhh so cuteeeeee when Conan caught a cold! :3
Iyra Dyanie
I really wish I can be Ran!!!! So coooool 😍😍😎😎 it's great to have self-defense huh
Katherine Wallace
4:25 OMG. Everyone is sleeping so I'm trying not to laugh. Come on, myself (don't want to say my name) you can not laugh! Poker face....oh wait...I just remembered my poker face is laughing not matter what trying to confuse people....shoot.
Conan+Kansai Dialect=Cute~
lol their ego is epic.
lol, Heiji mad is always funny in situations like these
Lol! Conan's face expression at 4:16 xD! "This will be the game-winning home run game, you know?" Hahaha! And his expression at 4:25, haha!
Last time conan animation is different from the now animation . O.o
Judy Sun
lol the accent bit is so funny especially conan's "haha I beat you" face
Jennica Jung
"upper respiratory tract infection ?!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and the way haibara says 'bingo'... KAWAIIIII~ >.<
Rosy J.
one of my favourite scene is 2 spots at Conan's face....a ha !! with shy~ahahaha love conan!!
Cass Hanberry
OMG conan's face at 4:25 LOL
Ate AiBarra
Lol Conan's using that accent like crazy haha heiji is mad lol and his face haha I can't stop laughing
Neifz *
I'm gonna have to watch detective conan again
Ashif Ali Pramanik
Episode no. Plz
D'Asia Funches
3:50 I DIED 7:54PM
Jamn El
what episode is 3:50 - 5:07?
4:51 just keep looking at Heiji’s face. He’s mad!
コナンホントは昔蘭とキスしたぞ 人工呼吸だけど
Midnightpintowolf!!! XD Thanks for the vid btw!
MidNight Rain
she will find out one day, and jimmy is a good name in place of shinichi it goes well with kudo just like shinichi
Anzana Shrestha
MidNight Rain
yeah i remember and also in the 600 she almost gets him too but thank you also to me its more like someone else told me before that she knows but is just waiting for him to tell her
XD thats tOOoOO funny the part with Heiji!!! XDDD " Shinichi-niichan said"!!! XDD
Atama Mochi Mochi
Shira Rose Flower
what episode on 2:16??
MidNight Rain
you know ran could just call him shinichi for a week and see him slip up and reveal his secret but one could only wish for that
Myron Eisenhower
No this is 651 in Anime. But the funniest thing happen on this episode is when the culpit attack Ran and Kazuha.
Ngoc Tran Phan
Thanks U!!!
Ta Pe
4:00 dau phai la tap 681 dau ham qa
Ta Pe
4:00 dau phai la tap 681 dau ham qa
Ta Pe
no not
Ali Almahdi
Holy craps... That episode really stopped me from sleeping for weeks.. I never looked at a window that time
Sheldon Cooper
Yup it's 651
Sheldon Cooper
It's actually episode 651 Heiji vs Conan special West vs East.
Shengda Liu
No it isn't 681 :/
jihoon hwang
i believe it is 35 and 36 but same here! i couldnt sleep for ages TT_TT
Angel Marie
What episode is 1:47?
D Enigma
lol this show is gold XD
It's explained in the manga that Tokyo people don't really get upset when people don't speak correctly because of Foreigners and Osaka people get upset because it's not spoken correctly ^^
It was one of the movies I think
lubna star
سخيف لكن good gob
4:25 Shinichi: U mad bro?
ynching tibay
what episode is 3:34
Gm Refuerzo
What episode is 3:50
Conan was doin tha dialect wrong
Sakuya Izayoi
Thu Trang Nguyễn
At 4:00, conan's face looks so funny, haha
Lenalee Lee
XD Conan thought that Ran was going to kiss him
Angelic Guardian
I don't quite understand why Heiji and the other dude got mad a Conan for talking in the Kansai-ben dialect?
Cyrah Bien Solomon
it really sure is funny
what episode is 4:00??
at 1:52 why didn't he change back to shinichi?? as of what i know he will change back to his old form whenever he has cold
Whst episode is 1:43
Esther Oh
Eh? Teto Kasane? The Utau Teto Kasane? WHat is she doing here on a detective conan funny moments video? btw, I'm your biggest fan!
Teto Kasane
In 3:49, Conan and Heiji are doing a deduction battle. That's why Heiji freaked out because Conan knows the culprit :)
You shouldn't be surprised. Ran trusts that Conan is NOT Shinichi (Right now) and trusts the fact that Conan and Shinichi are different people.
I am surprised Ran doesn't even recognized shinichi without glasses.
Jane Myan
lol conan look so excited
naily leeya
I really like it..when conan speak kansai_ben cause it make heiji mad... hahaha... so funny.... i watch that episode so manytimes but it still make me can't stop luv... ((^_^))
the LOST
episode 35 and 36
Luna Liz
Can you tell me what episode , ova and movie you use ?
Luna Liz
Then what is this ?
Luna Liz
Is this a movie ? Or OVA maybe ?
Rasp Berry
What episode was 3:22?? I wanna watch it..!
what episode was this?
SchAißer poop
I actually watched the full episode of the third one. It's very nice
Ate AiBarra
Omg Haibara is so weird
Can someone PLEASE tell me the episode number for 4:00?please
Alex Sung
They don't really talk like that in the Kansai dialect...right?
Coni Bravo
Conan relajate , si viste otras cosas tambienXDDDDDDDDDDD
Rin Kagamine
0:07 what episode?
mi- coco
NurxNeo l
Heiji.. haha.. poor you Lost with Kudo again
wut the episode for 2:31 and 1:28
SHIP... sorry
パト・アッカーマン | Pato
Ai... *WTF WAS THAT???*
paulette zeballos
Cual es el episodio de el minuto 55 segundos
Hahaha the accent xD Which ep?
Như Tuyền Hà
I love shinran so much 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗
Pac-Man Entertainment
you press down to jump, oh wait!
manh hung
2.08 tap bao nhieu day
03:48 ep 745
Hay Lee
Rjay Almedora
What episode is that when conan used kansai dialect?
Alexandria Hunt
When she said "don't move," I half expected her to pull a spider out of nowhere and say, "Got the bug! 😄 It was crawling towards you."
Elena Yousef
3:50 what do is it?
No One Cares
Gyakuten-sayonara-homerun xDDD
Blue Penguin優
paulette zeballos
Episodio 1:30 cual es¿¿¿¡¡¡
Shara Floofy
That last one made me burst out laughing so much I fell off the chair
Ze Ubermensch :p
1:00 what episode or Film ?