Kanye West - New God Flow ft. Pusha T (Explicit)

Kanye West - New God Flow ft. Pusha T (Explicit) Kanye West - New God Flow Kanye West - New God Flow Kanye West - New God Flow Kanye West - New God Flow Kanye West - New God Flow

Zachary Huff
I had to go back to this classic since King Push bodied Drake
"Went from most hates to champion God flow, I guess that's a feeling only me and LeBron know" That was cold asf.
Kay Eye
pusha's one of the last real rappers left
Brittany Willis
This song is motivational to me for some reason. It makes me wanna go out and be somebody and whatnot.
Dyllon Freeman
Matching DAYTONAs rose gold on us
Whos here to relisten after Pusha mentioned this song on The Joe Budden Podcast?
This song is sooo underrated🙌🏽🔥
James Reid
I once listened to this 10 times in a row
Trust YouMe
These are natural-born trend setters.
sangam dhungana
I believe there is a god above me... Im just the god of everything else !!!
Collin Smith
Ye's verse is so fire
Ian Connor
But the yeezy's just Jumped over the jumpman
Justus Green
Who's here after the Story of Adidon
Steven Hutchinson
Push went at Baby so hard on here. "Claim they 5 stars but they sell you dreams." Foretells Wayne's financial problems
I believe there's a God above me, I'M JUST THE GOD OF EVERYTHING ELSE --
Tardy McFly
A conspiracy theorist would think this was premeditated murder 🤫
Consistent Inconsistency
"I'm Bal-LIN, AMAR'E, A nick (Knick) sold in the park, then I want in." So much wordplay, references and double entendres in this line. Such an underrated song.
Kanye snapped
aidan fultz
Listenin to this then I hear 2:30 like damn Kanye been tryna jump over jump man for longer than I thought
Diallo Reese
Matching Daytonas rose gold on us. Wow they just released Daytona yesterday
You know why im here
pusha go hard in this
David Lloyd
Pusha T needs his respect already
Jade Techko
If this came out as the 8th track on Daytona.. this would have solidified that Album as a Modern Day Rap Classic.
Ben Thind
probably ye's best verse, ever.
I see u Fam
Who still rockin this in 2017
We Are The World
Who rocking post DAYTONA and Ye
So, I've always thought the "Mercy" song was pretty annoying, so I guess I just passed on everything else that was released off the Cruel Summer album without listening. I'm only one verse in and I'm realizing I was prejudging unfairly. This is dope as hell.
Who else listening in 2018 #Daytona 🔥
Jared Brewer
Who else came here cause you wanted to hear this song after the Pusha - Drake beef?
Tom James
Welcome new Pusha T fans . . . Pusha been that ***** for a long time! Go hit up those Re-Up Gang mixtapes as your take your journey through "who is Push?"! Also, Kanye throws the RIP to Whit . . . people can quit being PC about the Daytona album cover!
Roddrick Butler
kanye used to have the best stories to tell.
G-man Einstein Einstein
Push is so ill. sick
Larry Gardner
Pusha talking about Balmain in 2011
Rich Ə Wrych
the untouchable serious 7 . king Nas fabulous Jada Kiss pusha T ghost face killah Lupe fiasco Kendrick lamar
I love that extended chant/stomping shit at the end. Mad they shortened it on the version with Ghostface
It's official the yeezys jumped over he jumpman
Nathan Allen
2018 we still bumping this!!!
Kanye killed this!!
The lul
yeezys did jump over jumpman since then!
pusha needs to get malice back on the scene. I miss the clipse.
Guru God
At this point im almost certain push wrote this whole song
Eugene Palmdeuce
New God Flow! 🌴✌🔥🔥🔥
Zachery Houston
And just think ...Drake trynna battle this dude ?🤦🤷
Cody Kelly
Still one of favorite hip hop tracks of all time and i have no idea why.
Dalton Chris DiTullio Davis
People talked about the "Yeezy's jumped over the Jumpman" line like he was CRAZY back then. Now the resale value on J's has plummeted and Yeezy's are at a very stable level with record breaking sell outs and releases.
Caleb CrossCountry
May,15,2019 2:01a.m aaaaannd... STILL THA GOD OF EVERYTHING ELSE !!In My Existance ofcourse😎
The Best Album from GOOD MUSIC EVER! Best Collab!
Ibrahim Audu
2018 anyone? Am I the only one who remembers the Brad Pitt 'Is there no one else?' scene from Troy whenever Pusha T spits the beginning of his first verse?
roddyveli !
Ye spazzed on this
Daniel Johnson
Push T still smacking these rappers in the race... young or old....
Timothy Jacobs
Came back after Push said this track was a reply to Birdman!
Byron Odhiambo
"i believe there is a God above me!Am just a "od of everything else!" but still less than a mill! a riged world!
Henry Teccsi
Who here wants to learn about God
Phil Rockwell
Got my boy Ghost on the hook and the beat mixed in. I'm All in!
Patrick Hilaire
I believe there's a GOD above me
The black man is god ⚛️
Stephon Shakespeare
3:25 Kanye foreshadows his now "sunday service"
Ween Fain
Still 🔥💥 2019 💯
yoooo this shit is fireeee!! I'm actually mad I just now found this yo
Kevin Perkins
“ I was GOOD with the YE as a wholesaler , I think its GOOD that YE got a blow dealer ! “ Push dropped Good music twice and Ye twice in two different context 🙊
Frylock Jacques
When Ye stops the beat you truly hear the NEW GOD FLOW
Dominique Terry
Why has God forsaken us? ♡◇ 🔥📖🕯✡🍽
Kwamie Christmas
Well if you going coup I'm going four door!
Push should be on Griselda with Conway and Westside Gunn
Henrique Ribeiro
Marcos valle is the source
Estevan Flores
Living 3 dreams.
Timmy Time
Sunday service ✊
He pronounced target right... Good Job Pusha T! You got it right. Not as some artists who were using my lyrics
Ms D
2018...still bumpin this!!!
Jobs mine
Damn am no fan of hip-pop, but Pusha T went in like Thanos on drake and Toronto. Savage!!
NIl Patel
1:10 Rick Flair!
The Schwifty Man
respect West
money max money max 2x
Pusha t been hot since lord willin
Nhlanhla Zwane
Pusha and ye can never do wrong in my ears and eyes, love these ninjaz! G.O.O.D Music
jeremiah johnson
I tried to warn Drake but he didn’t listened and his demise was televised
Voss Jergunn
Pusha was always dope, but now he's taking the fk over and it's glorious.
"Ask any dope boy you know they admire Ye" 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋
4K Gaming
“Hold up I ain’t tryna stunt man, but the yeezys jumped over the jumpman”
roddyveli !
Bruh I dead forgot about this
Debts Without Regret
Anthony Fennell
I had to come back to this track since the Joe Budden podcast. “They said death multiple by 3, line them up” and he mentioned drake getting pissed on lmao.
Nicholas Zidarescu
"Ran up and shot him right in front of his mom"- this part of the song is so powerful
Ok but why did big Sean post this
Patrick Orr
6ix knows what's up
This mean he knew about Drake getting peed on lol
Young Skilla
1st comment after Pusha murdered drake
Tell Tuda
Next to me Pusha T the most underrated
Mayne hold up!!!...Kanye & PushaT went HAM on this one...I'm Starting to get this GM team,cous I'm more for that HIPHOP soul...(get me)...G.O.O.D Music is doing crazy things this year...well much love from Texas n say up y'all...(If y'all want check out my new freestyle to Kanye West New God flow Instrumental,I promise u it's seething new for the kiddies)...1love everyone...I'm out. •HIPHOPLIVESinme•
Ghostface's , supreme clientele. Classic album. Was 19, went to specs fucking twisted to Cop.
W. Frederic
why does listening to a good song make you want to start talking about YMCMB... fuckin sucks to be you. this music makes me think about other shit
Mason Colville
Lil Wayne is in YMCMB...
Black Man Rising
Ghost must be proud!!
braulio limon
You wanna make it you gonna have to sell your soul to the D e v I l
Samuel Despinasse
correction: used to and probably never will..
john carson
this my hype song before a game
Alyssa Ramirez
Good song minus like the last 54 seconds...
Cuz people with sense don't usually listen to a song that subliminal sends messages to your brain.