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Kate Dubbs
I think if you or MTV funded a series or special about you finding your biological family in Chile, it would be really interesting!
Gianna J
Many newborn babies were stolen and sold in false adoptions by the corrupt Chilean government under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet from the years 1973 to 1990. I highly encourage you to look into finding your birth parents if you are an adopted Chilean born during that time, as there is actually a very real chance that your birth parents NEVER placed you for adoption. Since the end of the dictatorship, many Chilean parents have come forward and said that the hospitals took their babies from them against their will and the babies were never seen again. Watch "Children of Chile" a documentary about Chile's broken adoption system and all of the children stolen from loving families during this era.
Imagine snooki with a Spanish accent how funny would that be Lol
Stephanie Galindo
Idk if you’re into history but have you ever thought about how Pinochet was still the dictator in Chile when you were born. At this time they would take the children from the people opposing him (or desaparecidos), and giving them to adoption agencies. Have you ever thought of finding the agency your parents used and figuring out if you were taken from your mom illegally? Maybe she’s been looking for you but has no where to start... idk just a thought.
Geneva Granados
Never would have guessed. Yes you did not look like your parents, but you can pass for an Italian lol
Gloria Estopinan
Snooki you are so strong. Not a lot of adopted kids are as strong minded as you. And that’s sad. I’m glad your heart is happy 😃
scott s
Being adopted from Chile as well, maybe you should look up some of our history? I grew up in Long Island, by an Italian family as well... I never wanted to know about my mom and dad as well, until I found out more about the Chilean government was selling babies for adoption... maybe you should read up about OUR CULTURE AND WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR PEOPLE! 15,000 people went missing, maybe you should make sure what really happened... I relate to you very much, but to me that story sounds familiar with either ur parents we missing against the dictator Pinochet, please don’t think your in for a rude awakening with what couple of happened with your birth parents... I hope that they are ok and still alive, and if you meet them, I hope it’s everything you dreamed of
My friend's sister is chilean born in the 80s and was stolen from her birth parents as a kid. Their parents never new until they researched it. They thought they were saving a kid from a poor family. Turns out she was stolen from a hospital and sold to an adoption agency. They met their birth parents and apparently it was the hardest, most emotional experience especially for the birth parents because they weren't even able to communicate with her as she didn't know Spanish. Please take some time to see if this is the same situation for you as you were born right when it was at its peak. Especially because the story of why your birth parents gave you up literally mirrors the story my friend's family were told.
Shitty Glasses
We love a Chitalian shishter
Lt. Dan’s Legs
Snooki has come a long ways from her jersey shore days.
Alex Gilbert
Nicole Polizzi this is an incredible story! I was adopted from Russia and into New Zealand when I was two years old. I found my birth parents in 2013. I traced them down using Social Media. Different for me is that my birth father didn't know I existed. Your video is inspiring not only for me but for others adoptees around the world. My channel is all about my meeting with my birth parents. My birth father I have a video about and also a video with me meeting my birth mother. Thanks Nicole for sharing this. I am now continuing to help others adopted around the world with my own Facebook Page 'I'm Adopted'. Thank you Nicole!
N DiMasi
I feel you. I'm adopted from Chile too and grew up Italian. It takes a lot to talk about. Remember our parents choose us and gave us a great life.
Kishauna Fletcher
What happened If You And Pauly Was Related It Would Be So Cute
Carolina Silva
Maybe your adoption was illegal...try to do an investigation, Chile its not a country that you can adopt so easy, many chilean families are waiting for an adoption now and in the past too, in your time perhaps was because the dictatorship, everything was illegal and many babies were stolen✌✌
Aisha Lewis
Enjoyed your video. Would love to see a vlog of you finding your birth parents.
Rosario Uribe
Come to Chile Nicole!! I am you Chilean fan dude ❤️❤️🇨🇱 there’s a lot of cool places to visit, also you kids would love the country!!
Most Chileans and Argentinians have Italian ancestry so she most likely have Italian genes still...
Quick-Sword Ilena
I get why your mom doesnt like you asking about your birth family but i feel like that isnt the right attitude to have about it just cause they are still the reason you were born so to be curious about it is totally normal
Kylie Cedar Face
Wtf!!! I didn't know snooki was adopted lmao im shook 🤔 but she's blessed and happy that's all that matters ❤️❤️ fr 💯
Snooki you are 30? Wow you look 20 ☺️ You grew into a smart beautiful little lady 😉 👏🏼
Jake Rises
Do you plan on also adopt ?
Nathan Lee
Also adopted from Chile. Santiago. Just found my birth mom
Daniela Minervini
Although your Chilean, I see you as Italian! You’re one of us at heart
Jaznut j
Would love to see a video of you doing an ancestry DNA result, I'm almost positive it would come back that you are 65% or more Native American and the rest is a mixture of European countries (due to colonization etc.) If you made a vlog on you going down to chile and meeting your birth family I think I'd cry hysterically and rewatch it 1,000,000 times. Oh pleasee share with us if you ever do! 💛💛💛
What I love about Nicole is that she's real ❤ I would love to see a reunion but it's a private thing. Your amazing Nicole 🤗
Angel Thomas
I absaloutly love how humble she has been an remained.respect
María B.E.
Amo Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱 ¡súper chido que creciste en una familia con amor!
Nico Luengo
Nicole!! I’m Chilean and I live in Santiago. I would totally help you find them and be your interpreter! I speak english and spanish! Hehe ♥️ Thank you for talking about this! And I can totally the see the inner chilean in your personality 😍 🇨🇱
A New Love Official
I hope you find your biological parents one day because they are part of who you are today. Even if they didn't raise you as their child but still, you are lucky enough that they think about your bright future. No parents would want to let go of their children but I think they have a very good reason for doing it and that is very heartbreaking .
Samantha Mallett
This was very inspiring for me. I’m adopted from Ukraine and I know exactly how you feel.❤️
lauren ralph
You have such a great attitude about being adopted and I love how you said I don't like saying adopted parents they are my parents. Nicole ur such a loving person and very nurturing. Love ❤️ u girl keep being you you rock luv🎉🎉🎉
Susan Nevells
Awesome list you got a good family that love you.
Lexie Wilson
"Would I still be this hot mess? Just in Spanish? Probably." HAHAHA That made me LOL! Loved this chica! Love you! Thanks for being so honest about this! I want to adopt in the next few years so I applaud your parents for spreading love and taking you home. <3
Diana M.
CHI-LAY-NAH! 😂 Love ya, Nicole!
Karen V
I didn’t know this! No wonder she always looked Hispanic/ Latin American to me. I never saw the Italian in her. Snooki you don’t need to tan, you have that natural melanin hun 😘💕
Maelyn _
I relate so much! I’ve never really found anyone with a similar experience. I was adopted from China, but America is all I know. I always knew I was adopted bc my family is white. And I wished for so long that I could be white and fit in (I’m literally the only Asian in my entire school). It took me a while but I’ve come to the conclusion that I just need to embrace it. I can’t hide my past, me being adopted has shaped the person that I am today. And of course I have thoughts about my birth parents ALL the time. And I have nothing but love for them. They sacrificed their own selfishness for my happiness and I will be forever grateful. The whole situation is a blessing and a curse. Luckily, the good (my supportive, loving family; the roof above my head; my chance at an education; and SO much more) out weighs the bad by a land slide :) It’s just refreshing to hear someone talk about the same thoughts and experiences I’ve been through. Thank you for sharing! If anyone has questions about adoption please don’t be afraid to ask. I’m more than happy to answer your questions!
Ulysse Hwang Fam
Oh wow I had no idea ! So cool cause me and my fiancé are adopted too 😘❤️
Michelle Morera
Do you think your birth parents & siblings watched you on Jersey Shore?!
Debra Bond
Before you leave this world you should go and look for them, because its always good to know where you came from; especially if you don't know where you are going in this life ok! So once you find them and you met them than you will know where your going to in life, because you have found where you come from ok dear. And if I was was your adoptive parents they should support you in finding them unless they know more than they're telling you.
BwanaLana _
You were probably stolen when you were born....and sold for a cheap price to some rich Italian Americans.....if your adoptive parents aren't open to telling you the truth and you're 30, they're HIDING SOMETHING SNOOK.
You tried really hard to fit into the Italian culture which is natural. But make sure you don't exclude your Latin natural side bc there's nothing wrong with it! It's amazing 💕
Loved hearing your story Snooki.  And BTW, you look gorgeous!!
“ hot mess just in spanish “ i can just imagine 😂😂😂
I just want to flick that brown ball back into place. *EDIT The one in the bowl! Not the "meatball" 🍝😂
Miss Angie Girl
I love this so much... bless you and your FAMILY!!!
Lori Averill
You have an amazing outlook on being adopted. I'm very happy for you.
Poo Bear
I agree when saying “adoptive parents” towards the people who raised you, it’s super uncomfortable and weird 😂
Earls Family Vlogs
Takes so much courage to be vulnerable - thank you!
CHILENA HERE!!!! 🇨🇱 I love u Nicole!! So cool you talked about it ❤️
LifeOfLatrise 22
I just dropped my story this i felt deeply
Cynthia Plavulj
I'll go and translate for you❤ I love your attitude and respect you for sharing
Simon 8
I love that Snooki doesn’t mind telling her apoted story 🇨🇦👩‍🎤🤱🏽
LaTanya Porter
They your Mom and Dad mic drop🎙🤗👀
Let 2u
Beautiful soul. I can't wait for more story time. Thank you for sharing.
Yeska Buena
Just HIRE a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR let them do the work. Lol Thank you for sharing
Aww I love this! Thanks for sharing ❤️
If you do meet them please film it!!
Proud Independent
Adoption is really unconditional love. I'm so happy you were raised in a loving family home. Love you Snooki!❤💕
Klove The Lou
Wow. I did not know that.. Ok..👏👏👏👏👏💗 still beautiful cutural connections
Yomara Rivas
You are an awesome mother! Thank You for sharing something so private! 😘❤️
Ashley Griffin
Being your adopted, has it ever made you want to adopt a child?
Lovely video Snooki! I absolutely loved this sweet and honest story!
Melissa Gallegos
Take Jersey shore cast with you!! Another family vacation!!
Rachel Wolter
It’s so crazy how similar we both are! I was also adopted (from India) and my whole family is Italian from jersey. I always tell people I was raised Italian 😂😂 we’re also both short! I’m only 4’11” 😩😂
Nikia Duggers
Ayeeee!! I went to marlboro too 👏🏽😂😁
I love Snooki she reminds me of that one girl you can always talk to about anything
Arielle Boyd
Never knew you were from the Marlboro/Newburgh area! I’m from here, born and raised. You are beautiful Snooki, Love ya
ginny lassiter
That ☝🏼 ball at the top right is so distracting 🤦🏻‍♀️😆
Blessings love, u encourage so many... Completely relatable 🙊🙉🙈💋💋💋xoxoxoxo
Jordana Lenihan
My grandparents are from Santiago Chile 🇨🇱
Tima Amador
I love you ♥️
Elizabeth Gomez
Thank you so much for sharing this ❤️
Monique Bevan
How did I not know you had a page until today! OBSESSED 😍 LOVE YOU xxxx
Steph Mendoza
So glad you finally shared this story!! I’ve always been so curious.
Rose petal Garden
I never knew u were adopted snooki. Ur an amazing person love ur personality and nothing wrong with been adopted girl !!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Xochilt Riva
I can't believe I really thought she was genetically Italian but now I can definitely see the Chilean in her. She looks like an indigenous Chilean. I'm so glad you opened up with this like your heritage is so beautiful just like you.
Cyndy Reyes
Definitely do a vlog about meeting your birth family someday ❤️❤️
Elmarie Volschenk
Hi snooki This video is amazing I'm also adopted and out story is sooo much the same I was adopted at birth.. I've always known i was adopted my parents told me since i was little... and my birth mother also had to give me up for adoption because she and my grandfather couldn't afford to take care of me and they just wanted whats best for me (i have an older sister shes 25 now I'm 20 now) so yeah they couldn't afford to take care of another child (my biological Father is M.I.A. he left my mom when he found out she was pregnant with me. So yeah... I also gave a younger sister she's 15 and we look so much a like its insane 😂 i found my bio family in 2018 and i was in shock... When i found them it was the most amazing thing ever... I have a lot of my moms features .. And i have her attitude and just the way she is in all... My adoptive parents are amazing i honestly love them so much .. My adoptive mom couldn't have children thats why they adopted but the most amazing thing ever happend she got pregnant... At the age of 45 /46 so i was so happy .. I still wonder about my bio dad because i haven't found him yet I'm a bit scared but yeah.. I also never really talked about my adoption because i had people say some mean things to me when they would find out about it so it was tough... But i have 3 amazing sister , 2 amazing moms 1 amazing dad (and 1 amazing step dad he's my youngest sisters dad my mom and him got married in 2001 i think) and i have 2 amazing grandparents ..
Haley Scott
Awe that's so cute I use to work with your dad at copart in Marlboro!
Nicki Goldberg
I had pretty much the same situation as you growing up knowing I was adopted, being super content with it, and loving my family. The only difference is my parents know who my biological parents were, turns out they were only 16 when they had me. After growing more in more interested (especially about who I looked like!!!) when I turned 18 I flew to Texas (from NY) to meet them, and it was the greatest experience of my life. I had developed a newfound respect for them for loving me so much and giving me the life that they did with my amazing family. Definitely meet them if you get the chance! It filled a void in my life that I didn’t even know I had ❤️
The Dibs Life
Thank you for sharing your story!
Alinta Daniels
Your soul knows babe! That's why your searching for truth. Mine came at 28 and found out who my father was .. ((mum lied)) neway found him and met him plus the little bro and siss and it's going pretty well but I will warn you (emotions and thoughts will arise)) push through it and find your peace! Because it's apart of you you are and it's your right to know who you are and where you come from. Plus you get to find out all your health history, culture, family members and pass that on to your kids! Don't let it get you down 💪🏼listen to your soul and find who you are xxx from Australia Might want to look into getting a therapist to help you process shit! Lol I deff needed one ☝️ at the time as I had thoughts of I wasn't wanted and wasn't made out of love and wasn't needed and so forth. But in truth we are all here for a spiritual (human) journey and come from something bigger and that made me think 💭 dude I actually matter!! I am special and needed 💖 (I find this in Jesus) each to their own tho xx
Jennifer Rice
Wow! I lived 30 minutes from you 😘
Yes!!!! This is so fucking relatable, I’ve always known I’ve loved you since Jersey shore 😍😍
Momma Kilkil
I knew u weren't Italian
Michele Moore
Hey Snookie,, nice story. I'm glad you feel good in your skin.
Awii Murphy
You should meet them Its a good experience ..I did Also grew up an only child , but had siblings .
I got adopted in March <3
Gina Marie
Hey. Love you since the 1st Jersey Shore. I live in Upstate NY Syracuse
That Girl Renee
What an amazing, inspiring story. Love you loads xx
Norma Jean
Snooki needs to contact TLC Producers n find her birth family
Sara McDermott
Hi Snooki, just a question. So I wasn't quite set up for adoption, but my mother and bio father split when I was young (a few months old) then my mother found someone else who she married (and still with to this day) and he ended up adopting me. I still talk to both Father's but it's extremely HARD. I don't talk to each of them about one another but they get upset I call each of them dad. How would you handle that as a child who was adopted? Also, do you feel like you have to keep wanting to find your biological family a secret from your parents?
Grumpy Arvizu
Ur adopted parents did good job on you even ur so wild and fun I love you for who u are.. I hope that ur birth parents will be more involved in ur life.. no matter what ur adopted and ur birth parents wanted you to have the BEST life as you can. P.s I am not adopted myself but I have someone in my life is adopted and all I wishes him the BEST for his future.. you know school and social media and maybe one day he comes around. (Fingers crossed)
Great story/vlog ♥️🙂
Kelli Ortega
God Bless you hunny. You really have an amazing outlook. You really were blessed with a family who loved you x2. Its great to see how much youve grown. Congrats on your new baby !!!!
Vee See
Seeing a brown latinx girl on television that looked just like me was so awesome and girl we love you I would love to see a video of you meeting your birth parents and I’m sure others would love to see it as well. Viva chile 🇨🇱
I’ve always wanted to adopt 😇 There are a few adoption stories in my family as well, including my mom 💕
Holly Rowen
Chitalian! 😘 Your inner strength is AWESOME!!!!
Maria Lopez
Lol a hot mess in Spanish lmao love you 😘
tiffany guldi
Yes!!! This would be a great idea for a tv show!