Kanye West - Runaway ft. Pusha T [Explicit/Dirty][Long version]

Couldnt find the extended dirty version on YouTube yet so I upload it myself. I manually edited this version over the original video; but this version appeared to be about a minute longer. Thus you get a black screen when the video ends but the music will continue. Grts Kanye West Pusha T Runaway Explicit dirty extended long

Random Poop
You are all subscribing to my channel because of this one kanye upload, but you're missing out on so much great content if you don't actually check out the rest of my channel :p
Legendary KoreanBBQ
Who is here in 2019 and still thinks this is one of the best songs ever?
Hate the man all you want but you cannot hate his artistry. This man is a visionary and brought a whole new sound and style to hip-hop. Hate the man but you gotta respect his music.
ferdi 25
The song is not so positively upbeat, nor is it downright depressing, it's just somewhere....in between. I have never been able to place it accordingly, and that's the beauty of this track.
Onyekachi Igbozuwike
Someone once said, "this song is like hugging the part of yourself that you hate." credits to him.
shae mae
Anyone gonna talk about how awesome the ballerinas are....
This song hits you hard on every level possible
One if best songs in music history.
Kaylie Hogan Nails
How can you hate someone for being brave enough to just be themselves unapologetically.
Kappa Pride
This is Bohemian Rhapsody of rap
Jack Danny
Most hip hop you got hoes twerking half naked, flat bills and chains. All the same shit. Then Kanye shows up in a suit with ballet dancers. It's pretty amazing all the way around lyrics, the instrumental especially is amazing and the video really is art. Those girls did a hell of a job, major talent from everyone involved. I wish we got a bit more of this stuff from him.
Joshua Moss
Now pick your next move, you can leave or live with it. Great quote.
Charles Mgone
The old Kanye needs to come back. This was genius
james quick
regardless of what you think of Kanye personally.... If you do not believe that he is a musical genius, then you are tone deaf and completely out of touch!!!
nalda blanco
The tune to this song is so sad... always brings tears to my eyes
bobby ao
who's still here in 2019?
ano nymous
Let's have a toast to everyone of these scumbags in the comments. *runs as fast as he can*
Mawly Mar
We all can relate to this...1 way or another.
husky butcher
shoutout to kanye west for having the first ballet sequence in a rap video
Fluffed Up Bros
The song is great, but the ending outro when he is talking into a distorted mic is pure perfection.
Brandon Smith
I appreciate you making this version bro it's 6am in PA right now and I'm having a moment of reflection
Anthony Gonzales
This song hit me like crazy
Was looking for the explicit version. Thank you.
Kanye is nothing but truthful. Take it or leave it. The end depicting women empowering themselves. I love Kanye. Some people criticize because they can’t handle truth. He’s that way with everything.
Colin Mcclintic
I think every man who has went to a failed relationship can relate... the lyrics describe the build up to the end of it.. hits the soul
That's the shortest 9 min video ever. Yeezy Baby
who's still here in 2018?
Zandile Xulu
Don't get it twisted. West IS a genius.
kevin higgins
My favorite kanye song of all time. #RunAway
Jay Johnson
That beat is so badass tho.. Damn I like this beat.
Jess Colcord
at least he effing warned the chick to run away from him.
God ill never forget when this came out
Ian Aitken
the look in your eyes is killing me...
Butch Magnus
If i was a Hater id be talking in this Room... I Love this Man. Kanye isnt a god... but he is a great talented man. So what he went Kardashian.... He knows how to Rap and sing.... He always be my favorite. Hate all you want. He means alot to me No Homo.
TheUncommon Karmen
That breakdown gets me everytime.. I feel the pain in the keys
Grant Henson
Seams to fit my relationships perfectly
hop Washingtion
This was one of the best things to happen to the game
Jess Colcord
How is this song not more popular than it is? It's at the top of my list, anyway.
young D.
🗣Mr. West we miss you
Valeria Co
The first mannequin challenge xD
Michael Richards
2018 anyone ✌️
This song hits you hard on every possible level
Sharon Cadiz
Yes sharon RUNAWAY as fast as you can You deserve better than this!!!
I had a fight with my mother and i was sitting in my room feeling messed ad i jist put on my headphones and played,dear God. I started crying because of the beauty of this masterpiece and all the emotions in me. God bless you Kanye, we all make mistakes and go through tough times but you inspired me to fight through with your story.... Kanye is an undeniable angel in disguise of an asshole...
Pedro Castaneda
my theme song
Stacy Hughes Fremin
for the ex husbands and ex wives
Aimee Thismotherfuckingshit
I really enjoyed the black screen with white letters portion. Very artistic.
Jason Aguirre
This is objectively the best song of the 21st century
Alberto Gonzales
It's going to be alright one day at a time Rome was not built in a day and neither was your mind
I don't like kanye at all, but you gotta admit that this is a great song. Sometimes you can't hate someone completely because of the stupid things that they do in their lives. He's an artist and that's the part that I focus on. I also like Drake and Pusha T, can't pick sides on that either.
Nicholas Leclerc
My favorite song!!!
TheSportsKid2005 A.K.A The Awesome Analyst
Who's here in May 2019 and still loves how musically smart kanye west is
Lenny Benitez
April 15 2019. Missing the real Kanye artistry brought me here.
Eric Lugo
Why they call him crazy, I call him a musical creative genius.
Brad Maxwell
6:30 explain this atheists.
James Madison
Liam Getschel
2018 still here🙏
Loic best
he is a Genius till death. will never stop listening to this song. way above talent.
He's only playing three notes, he needs to calm down on that piano..
Isaac Marley
Kanye is good. Have you ever heard him before he made a bit Lot Lot of $!? He's still making good music and he's still talented in his ways. I'm glad he decided to kinda reach for the stars w marrying a girl that had A LOT OF $$$ ! ! He's really a great entrepreneur! Good job at spending more $ on this song then most of us could Kanye, I think you're just trying to make your $$$ & progress through everything he puts his wild mind into! So great job Kanye! Let's help this world with it and Love one another. No hate. This world already has enough. Keep doing your thing Kanye, peace
i particularly like the letters at the end.
Lmao did you just add the music in the back with the video cUzi it's higher quality sounds o...ya u did just got to the end great vid bro luv the ending
Easside M.J Kamara
Who else watching in 2019? 😍
Аноним Анонимов
in 2019. and forever
Jairus Simmons
Thank you so much for the black screen with white letters 👏
More songs like this; 1 minute intro, 3 minute outro and the actual song is still five minutes. The substance is amazing
pot 197
this breaks my heart i miss my girl so much...
Karyssa Morgan
I have never been the biggest Kanye fan... He is however a musical genius... This song is on point.. The beat... The words... Everyone can relate to it on some level or another. 👏👏👏 oh and the ballerinas in this video are AMAZING
Mo Mo
How have I never heard this? Kanye is a musical genius.
Forever etched in hip hop history. His artistry is unparalleled.
Love the black screen with white letters...
'"who got ya?!"
mpho virginia
I love this track....
King Push slayed this song
Stephani Elyse
💟the concept, to Kanye created something truly intriguing and mezmerizing. Feel the beat like🤗
Mari D
Absolute best song he ever created... Period
Don Victory
man i miss this kanye west and best kanye west heard from 2016 or 2017 is waves
Anisha Chanallee Shade Mason
One of the bestttttttt from him, he spilled gemsssss.
sjon de vries
I hate Kanye, but this is brilliant!
Leslie O'Laoghaire
Stunning, musically and visually.
lisa moorehead
this is just a symphony of heartache and a love song all wrapped in one! it's very powerful af
I was never aware that all those hot nudes sent to my exes can be now sad stuff for a song.
James Madison
this is a god dame good song
House of Savoy
Incabod crane with that motherfuckin top off😂 sleepy hollow reference nice👌
Stephanie Yu
Anyone listening in 2019 💯 miss old music! 🥺
Henry Yackel
Damn, this song will turn 9 in November :(
Anyanwu Linda
2019,who is watching
Paula Camillucci
This video made me a life long Kanye fan.  Epic
Stamina Allday
Run away from me baby...runaway.. They never come back :(
Eyes Wallocome
Bohemian rhapsody of our generation
Antoni Kamugisha
One of the Greatest Hip pop Artist , talent to the core ,just Classic , meaningful is so many ways
Shinobi 91
6:25 until the end....that's what I call a Sonic voyage to the edge of the universe 🔥 🔥
Justin Allen
Can you upload captions?
Endy M
Art !!!!💃At his best He is typical genius typical musical genius every person that has some type of major good talent always in tune with their dark side and Kanye is in that club
Ndumiso Ngwenya
This is one of the songs that make it very hard to hate him
Ahntawn Taylor
Ahntawn Taylor