SRI REDDY Open Challange to KCR about CASTING COUCH | Y5 tv |

SRI REDDY Open Challange to KCR about CASTING COUCH | Sri Reddy has challanged KCR that if the problems regarding Casting Couch were not solved, then she is ready to move on to Road and protest. #SriReddy #KCR #CastingCouch Watch Y5TV for Latest Movie updates, Latest News, Breaking News, Songs, Film Gossips, Health Tips, Exclusive interviews, Comedy Shows, Cooking Videos, Live Debates and many more.... Subscribe to Y5tv: />Facebook: />Facebook Page: />Twitter: />Linkedin: />instagram: />Website: Visit Us:

That's true..>KCR will never and ever support these kind of Crazy Insects.....If at all KCR supports this insect.. 2019 is going to be tough for him. Logically and practically KCR would'nt be supporting her for all the bad things she did till now. I am a fan of KCR and his speeches and I have voted him in 2014 and made my family member, schools friends, college friends and office friends vote for him for better Telangana and not for some lame Andhra Prostitute.