The creation of a Nakaya Urushi Fountain Pen - Made in Japan

Nakaya, original name of Platinum Pen Company, is famous for Urushi fountain pens. A Nakaya Urushi pen can cost thousand of dollars. If you have ever wondered why Nakaya Urushi pens are so expensive, here is your answer! Established in 1999, Nakaya is famous for their handmade Urushi fountain pens. Each of them meticulously made by craftsmen who have had nearly half a century worth of experience. All Nakaya pens are made entirely by hand. Starting with base material, Ebonite, the craftsmen use grinder to create the cigar shape. Afterward many layers of Urushi is laid over the base Ebonite material to create a sophisticated and elegant coating. Platinum, famous for their nibs, sourced only the best nibs for each Nakaya Urushi pens. Each nib is grind and tested thoroughly to ensure smooth ink flow and consistency in the line. It is not exaggeration to say to hold a Nakaya Urushi pen is to hold a work of art. This is the process of how a Nakaya Urushi fountain pen is made: - The best Ebonite material is sourced to make the pen body. - Urushi artisans make and apply the Urushi paint over the base Ebonite material. - After the Urushi paint is allowed to dry and complete, the pen will be assembled with nibs for testing. - The beautiful Urushi is important but how a pen writes is also important. The nib goes through rigorous testing to ensure the best quality. Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of this video. All copyrights go to the original owner, Dress up Men

I ordered my Nakaya in June and they just sent the shipping notification. It took about 4 months (and they had estimated 1 year.) I'm excited to see the results!
Secret Forreddit
I wish this showed some of the lacquering, but still a great video.
Jenny Free
Lathe work not very interesting. Urushi is what makes the pen different.