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Evil Bikes - The Wreckoning and the Insurgent Review at Fanatikbike.com Shop Evil Frames: - $500 OFF the Insurgent!! We take a look at the Evil Bike's newest enduro shred rigs: the 27.5," DELTA equipped, 150mm travel Insurgent, and their long travel 29er Wreckoning, Boost 148 equipped, 160mm travel trail destroyer (now available in small and with water bottle mounts!). Read our full review at /> Build your dream bike at /> Check out our build gallery, chock full of rad custom builds:

Charles Talhelm
Wow! that trail!
Ákos Moldován
Those steep drops...
Gnarly trails!
Jared Paul
That was really sic! Good review guys!!!
Amazing review with incredible riding! It's such a refreshing change to see a review done like this. Subbed and looking forward to more :)
Verdon Tomajko
great review, no nonsense , on point and great real sound without annoying lousy music, way to go BIF FAN!!!
Brian Westfield
You guys do the best reviews. Keep up the great work. Such a gorgeous trail with equally gorgeous bikes.
Phill chill
<<< B.C Rider
Redneck Horde
ma this rasta looks like a cousin of carrottop
King Rat
Less yappin, more brappin!!
Norbert Demanuele
Location of this trail? I wonder how the Wreckoning compares to the Ripley (Ibis) ? Thanks
Andy Mcdixon AD
Brilliant video, so helpful. At 5ft 6 I will now order my Insurgent in a small as a result of this review - superb work guys
Shaun McCormack
Awesome trail!
scott wilson
Awesome video guys, subscribed 👍🏻
Great bike with equally great and skilled riders. Awesome!
Justino Smallz
Ivan Maza
Valentin Miu
Amazing trail..great video..
Mario NeoMetal
Un manjar!!!!
Scott Gibson
Beautiful trail, great riding, thanks
aaron siloy
I love the bikes and specially the video! The kind of video that i love to watch from mountain bikes! Excellent!
ohhhh the brake gobbler, fkn horrific sound
Matthew Jackson
Very good review. Oh and those trails!!! WOW!
Jay thepainter
where are these trails!!!gotta be b.c
Dave Huffstetler
that was some great riding. would love to see an edit from these guys
david mccullough
Good to see bikes being test on natural trails rather than trail centre's those trails look sweet .
B Ward
Let me guess you got sram breaks on the Reckoning bike? Those things are howling like a banshee, no offense to Banshee bikes. Great footage, awesome Trail ,killer review!
Joe Ingle
awesome vid guys keep it up! just a quick question, im looking to buy my next bike, and i cant pick between these 2 bikes. im 5'10 and a half and i ride and race enduro plus i love a bit of downhill action from time to time which would you suggest? Also how does the wreckoning ride when faced with tight technical stuff that i sometimes, occasionally come across? Many thanks.
Paul Andrews
Great vid guy's. If your trail riding consisted of a mix of flatfish trail to rocky technical descents would you go for the wreckoning? Also does this bike have the raw speed of something like the E29? Cheers 👍🏻
Mitch W
I can hear Morgan Freeman but I'm sure he is neither one of them!
do all disc brakes sound like that? None of my bikes have those so I don't really know.
Great review, great riding, great trail.
Great video guys. Question what size stem you guys are running on the bikes?
anthony Dunne
A few reviews have said that the insurgent can be noise(chain slap) just wondering did you have any trouble with this on rough and rooty trails
La joie de vivre est là
Sandro Partell
So which one would you pick for enduro racing? And wich frame size with a body high of 182cm? ps. nice video guys keep going!
Trail Blazer ATV
Those are sick !!
Endo Alley
Looks like those will be erodatrails in a season or two.
awesome awesome trail! great vid! :)
scotch velo
2:26, pucker up! Jesus Christ.
Great video, what are the trails called and where are they? Thanks
Richard Wallace
That gap though, at 2.56!!!!! Respect
Enrique Harten
hey guys, what size do you recommend for the insurgent if i am 5f7
It amazes me the things that you guys ride down.
Ben Byra
what hubs are these!? they sound beautiful
Mehdi Rangchi
Nice work guys. Love Fanatik bike. I am coming to birch bay on vacation soon and will stop by.
James Young
epic riding, poor review
Just FYI, Evil now offers the wreckoning in a small👍🏼 Update: both colors are currently sold out on Evils website...
Marvin Grant
I will take 3 of each model pls...me my brother and nephew....
Rusty Thornton
witch bike has the better climbing efficiency, the 2017 enduro 29er elite or the wreckoning, i live close to xc trails but love to travel to pisgah nc
xinferis chief
Come on man... cut your hair.
Nomad Trails
my god these trails are amazing
Callum Young
I would go for the insurgent
Scott Gibson
Jadon, How tall are you? You said that you ride a small and the Wreckoning does not come in small. Great riding by the way, both of you. Take care
Tim henery
Thanks for the review. First of the specifics. 1)I'm 6'3", 235lbs 2)I live in Central Fl. A flat state, but I do ride technical, varied terrain. I take trips to North Carolina to ride their trails. NC's trails are more varied and can have a lot of climbing (compared to FL). I'm coming off a 2006 SC Nomad. I was interested in the Wreckoning, but starting to thinks it's overkill. I'm a fan of Evil, please feel to recommend one of their other bikes.
Mountain Goat Allen
Man Id Love to b able to try out a Modern full sus bike! but even more I would Love to Live where there are Trails Like that!
Jesse Vandenborn
Hey what is trail is this and where is it located, it looks awesome!!!
Has it been said somewhere what are the bike sizes, and how tall riders are? The Wreckoning looks huge. Great video, thanks.
Philip Radford
Im 6ft and looking at getting a insurgent frame next month to build up. My DH bike was a medium and i was curious to see what size you would suggest me. I'm leaning towards large but thought id get your 2 cents. thanks
MTB & Koi pond channel
Hi guys really interesting video iam looking ordering insurgen this before I do what does this bike climb like have you notice any issue with this bike cheers boys
Rick Brown
I'm curious about the size of the frames and riders in this comparison, and what size frames they are comparing with the other models mentioned (wreckoning vs insurgent vs following for each rider, and the sizes).
Big difference: copying a drop without hitting your butt. And the 27.5 inches wins!
skilled rider - 650b. no skilled rider - 29er.