Detective Conan : Conan Speaking English

Detective Conan: Conan Speaking English

mieraa serenity
i wish when i found foreigner's cat they will invite me to their house in foreign country too....and pay for my flight
Alexandria Basbas
Wait... what??? An English person in an anime with perfect English skills and accent????? THIS IS A RARE FIND!
Hannarenae Mamalayan
Imagine the english dub, kogoro, speaking full english, can't understand an english sentence
Mi00ky Arts
Somehow it sounds really cute when he says "Thank you mam" so kiddy in english. (^_^)♥
If this is "speaking fast" ... XD
Donald Gotcher
Imagine this dubbed in English
Ella Peterson
It's funny when kogoro says "That brat can speak English?" Then Ran says "Looks like it."
Conan speaking English is so cute
nur diana
Conan kun too cute to handle 😆
Swapnil Upadhyay
So this was the first ever conversation, I actually understood without subs.😁
Bon Animates
Conan Sounds CUTE when he speaks english I can understand what they saying in english
Abe Lincoln Lover
Wasn't Conan's backstory that he grew up in America? Why are they surprised he can speak English?
Kevin Yuniar
Same reaction when you're travelling in non- English speaking countries.
When they're speaking english and you still read the subs, that means that you've been watching subbed anime for too long
Homeboi Gobta
Best English in animes
Lulu Laine
Expect the unexpected xD
"Thank you ma'am!" Me: Ajdbqkduejeb so cute D":
Luzaine Amud
that thank you ma'am is killing me sooooo cute
Homeboi Gobta
remember guys, I agree with you all, Conan is adorable but he’s 18
Jiara Lin
When you're trying to show off how good you are in speaking English then you suddenly know that the one who you're trying to show off is much better than you 😂😂
Nadji Fadel
What about the Dubbed version ?
سني وأفتخر
Conan can speak English very well Conan kann Englisch sehr gut sprechen
Ella Peterson
Or whatever she said.
Gabi Gopher
Conan sounds so cute in English but how does he know English so well
Clark Dairo // DragonXTreme
They kinda sound weird when they are speaking in english
Alluka Zoldyck
I hope you don't have school on the weekend!
Bobby Hill
"rank roo mam" 1:26
Many Random Things
holy son of a- holy son of a- Holy son of a- HOLY SON OF A- *HOLY SON OF A-*
Loli Chan
Saw this on a old comment Ep 616-621
Not my Name
Tbh, Conan is as fictional as Naruto etc. There's no one on earth gonaa offer tou a free flight ticket at the first 10 seconds of meeting
Sage Ruf
Actual decent English in anime.
Queen B
Sophiajean Abalos
#You're so Cool CONAN 😜😜😜😜😜😜
Games and Toilets Productions
So Rare! I wish this episode was dubbed in english so we could hear more of Conan speaking the american accent! He's so cute!
I mean if Takayama would work in England she would give the best cross VA
Reynaldo Villacin
lexie:when conan speaks english.. his so cute
'venus' heard something else ;-;
abdou yay
1:04 Even if the accent not that good *I feel this is not conan* ._.
Deniz Akin
Start of the BEST Conan arc
Otaku Chan
D Jason
Wow, that’s how I was able to come to the states! This anime just ripped off of my personal story!!!
Julius Goh
So what happened in DUB version
Satly Gacha
It sounds so weird when Conan speaks English. XD
Aozora Hime
Wow! This is the first time I see someone from an anime speaking English quite fluently!! My eng is broken sorry.
Monkey D Luffy
48: When my parents talk French to hide things for us. That Autistic Conan looks like ow. He is a little to smart. You know Autistic smart.
Awwwww im scraming howw cuteee thabk u ma'm aaahhhhh cuteee
Hai there
Leandro Rafael Bayonito
1:04 "Wow, that's great" (Shinichi/Conan is interested in the foreign trip). But you're amazing, Shinichi/Conan. What makes me love and admire you is not only your charisma, pleasing personality, and charming appearance, but your fluency in English. LOL. Detective Kogoro Mori did not understand even a single word. This is still a plain English from a Londoner. Such a shame for him.
سني وأفتخر
Very good, conan can speak English
James Adrian Piñon
Episode please??
Brenda Valle
so kawaii
Cresha X ML
He sounded like a cat when he said thank you mwam
Jamee Macaraeg
What episode?
Qūęęи Ræ
What episode please, I wanna watch this in full ep
Picking adult cats up by the scruff can actually really hurt them, Kogoro 😑
Tin Can
Was this really how brits talk... The english that i learn in school were british english but ive never heard such heavy accents , i wonder who's the VA for Diana character here...
Tala Al-Jaibaji
idk why i am even laughing...
How to get a free flight 101
OMG Conan can be soo cute sometimes
Evafamia Langstodir
When City hunter became Koguro Mouri
Anthony LoGatto
For the record, that was Rachel Walzer (who also voiced Miss Spencer in "Rumble Roses") voicing the old woman you guys see here.
Loneliness Eric
As matter of fact, I think she actually run into her own cat instead of Mouri finding it 😂 but um, lol anyway
سني وأفتخر
Ran is cute
This makes me feel weird
Light Yagami
conan is so cute when he is like "Thank you mam." <3
Seth King
Why does the English sound so cringy?
JuLiA King
Engrish. 😁
Syahmi Sharif
WAt ep is this?
Anime KissXsis
Bermuda Style
He reminds me of ash ketchum
Gamer Tutorial
what is the episode
Bad Brother
Episode ?
Finally, an anime with a nice english accent *lmao*
mt. IB
Sakura Fernandez
What episode is this on
Ahmed Ahmed
That .... Was adorable
Endy Lynn
Benefits of parents who lives in LA
Monkey D Luffy
I hate this hahahaha. I am dutch. I have the quick talking English is a problem for me too.
Killua Zoldyck
I didn't know that he know English which episode is it
karen manlapao
What ep??
Kristine Kabiling
what episode is this plss tell me plss
K o n f i d e nt Karlan
wtf he sounds like ash ketchum
DadadaDan TV
anung episode to
Double Y
Alyssa Plays
What episode?
Ashley Zhang
I don't find it hard to to understand...And I am a 13 year old HKer
xX - JadeaPlayz - Xx
wut ep?
Is this was the part of the tennis bomb in england.
Which episode is this please?
Jem Vin
The old woman hit the brit accent as well
haibara ai
If you want an anime where they speak decent english and you can understand without subs detective conan is for you then since most english speaking characters speak decent english like conan did here or hattori he spoke very good english vermouth is ok too and jodie is understandable
Homeboi Gobta
Jasper Gleam
Ahhh cute
I wish I was that cat