Lord of War - The life of a bullet

The life of a bullet Opening from "Lord of war" Music: Buffalo Springfield "For what it's worth" Youtube removed the Audio of The video, sorry everyone :/

Canaan B
I've never seen anything more anti war then this.
Stannis The Mannis Baratheon
Get quickscoped
la france pourtant membre de l’ONU figure parmi les plus gros vendeurs d’armes de la planète
Mickey O'Neil
1:30 cool captain.
Collin de Plancy
im affriad his right coz the war in Syria,school masacare and all that, look on texas over 500 dies on a gear of an ACSEDENT whith a gun, so I think its u that need to look a bit around the world
Best Intro of a Movie, so far
Jules Ragueneau
Léger décalage entre l'image et le son.
Agree 100%... this is an awesome movie.
i don't really like your pic, but i think you got the point. =/
You sound sarcastic to me...
People have killed each other since the beginning of time. Banning guns wont make it stop happening. Regulating might help, but even then, if someone wants a gun, they'll get one. I wish it wasn't that way, but it is.
People have been looking for ways to wipe each other out for century's and now they have to tools to do so.
fuck you guns are awesome. guns don't kill people, people kill people.
Schnake Eyes
dont need a gun to kill you.
its in our nature to be dominant.. but its just how you look at it
It's not a basic human need wtf? Food is a basic human need. Killing is in our nature, yes, but that doesn't mean we're obliged to fight wars. Also, in case you didn't notice, he was being sarcastic.
people will find other ways to fight each other. like they say in the movie. its a basic human need
i am glad to say i am the proud owner of an ak-47 :D
Criminals disregard the law in the first place, ban guns then only bad guys will have guns.
guns don't kill people, the machines that create them do. Ban all machines and none of this will ever happen.
Joe Dunn
should have been trump theme sound lol go america
what a creative opening scene:)
sometimes bad acting makes it looks so natural, it became a good acting! love nicholas cage for his good performance, especially in FACE/OFF
Murderers don't need guns to kill, and gun control doesn't stop them from illegally acquiring a firearm.
Bruno Wolmer
Gus exist, and we cant act like they didnt exist.
Can't listen to this song without thinking of vietnam
Unfortunately politicians have the same IQ as that guy.
Sure why doesnt just the first world power the us bans guns so we end up as the last world power without an army with a mafia selling guns in the streets for crimininals and the weak good people not having to find a way to defend themselves and a big rebellion and the 2nd civil war for human people's rights and 2nd amement rights start then you it ends and you have the Us with alot of presitge and you see around russia and china turn the world communist while the us is busy why not :D
Ok, I really expected you are from the US and I had a look top your channel - I was right
seth caldwell
no it wont
cue in "history of a knife" "knifes and knife owners cause this let's ban all knifes" cue in "history of a car" "cars and car owners cause this let's ban all cars" You get the point?
wow you are seriously delusional
Really nice move !
I don't understand, how does me owning an AKM cause Africans to shoot each other? Personally I would like Russia to be sending that ammo in my direction in such bulk. If responsible gun owners like me got a hold on those rounds and firearms then shit like that would not be happening. They would be locked up in my safe till I blast the side of a large hill for fun with friends.
Holy god you're completely stupid. Don't even voice an opinion on something you have no idea on.
I'm not liking all these sparks in a munitions plant.
Брати по зброї!
i think it is in ukraine
of course! you are absoulutly right!!!! people didn't kill each other before 1500 or so! Murder was invented the day after the first gun was invented!!!!!actually no you are completely wrong. people have been killing other people long before guns existed.
you.....lol please don't comment on complex issues when you have a completely foolish 3rd grader understanding of things. it doesnt work like that
I prefer the Hollow Point variant. That shit really carves through flesh.
People get shot in the head every day.
20mm :D
well, he was firing back so fair game
mine too :)
or are you just stuck in your room all day the world doesn't work like that
are retarded or something
Semper Fidelis
i can hear the song :D no GUN is evil only the humans behind the gun !
Scott Yi
good i hope guns get banned robbers jus get a knife or a machette and rob your house now ur response to such a scenario? A. call the police so they could bring the body bag B. let them jack your stuff C. knowing there is a chance u might get shot by robber who bought a gun off the blackmarket. or D. you have a gun to protect yourrself o wait u want all guns to be banned
lol walking dictionary, seriously what bloke uses humaniod plague in their everyday vocabulary, trying to hard perhaps?
haha made your rant off like a chump, didnt even bother to read pass the first word
you dumbass he didnt mention anything related to the kid getting shot.he just said he likes the ammo round. you got class matey
You can run from a machete or baseball bat, but you are a fool if you think you can outrun a bullet! So the comment made of people using other weapons is retarted!! "Guns don't kill people, the idea that we are all sane to carry one does!"
Wrong. He was a Soldier, And soldiers get shot.
Guns dont kill. Its the people who pull the trigger
Once you allow Guns, You cant ban Guns its a basic logic
Ben Bradbury
if you actually beileve that then you are an idiot. if guns are banned then people will just use other weapons. war and conflict is inevitable so dont post stupid coments like ban guns because it wont stop fighting at all.
Enough to know that they couldn't do the things they do in this movie.
This was an excellent movie, but the most unrealistic part was the interpole as a storytelling device. I highly doubt that the Interpole has any authority to go to military bases of sovereign nations and wave guns in people's faces.
This movie= Lord of Movies
so, thats just like saying its wrong to like being catholic, because a few priests are child molestors while the rest aren't. The primary weapon that fires 7.62 rounds are AK-47's and the AK-47 is a very reliable and accurate weapon (although the recoil is ridiculous) but you can modify the stock to reduce recoil. Like getting a spring system to help absorb some of the shock for example.
Dude, i would love to get into the weapons manufacturing buisness, there is a lot of money in it, and i loveees me my gunsss!
Fidde Brun
Imagine if Cage wouldn't play Yuri Orlov, then the movie would be one of the best movies ever made. Now Cage plays the role as Yuri so it sucks.
scott pearce
I love it when a video has out sync audio :S
this are our lives actuly
Yeah, this is my life XD
Stabacs McBass
Thank you! :)
Karl XII
Quiet, Russians at work.
not just the us, but the world in general
Battle of Hastings 1066
-Hazrd -
with free youtube to mp3 converter but the song is buffalo springfield - for what it's worth
Mikkel Valentin
Best movie-intro EVER!
Because unlike you Brits, we can defend ourselves.
Anindita Saktiaji
Wonder where to download this mp3 :)
Tomasz Tosik
Mużyn head shota dostał :D
any more?
PLease tell me your other 9 because im looking for movies to watch as brilliant as this and its hard to find them.
I will help show the Latin Letter and the Cyrillic Equal: SN = CH DD = ДД K = К O = О L = Л P = П V = В I = И (Russian) I = І (Belorussian & Ukrainian) Yi = Ї (Belorussian & Ukrainian) Ukraine in Ukrainian is Ukrayina
Well Kony puts the infant in infantry. I think its a great movie
yea but tht kid got caught in a civil war when he should be enjoying his life and playing with his friends now i no tht this is just a movie and this kid isn't REALLY dead, and i also no tht "its not the gun tht kills, its the hand tht pulls the trigger", and yes, u have the right 2 return fire if the kid is shooting at u but the real question is, who put tht gun in tht kid's hand in the first place? and ended up being shot by u (well, not YOU in particular)
BUT I would never shoot at a kid that is unarmed and caught in the middle, trying to hide or running away. Children cease to be children once they pick up a weapon and especially if they are shooting the weapon at another human. Whether 8 or 80 years old... IF they're shooting at me and it is either my life or theirs... My mind tells me to survive at all cost. It does not elate me to think this way, but hard choices with terrible consequences must be made.
With all due respect, if a KID is shooting at me, I'm not going to hesitate to return fire.
I understand your point and respect it. However, this kid was armed with an AK-47 and firing the weapon... which makes him a hostile. Northern most Africa has been relatively civilized for a very long time... especially if you go back to ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs and the technology. Central Africa has been ass backwards since the beginning of time. Most of these kids are drugged up and brainwashed by tribal leaders to kill.
now i dont care if its AP, FMJ, "WTF" or even motha fuckin depleted uranium ammunition it ended up in a kid's head, END OF STORY!!!
Kiran Adimatyam
one of my favorite movies!
7.62 x 39mm FMJ with steel core. Best ammo for best weapon ever made!
Видео немного размыто и переход к быстрой сказать. Определенно на русском языке и не украинский язык. На украинском языке, Украина будет написано: Одеса, Україна. Однако было бы интересно для исследования, если это было фактическим обрешеткой или Голливуд изготовленных поддельных обрешеткой.
At 1:45 I made out some of the information on the crate(s). SN: 83027 Odessa, Ukraine COD: DD KOL* or P-VO: 1588 *Video is a little blurry and moving to fast to tell. Definitely in Russian language and not Ukrainian. In Ukrainian, Odessa, Ukraine would be spelled: Одеса, Україна. However, it would be interesting to research if this was an actual crate or Hollywood manufactured fake crate. CH: 83027 Одесса, Украина Код: дд КоЛ* or П - ВО: 1588 Код: дд = Code: DD
Tim Pierson
that is the best comment i've ever seen on youtube. laughed my ass off.
I honestly can't say it.. But you can enjoy it on YouTube, 24 hours a day if you want to.. ;) youtube.com/watch?v=f5M_Ttstbgs&feature=my_liked_videos&list=LLDlOBHeXavirNrFHoXMwwgQ
Stabacs McBass
Thanks. Do you know, where I can buy this version? It is not on the soundtrack. Its also not on the OST to the movie "the music never stopped" where they play it to... And Itunes and Amazon dont have it, the version they offer is different.
Malcolm Pagett
I read one person say that in order to let stop the population we need to allow alot more people to die aswell as the two children per family rule. What do you think?
Søren Svarrer
much but not too much
Malcolm Pagett
300,000 people die each day. Half a Million are born. So not much death.
The Song is called - For whats it's worth from Buffalo Springfield.
Daniel Hickok
you wana know whats sad about this movie, is its true. People do what cage did in this video for a living. $ doesn't care who dies.
Daniel Hickok
hm... how about that? You learn something new every day!