TFS At The Table: Chapter 3 Episode 18: Dragon Heisted | Dungeons & Dragons | Team Four Star

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Damn, Dagon! Join the Table LIVE Tues at 5PM CDT ➤ Lend us your energy! Subscribe! ➤ Join our Discord!➤ Help us create more!: ➤ Follow us on Twitter: ➤ Like us on Facebook: ➤ You can find more of our work on our website: ➤ Or you can buy some of our merch at: ➤
The Burrito
"And now that they know about our trap, then we shall place our trap around the trap they are placing around our trap!" Dagon's brilliance knows no bounds.
I love the references and jokes in this D&D campaign I'll gladly watch this until I die
^reads title and inhales deep^ HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT... HHHHEEEEIIIIISSSSSSSTTTT????
27:34 Dagon:”You enter through the front... we enter through the rear” Dagon, internally: “Much like last night...”
Silas Stryder
Eloy having the power of a magma golem is horrifying. Methinks Zito got the idea after DONKEY FIRE was such a smash hit.
I got to admit, during that exchange in the end, for the first time since Rite, I found myself really glad that Wake has been temporarily suspended from this campaign. I'd shudder to think about what could have happened in the end with Mr. Impulse Control himself, and how they're in a much better position for it.
Michael Connell
The end of this episode is perfect for the “To be continued “ meme
Korona Korm
I just imagine Frieda(sp?) when eating the Scorpion holding up a piece of it and muttering "This isn't pain, this is merely suffering."
Since Eloy's been changed to a griffin, will he still fit through ordinary building entrances? Will he need a griffin door?
19:59 The moment Zito said, "and like...", a fashion and cosmetics video ad came up. That couldn't be any more perfectly timed. XD
Jeffery Crouse
24:00 Lani's major os showing. We shall plan a plan around the plan they are planning around our plan
Conner Lang
Supernatural heat? In the dessert? This must be the work of an enemy Stand!!
Shane Vespender
Frieda is just a sith hanging with anime characters.
Jack O-Heart
I say we start suggesting what Dagon's best pick up lines would be. Here's my suggestion: (To a non-extinguished Aasimar) "Hey there. I know I'm Extinguished... but I bet you could light up my life~"
Chris Siemerling
Dagon - "I'm not an edge lord" Also Dagon - *Proceeds to act as edgy as ever* lol
rhystic studies
5:46 I was expecting Ben to say as Eloy, "there's some witch around here that has magic that makes you inflate?" in a confused and slightly worried tone, then Ezra does a facepalm.
The Skipper
Yayyy, more of my favorite Youtube program!!!
Micah Breeding
What might a Halloween one shot be like from the TFS group? Saturday Onders getting the worlds stolen candy from Mumja and his Unnatural Horrors? a one shot where they are the monsters them selves on some form of adventure?
Wait... Dagon was laid... Rubies... The Ruby of the Sea is the best lay ever!
Shawn Heatherly
I'm liking Vagan so far, and I'm quite happy the plan went better than Zito expected.
Aiden Neally
Am I the only one who imagines a young Ezra as Aladdin? Show tunes, singing and all... Maybe with Scaffy as Apu
Oh no... That very last line by Stretch just makes me think of Gordon Ramsay
Gears Guire
I remember when I thought I'd never catch up to weekly, then I did, now I'm early.
1:31:50 "i have proficiency in advantage" xD
Eli Gilman
Press "M" for meat
Damn, perfect timing. Was just thinking of what to watch.
Marcus Hatmaker
I feel like Elloys stand would be called something like "perfect harmony"
Ethan Hayes
*slaps barrel* It fit many map, bröther!
Michael Martin
Entrap them in the trap set about the trap they're planning to trap our trap that we're trapping their trap entrapping the trapped trap in part trap-ception also anyone else picture Dagon in a Megamind situation where he's essentially raised by other extinguished Aasimar
Albert L Mosley III
Vagen Pallet is a play on words for vegan palate as in a Satyr would eat more herbivorous. I got it of no one else did.
Mod's Guide to Everything
For some reason I think Dagon would be played by Nick Cage in a live action movie
11:02 The cat thing then proceeds to open its mouth wide open and produces a long beep. XD
Alexander Holt
Mysteries ABOUND, made of a deep energy Foes all around, but I will go fearless and free I'll give you strength, you give me love That's how we'll live (that's how we'll live) My courage won't fade if you're with me my ENEMIES will never win We will fight for love and glory, we will live to tell the story There is nothing we can't live through, nothing ever dies We will rise again! Don't stop, don't stop, we're in luck now Don't stop there's so much to be found We can find paradise, all we have to do is go Go, free your soul! Dragon Soul! Coincidence, I think not
Meme Smithy
“I felt his girth” -lani, 2018 Edit: <—————— to be continued
Sam Metzel
1:22:05 Lani with the DEEP cuts taking me back. I'd be surprised if anyone else picked up on that reference.
theinvincibletoyfreddy 1
Hey tfs at the table I'm glad you uploaded ltoday im sick and got stung by a bee while hunting and misfired breaking something didn't figure out what yet
It makes me sad that the wiki is rarely updated, the last page added was Dagon Someone whos good with wikia, please update.
... Dagon's pose is literally from the Devil May Cry 3 boxart
Daena Grey
I will not be a part of this trap that's part of a trap for another trap to be taken apart---But what if part of the trap was the Cat that is a Secret... Pseudo-Dragon... Edit: GODDAMNIT ELOY... Your Water needs a nerf. Right away.
Sean NotShawn
2:00:41 Eloy became Avenger from Harvey Birdman.
I'm glad y'all liked the Twin Snakes I sent! Or that someone else sent! That it's another thing we know you like!
ZeroZeras 47
Frieda: oh let me get that for you sweetie *licks her thumb then stabs Dagon in the cheek* Dagon: FFFFFFF- Frieda: ah! What do you say??? Dagon: thanks mooooooom Kobold Knights: dafuq did we just get ourselves into?
It feels like it was my destiny to be here. In this box. You should join me
13:09 Ok, is Ezra a Stand User, too? XD
When did tiny Eloy fight a tiny crab? I don't remember that episode
I wonder what Frieda would look like as The Pain from MGS3...
rhystic studies
Darth Sanguine
54:40 A phantom steed eh? I guess you could say the guy's a ghost rider... XD
This is the best DND game on YouTube so funny
There are such things as gryphon vultures, you know.
valindro zanthros
yes carry someone away in a WAKE!!! of destruction
Yu-Jo-San Gaming
Our DND sess'h is tommorow after school
Sam Bro
I feel like a one shot where there all monsters on Halloween would be fun or they’re all werewolves vampires tieflings dhampirs tosculi from Kobold press etc regradless either variant on the concept of death house or monsters helping humans or murder mystery or they’re all blood hunters rangers and paladins regardless I know if tfs does one it would be awesome
Goddamit Zito I wanted to see that fight!!!!! Now I gotta wait another week!!!
Alexander Carter
I get the grant is playing his character but i still think that Ezra would want that ring back since its not like he lost it fairly it was literally stolen from him from a mimic. Id be salty as hell if my DM did that too me
John B35
Ezra is still infected with vampirism from the living wall. You guys really need to get him checked out or else he's gonna wind up with a really bad case of anemia.
its a poor Taryon Darington mixed with a Garmelie
Cebra Ulkenne
Another episode of the Natural Pun-ders
Jared Phillips
If only we can find a red dragon that eloy can date
Love this campaign guys. Every week it brigthens my day.
Conner Lang
1:29:20 _What is the music of life?_
Justin Schwartz
Loved this episode. I only have one thing to say about the ending and thats "Damn it Grant!"
Rennis Tora
Dragon Heisted: Rise of The Natural 20nders.
Zito: (Lip smacking)...BODACIOUS!
Dragon's D3N
M Poor poor meat
That ending......all i could think was: why?! why ezra?!
Daniel Rutherford
Dagon:The fire spears trophy of power
Garrett Brough
Frank Nova
Huh, will Nedra get hurt getting touched by some1 wearing the molten ring?
Tom M.
I really enjoy this show, but is anyone else finding this arc a little dull? Like we went from sailing from island to island with different adventures to some kind of paperwork simulator in a desert. Am I the only one thinking this?
Andres Munoz
So Paradise PD has an episode dedicated to D&D n thanks to this show i understood all the references n jokes thanks you guys!!
Green Dragon
Ezra used wake up slap on dagon it’s not very affective
“Don’t worry it’s going to a better place” *Camera shifts too show players not knowing how to respond or take that* “And then pooped out the other end” Ezra: Well great
King Retri
*In my best Tristin voice* In a couple of hours the sun will come out!
47:17 kinda like how the crew left Wake and N̶e̶d̶r̶a̶ Destruction behind.
So the Prince of the dragon people had half of his face burned off, why does that sound familiar?
Mark Santora
Love the series and the show, couldn't wait to catch up. "Hears fortnite joke". Well it was a good run boys
Crowborn Chaos
m for meat
I'm finally up to date!!! Haven't been since November last year! I'm so happy!
Justin Szegda
Almarad vs Almarez how could you ever confuse the two.
jaiden martin
Is it bad that i could totally see dagon and freeda being a package deal from now on
The Inquisition
I started watching TFS at the table 3 weeks ago, and I'm now feeling the dread of catching up, and waiting every week ;-;....Emperor protect.
Leon Trin
Is Aamerez (the lead kobold) secretly Task?
time to find a lamp and shove a genie into it
Axel Kasai
I took the barrel :D
24:02 I love when this joke happens. XD
-biggest grin- I love Vagen
Mooky Lad
I forgot what race Dagon is.
I love it when the villains are stupid as bricks. I would magical nuke the room and bail out a window. Of course I like winged PC's a lot.
tfs at the table chapter 3 episode 18 funny moments 4:01 are you rolling to see what a crab is?! 10:12 i just show myself 38:03 captain ezra was i 42:46 that's some damage
Trek The happy turtle
We need more Lewd redd. Nuff said
Lee Blankenship
Good timing for work
The awakened Vulture is such a curveball.
1:21:00 drop tilted you cowards
My players have learned to use a bag of holding as a bag of gagging and murder. I hate how much I love the idea.
BigPapa Shamrock
The raven queen race and their raven queen abilities... yet there's a different pantheon