Aero helmet shootout - Kask Protone vs Utopia

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Raphael Tiziani
I use the Protone for a good year now. Hands down the best helmet I ever used. Aero, light, cool. Price is high but not as high as from other brands for their top product.
Samuel Sheeran
Good video Great video. been looking for options on a helmet that I could use when riding cross country or racing and the kask protone could work pretty well Keep up the good work, Look forward to every video you release!
Nicolas Garel
Protone saved my life. Great helmet.
Velo GBS
I have an infinity, really good venting when the vents are open, but not as aero as the utopia.
grow proteas
Black helmets run hotter as black absorbs more heat. I run white helmets....
The Goat
What do you think about the Kask Infinity?
HJ Shoon
I’d been using MET 3K Trenta and wanted an aero helmet for the flat roads. Bought the utopia 2 mths ago and liking it, especially the design. At speed, the wind noise is lower when using utopia compared to trenta. But because it doesn’t have the padding at forehead area, I do find my sweat coming down from forehead to eyebrow occasionally. Note that I live in Singapore where it is quite hot all year round. Nevertheless I would still say the ventilation in utopia is quite good as you also mentioned
adrian betti
Whats the next race?
Johnny Hanel
i have the utopia as well and i have to admit.. the forehead pressure points you mentioned have become a pain here and there. when it does, i just loosen the tensioner on the back a bit to relieve pressure. other than that, i love it
Hi Rony, you did a video a year ago about how you choose your time trial frame and the different options you considered (BMC, Canyon, etc.). I can't find this video anymore, did you delete it ? Thanks!
adrian betti
What do you think about the Kask Bambino?