Harrods Food Hall 2018

London Harrods Food Hall 2018 in HD Video 4 minutes with music of Harrods Food Hall filmed in march 2018 important stations in the food hall

Franz Auer
I am the producer of this video Harrods Food Hall 2018, I was first time at Harrods Food Hall in the year 2018 and my experience was great, I never saw in my life such amazing things about foods. I not want make advertisemement about Harrods and not earn any money with my videos and so I cannot understand why all this should be a fake. Of corse if you compare other places with great food halls, maybe in London, maybe in other countries in our world you can find much better places, maybe in former times Harrods was better than now, but still Harrods have one of the best Food Halls in the world, it all depends on the comparision with whom you compare something. My question is how many luxury supermarkets such Harrods are in our world? Surely you count it on one hand. If somebody knows better places in London for luxury foods please give the names of the places that everybody here has an use.
Roy Pacheco
As a refrigeration service man in the UK in 1972, I used to service the heese room as well as the ice-maker at Harrods. In the cheese room,the manager gave us (service men) a small knife to scrape cheese as samples and he always gave us a really good price for what we selected!
John Bonner
Remember it half day closing on Thursday
fake store, fake people and fake food, what more could you ask?
+Franz Auer...Sorry to say I went to Harrods today to purchase a box of chocolates for my mother's birthday tomorrow....What a disappointment....Harrods used to be much more successful under Al-Fayed ....the chocolates I couldn't purchase because apparently they had a minute amount of alcohol, therefore discontinued and replaced by boring ganache and praline both of which I dislike, GONE were all those lovely tempting varieties of chocolates, GONE those tiny little boxes where one could purchase 2 chocolates, the food hall where the sushi bar is looked tired and in need of a face lift...GONE were all the fruit displays in the centre ...the cosmetics and perfumery depts looked boring. Harrods under Qatar? or whatever middle eastern ownership has gone down the toilet. Even Selfridges is much better and more lively to visit. THUMBS DOWN FOR HARRODS!